FounderPanel / Aaron Abram

Top Founders on the Top Panels

FounderPanel is the fastest growing technology & business event panels in southern California.  We host the highest caliber founders on the top panels.  Our Panelists represent the most successful and most accomplished entrepreneurs in California.

Panelists include:  eHarmony, BIGMANBAKES, Yahoo!, Yammer, HauteLook, OpenTable, ThinkNear, Clearstone Venture Partners, HipSwap, Cooley LLP, Amobee, ParkMe, SpaceIL, Grubwithus, TaskUs, Amplify, Virtual Piggy, Miso Media, Ambrose, SodaHead, Accel Partners, Chill, Launchpad LA, Echo Echo, Docstoc, Evolve Media Corp.,, Recycled Media Inc., Gorilla Nation, Cornerstone OnDemand, Lovvvit & Marketplace American Public Media

Aaron Abram is the Founder & Producer of FounderPanel.  Aaron produced FounderPanel in an effort to teach entrepreneurs the skills necessary to build and scale their startup companies.  

SOLD OUT  (11/2012)  Surviving Year 1 (9) Panelists

  • Hosted by UCLA Anderson School of Management

SOLD OUT  (10/2012)  The Odd Couple (8) Panelists

  • CEO/CTO relationship, hosted @ Writers Boot Camp

SOLD OUT  (8/2012   Striking a Favorable Deal (7) Panelists

  • Raising & Negotiating ($) for your startup company

SOLD OUT  (7/2012 Cofounder Matchmaking with (3) Panelists

  • Find your cofounder and build a business

SOLD OUT  (6/2012   Design: The GOOD, BAD & UGLY (6) Panelists

  • Hosted by UCLA Communications Dept./Startup UCLA

SOLD OUT  (5/2012 The Elevator Pitch with (6) Guest Judges

  • Learn how to pitch an investor/venture capitalist

SOLD OUT  (3/2012)    Cofounder Matchmaking with Special Guest

  • Find your cofounder and build a business

SOLD OUT  (12/2011)  Inside Google Funded  Miso Media

  • Learn how a startup company raised millions ($)

SOLD OUT  (11/2011)  Cofounder Matchmaking

  • Find your cofounder and build a business