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Pamper Yourself In Our Clean, Bright, Modern Range!

Built from the ground up as a shooting academy, at Frontier we’ve spared no expense for your shooting comfort and safety. Frontier is the only range in Tennessee fully equipped with ATS - the turning, moving Active Target Shooting system.  Our two, 5 lane - 25 yard  shooting ranges are each equipped with state-of-the-art features including LED lighted targets, sound dampening technology, user-friendly touch screen controls, target systems that rotate 360º for enhanced practice scenarios, and programmable target movement. Our modern shooting and ventilation systems  create no dangerous, choking clouds of lead laden dust caused by bullets smashing into steel backstops. 

All ranges, classrooms, and restrooms facilities are ADA compliant and our courteous staff is well trained - every one is nationally certified Instructor & Range Safety Officer! 
Frontier Firearms is inspected by the State of Tennessee
Frontier Firearms is NRA all the way!
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