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Easton Technology Leadership Program

About Us

The Easton Program’s mission is to provide academic excellence and real world access and immersion to future technology leaders and entrepreneurs to succeed in diverse settings—from small startups to large global corporations. The Easton Program achieves this through connecting the three pillars: Students, Faculty, and Alumni & Industry Professionals (A&IP)—all interested in technology. Technology today includes the high-tech sector; having become pervasive to all aspects of business today, also forms a significant part of verticals such as: defense, healthcare, education, entertainment-media, retail, and financial services. 


With interest in technology rapidly increasing at UCLA Anderson over the past several years, the Easton Program plays a key role in advancing tech leadership through innovative curricular offerings and unparalleled access to technology thought leaders. Award-winning faculty and alumni & industry professionals bring academic and real-world learning into the classroom. Speakers and mentors share their knowledge and experiences laying the foundations for future technology leaders. Faculty affiliated with the Easton Program  are involved in conducting multidisciplinary research which may be in collaboration with real-world experts. And collaborations with academic and real-world organizations add increased value through access and participation in conferences, case competitions and academic internships. 


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Tel:     310.794.7092