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Dr. Kalyan Kalwa

Dr. Kalyan Kalwa is a Physician by education and a Software engineer by profession. He is the CEO of Virtual Nurse.

What is Virtual Nurse?

Virtual Nurse provides real-time video based health education utilizing real nurses, our service can be utilized anytime, anywhere on demand. What we feel is that when a patient goes to a see a Doctor, the Doctor sees the patient but the Doctor doesn't have much time to sit down with the patient and explain the condition of the patient in detail, explain the lab tests or explain the medication instructions.

Because the patient doesn't understand their condition better, they have a hard time managing it and also have a hard time following instructions given by the Doctor because they were rushed. Our service is filling this gap, our Nurses will educate the patient on their condition, explain the instructions on medication intake and all of this is done via a video conference. To engage the patient, the Virtual Nurse is going to use multimedia like videos, images and text based literature concerning the patients condition. Both the Nurse and the patient can watch a video together on their respective computers and anyone can control the video and pause it if the patient has any questions.

This is our effort to improve patient engagement, medication adherence and ultimately patient satisfaction. When people understand their condition better they tend to manage it better and also they become less fearful. A few minutes with us could possibly change the patients life.

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