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Dr. Kalyan Kalwa

A&E project startup live has awarded Dr.Kal the second prize at their NATIONAL competition on NATIONAL TV. Joslin Diabetes Center has awarded Dr.Kal the second prize at their Joslin Diabetes Clinical Innovation Award. Boston University has awarded Dr.Kal the third prize at their Boston University Entrepreneurship Competition.
Dr. Kal is a community builder, he has built a Healthcare Innovation community of 5,000 members. Dr. Kal's efforts at Health Innovators has connected him to the TOP leaders in Healthcare and his recent success at A&E has put him on the map. Dr. Kal wanted to CHANGE THE WORLD but he realized that it can only be done through partnerships and collaborations and that is why he started Health Innovators.
Dr. Kal wants to utilize the power of connections and the power of community. Through his TENACIOUS efforts at Health Innovators, he has managed to entice and retain 5,000 Healthcare Innovators and can mobilize them with a click of a mouse.
He is passionate about LEADERSHIP + HEALTHCARE + SOFTWARE, anything he does involves these three passions. He has always lived his life with highest moral standards and with unwavering integrity, he has never or will compromise his values in times of difficulty.
Kal's specialties include Medicine, Pharmacy, Information technology and Community building.
Dr. Kal aspires to be on the cover of Time magazine by 2020.
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