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Dr. Kal is a Physician and a Pharmacist by training and education with 10 plus years industry experience in Information Technology. Born to a Pharmacist, Dr. Kal left India 15 years ago with a promise to his parents that he would make a big impact in Healthcare. Through his leadership and community building experience he gained through Toastmasters.org, he built Health Innovators to become one of the largest healthcare technology community in the Boston area. To further accelerate healthcare innovation, Dr. Kal has built the Health Innovators Coworking center. Dr. Kal realized that Doctors are missing in the innovation ecosystem, to engage Doctors in the innovation ecosystem he has built Hi Docs (www.hidocs.org) to engage the doctors. Now Doctors can have a say and they can freely express themselves in the innovation ecosystem a Health Innovators.

Dr. Kal aspires to be on the cover of Time magazine by 2020