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I am not a Gymnast I grew up playing different sports mainly hockey.

I went to school learning about the Human body and how maximize its performance. I am level two certified in Muscle Balance and Function. I am certified under the Sports Science lab. I have always looked towards non traditional type of training to get the most out of my body. My research led to study gymnastics type of strength training and movement focused training.

I had always been fascinated with gymnasts are pound for pound some of the strongest athletes around, but they also have many of the other physical attributes, to strive for: balance, strength, flexibility mobility and coordination.

So I changed mindsets about training and looked to follow a bodyweight/ movement enhancement focused type of training protocol. This is when I found Gold Medal Bodies I started with their first program…Rings 1. I followed the program as designed and I had never had so much fun working out. I was instantly hooked; I put all of my energy in to learning more and more about bodyweight strength training and the importance of building skill and strength. I took a workshop put on by Gold Medal Bodies and I instantly connected with Ryan Hurst. He saw my passion for this type of training and I was blessed with the opportunity to an apprentice in their coaching certification program. I was one of the first certified coaches to teach their material and programming. The next important goal to work on was to learn how to do the HS.I was always fascinated with people that could do HS and move their bodies with such grace and ease. I tried to learn HS on my own from the resources i could find online and with the help of my coaches, but something was missing. I needed some hands on coaching. That is when I found my current coach Steve Atlas to help me with this. I have been following Steve for a while now and was very impressed with his ability but also with his students’ abilities as well. So i attended a workshop last August. After his workshop he gave me the valuable pieces of coaching I was missing.


During the workshop I was also exposed to a bodyweight system of exercise that Steve has created…called The Body Practice. I was instantly hooked with how my body felt and how I moved after the workshop. This led me to become a student under Steve. I was ecstatic when Steve asked me to be a student and I have since completed my mentorship under Steve and I am now a certified Body Practice Coach. I am currently teaching workshops and classes in the bay area sharing the beauty of movement education with others.


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