Chicago Booth Social Enterprise Initiative

The Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI) at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business aims to enhance the efficiency and impact of social sector organizations through research, data collection, communication, and education. Established to support interest in the nonprofit and social sectors, SEI builds on Chicago Booth's commitment to rigorous analysis and its discipline-based approach to understanding organizations, markets, and policy. The initiative's mission is to further the field of research on issues of importance to the social sector and to support social enterprises that wish to apply proven business practices to strategic decision making and organization management.

SEI joins a long tradition of Booth research centers, which have made a lasting impact on the business world through data collection, research activities, and dissemination. In an integration of academic research with educational activities, SEI coordinates activities related to social enterprise within Booth, supports social sector data collection and research projects that apply the Chicago Approach to transforming the social sector, and trains current and future social sector leaders to build more effective and efficient organizations, among other activities.