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The mission of C3 Summit is to ensure that both US and Arab businesses grow 
and prosper by providing unique and valuable partnership opportunities. By 
creating a global forum for both the US and the Arab world to explore 
public/private partnerships that foster human capital growth and employment 
generation, C3 Summit will encourage each region to open new opportunities 
to enhance the welfare of continued collaboration.

C3’s first US-Arab Summit in 2012 featured President Bill Clinton as 
keynote speaker c3-summit.com With 35 countries participating, including 10 
Arab Nations, C3 generated major press coverage around the world and 
established itsef as a global event.

The October 2013 C3 Summit sold out one week before the event, which 
featured Wael Fakharany, head of Google Middle East c3s-2013.com With 450+ 
registered attendees, 30 exhibitors in the American Business Pavilion and 
15 Arab nations represented among the 40+ countries attending, C3 has 
become a recognized leader in bringing together leaders and decision makers 
that impact relations and progress between the US and Middle East.