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Bay Region: Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism

Who Are We? 

The Bay Region Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism Program is part of the "Learn & Earn" Project, housed at Skyline College. This program, awarded through the State's Chancellors Office "Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Ecnonomy" Initiative,  is working to deliver education and training to addresss the economic needs in the fields of Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism in order to adavance California's workforce and economy. Our goals include: 

- Preparing individuals for workforce entry

- Building career pathways positons in the sector

- Promote Bay Region Education and Training Programs starting with middle schools and high schools and then feeding into the California Community Colleges

What Do We Do? 

Located in a central location bettween the San Francisco and San Francisco International Airport makes our work an ideal fit. We wish 

- Onsite workforce skills instruction and training/ workforce entry training 

- Development and advancement of Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism programs in Bay Region Community Colleges

What is the Bay Region Training Tour?

The Bay Region Training Tour is 1 and 2 day training sessions held through out different locations in the Bay Region cities. These training tours have built in industry-recognized certification preparation and exams that will be beneficial to various careers in hospitality. Included in these sessions are guest speakers from all areas of the retail, hospitality, and tourism adresssing the career path potential. 


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