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Anya Willique

“I am really excited to share this part of my life through my work this coming spring, it’s been a beautiful process of art”.

Anya Willique was born and raised in the Bahamas, later migrating to Turks and Caicos where she drew a lot of her creative influences by the beautiful by nature island and it’s fauna also wild life.

During her first semester at University in London, She was taken aback by the big city and the beauty it behold. Always a lover for a nice handbag she decided to start an online and traveling boutique called Under50fashionbags. This then grew into her passion and curiosity for creating her own handbag line “Willique”. Sooner rather than later interest among family and friends grew allowing women to have a taste of custom made handbags that show the love for travel, personal style and the impractical that is practical.

“The aim for Willique is to empower both men and women by embodying themselves in their purchase. Allowing them to see and create themselves in a unique piece by ‘Willique’, while maintaining high quality one of a kind pieces for those seeking a true investment. We are passionate about our brand and understand what you need for a timeless piece”, Anya Willique.