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3DFF is the world's first and largest all digital 3D Film Festival and Market. 3dff.org
With support from its founding sponsors 3DFF is dedicated to driving innovations in the 3D, 4D and Virtual Reality industries and to help perpetuate the art and science of the mediums.

Through its annual festival programs and touring events, “3DFF” pays tribute to and honors the companies, technologists and content creators, who have in the past and are currently pioneering the future of the entertainment in the 3D stereoscopic motion picture, 4D motion picture and virtual reality industries.
Company Overview
“3DFF” is committed to educating both studio supported and independent filmmakers and game creators, so that they may more effectively learn to utilize the latest 3D, 4D and Virtual Reality technologies in order to reach their highest levels of achievement within their respective fields.
3DFF is proud to announce the launch of the world’s first 4D Film Festival. This exciting new program will run in tandem with our 3DFF Hollywood Program at Regal CInemas LA LIVE in Downtown Los Angeles.
3DFF is proud to announce the launch of the world’s first Virtual Reality Festival. This exciting new program will run in tandem with our 3DFF Hollywood Program at Regal Cinemas LA LIVE in Downtown Los Angeles and will spin off into its own event which will debut in the Spring of 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
3DFF launched the world’s first 3D Music Festival in 2010. The program ran for several years and will return again in 2015 to Las Vegas, Nevada as part of the new Virtual Reality Festival.

3opolis welcomes you to join the world’s first and largest network of 3D enabled bars, nightclubs and live music venues. Whether you already own a venue and are considering making an investment in 3D enabling your space, the 3opolis Franchise Model has something for every level of the newly emerging 3D night time entertainment industry. Look for our first year round venue to open in Las Vegas in 2015.

3DFF Launched the first ever 3D Film Market which began in 2009 and has been connecting 3D Filmmakers with Film Buyers ever since.  3DFF Filmmakers get free access to our state of the art theaters for showcasing their work at market screenings established in cooperation with our distribution partners.

The 3D Advertising consortium is 3DFF’s Advertising distribution platform. Together with our partners, 3DFF is constructing the world’s largest NETWORK for distributing 3D, 4D and Virtual Reality advertising content across all media devices including THEATRICAL, MOBILE, PC, TABLET, 3DTV, VR and 3D BLU-RAY.

The 3D ACADEMY of STEREOSCOPIC ARTS AND SCIENCES was founded in 2008 and FUNCTIONS AS 3DFF’s filmmaker education program. The 3D Academy Sessions at the Los Angeles Film School in October 2010 were heralded by the press as some of the most informative filmmaker education panels ever produced.  Each year, 3DFF panel events stay current with top speakers and moderators from the global 3D, 4D and Virtual Reality community.

The 3ology short film program is 3dff’s signature touring initiative. in fact, 3ology was first presented in 2007 as part of our very first 3dff in Orlando Florida at Walt Disney’s Pleasure Island AMC Movie Theater.   Since it began, 3ology has always featured a sampling of the best 3d short form content and experimental works from around the globe. 3ology has shown at other film festivals around the world as part of our 3DFF outreach program. 3ology helped program 3D Content at Cinequest, NAB, CES, ComicCon, Fantastic Fest, Sundance, Tribeca, TIFF and Orlando Film Festival to name a few of our partners.


The 3D lounge is the 3DFF program that started it all. What started as a few 3D TV’s in a corner of a room has grown into one of the most successful touring events in the history of 3D. Now present in more than 5 countries and 30 cities annually, the 3d lounge will continue to provide a showcase for the latest and greatest 3d technology displays and creative works from around the world.