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Conferize offers one-click integration to Eventbrite to make it easy for you to build a living event community and boost registrations for your next event. Get the perfect event page with built-in social networking, content aggregation and Eventbrite registration.

• Automatically aggregate all collective media around your event (videos, pictures, slides, tweets)
• Automatically build a living community of attendees and online followers (we call them leads) and let Conferize convert your leads to attendees
• Engage people in content sharing, social networking, meeting-bookings, messaging, likes, and comments.
• All speakers, attendees and online followers have a personal profile which makes networking exciting and easy.
• By connecting Conferize and Eventbrite new attendees are automatically invited to join your community.

And one more thing… Conferize keeps building your community so next time you host an event you already know lots of people ready to buy your tickets. Afterall, you want to maximize the event experience before, during and after the event and get the right people to attend your events.

Since you use Eventbrite, you get the Conferize Basic solution free of charge (Valued $99).


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