WhiteBoard Nutrition Paleo Seminar

San Antonio, TX

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WhiteBoard Nutrition:

We Test What You Put In…We Test What You Put Out…


3-Hour Digestion Experiment

Performance Standards WOD


…We DIAL In Your Specific Nutritional Needs*


What Is WBN?

WhiteBoard is a nutrition training and education program based on clean, balanced eating. We are focused on measurable, repeatable and observable results. When you are accurately “Dialed” in, you should see significant results EVERY 3-4 days!



Nutrition Seminar

“Nutrition 101: The Science of Eating”  

Matt Murski, from BodyLab CrossFit and featured Games Competitor in the CrossFit documentary “Every Second Counts,” will host your seminar.


The Nutrition Seminar is the first step to dialing in your performance nutrition needs. Our class will lay a foundation for all students: both the athlete looking to fuel for optimal results in performance and the student who is looking to begin a clean, hormonally-balanced lifestyle.


As this is a “lifestyle,” it is also about learning how to enjoy a sustainable way of living. We discuss Paleo/Zone/Primal nutrition styles, as well as those “Non-Paleo” occasions—all while maintaining training results.



Input/Output Test Preparation



Nutrition Training Program

In addition, we offer a follow-up Nutrition Training Program that provides extensive support, accountability and an interactive experience on Paleo-Zone living.


  • Eatology Nationwide Meal Delivery - Eatology provides gourmet, Paleo-Zone meals that are designed to compliment our 4-week program (meals are available for the month of Nutrition Training or available in smaller packages—ideal for emergencies).
  • The WhiteBoard Manual- weekly objectives, tests, experiments and everything you need to get going and stay on track
  • Daily Foodlog Monitoring- we check your food log daily and provide feedback to make sure you are continually developing and progressing
  • Hotline & Emails- provide educational guidance, tips, motivation and testimonials
  • Evaluations- body composition, blood work, personal records, before and after pictures, quizzes and reports
  • Results-Every 3-4 days, you will be fitter with increased performance gains