Weight loss, Cleansing, and Transformation Class

Roseville, MN

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It is a new year and it is the perfect time to undo the bad eating and poor sleeping and stress from the holidays.  Imagine waking up in the morning feeling energized and refreshed without the use of coffee or other stimulants.   Imagine what it would be like to be pain free.   Imagine what it would be like to have healthy radiant skin.

Wait, stop imagining and take the first step toward a healthier 2013 with Young Living and TRANSFORM!

This year our Young Living team is dedicated to bring you the information you need for Your Transformation!!  This is the information you have asked for!  You want to get back to clean eating so that you can avoid deficiency and create a balanced, healthy body! You want to feel alive! You want to live up to your potential, look great, fulfill a purpose, and most importantly be a model of good health to your family and future generations!  We want those things for you and ourselves too!!
This year we have formulated a series of classes that will help you to learn how to
• Burn more calories and enhance your metabolism.
• Balance blood sugar, emotions, appetite, and cravings.
• Build cellular health, enhance cellular communication, and help our cells use energy more efficiently.

 If you are interested in vitality, longevity and amazing health, enzymes may be the keys that unlock your body to achieve superior health. You will be amazed what these little creations of nature can do.

Do you want: Longevity with vitality, More energy without stimulants, Greater stamina all day long, Greater immunity, Higher level of health and well-being? We have an answer for you! Every member of your family (including your pets) will greatly benefit from a daily intake of NINGXIA RED!

Cost of the class is $5.00 payable at the door, please use the free option to reserve your spot! We chose to do it this way to avoid a fee of $1.27.

After the morning class we'll have a lunch break, Feel free to come early and eat lunch with us in the room, during this time we will be availible to answer questions and give zyto compass sessions for $10 each