Tour Series: Mosque Visit

Orlando, FL

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Guests will be asked to remove their shoes before entering the worship center. 

Guests are expected to dress in a manner that projects an image of modesty and respect to the community they are visiting.

Because of the nature of the environment, it is required that all guests and members dress appropriately when entering a house of worship or dealing with the internal community. Men are respectfully asked to enter into the facility with a shirt that is free from any inappropriate language and pants or long shorts below the knees. Ladies are respectfully asked to have their chest area covered and wear long sleeved shirts or blouses. Ladies are not allowed to have shorts on or any low cut skirts. It is asked that ladies refrain from dressing in any provocative manner when coming to visit. When entering the worship area they are encouraged to cover their hair with a scarf. If they do not have one, one will be provided.