Thornhill Digital Storytelling - Documentary Proposal Seminar

Pittsburgh, PA

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Thornhill Digital Storytelling

Documentary Proposal Seminar


In Association With Homewood Nation


And Introducing

The New Video Marketplace


Friday, April 27, 2012 - 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM


Open To The Public And Free


Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – East Liberty

130 S. Whitfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 363-8232 -


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Documentary Funding Proposals


What’s Your Story?


The focus of this leading-edge workshop is showing how to link the many necessary parts – from inception, through creative, technology and production, to traditional or digital distribution and real world business development.  These are the elements that will make your funding proposal rise above all the rest.


The agenda for this brand of storytelling covers more than 50 items.  Each one is offered in a way that shows how to be a winner in the specific category, yet still blend them all into a meld that guarantees continuity and continuous improvement. 


Are you expected to integrate digital assets into your documentary funding proposal?  If you, your organization, office or company are planning a film, television show, radio special, Internet presentation or a interactive photo essay, the answer is yes!


To create a digital documentary using a competitive, multiplatform model, your timeline could be 3 years.  Also, expect that your expenses might creep to $2 Million or more. 


As we each grow beyond web sites and social media, Digital Storytelling is turning into a hotbed for collaborative development and ever-expanding production crews.  Team members learn from one another and your end product gains from the combined intellect, energy and projections.  This means greater expenses.


If your associates can’t relate to Digital Storytelling as a genre, try Multimedia, Transmedia, Webisodes, Branded Content or even Branded Entertainment.  We offer these and many subcategories in the Thornhill Digital Storytelling Seminar. 


TDS NEWS, our detailed event program, includes:


·         The Thornhill Digital Storytelling “50 Steps To Documentary Success” checklist and

up-to-date industry examples and news links. 


·         The publication lists “Everyday Resources” a slate of industry stalwarts providing no-cost, e-mailed, daily information reports on individuals, companies and trends in digital media.


·         TDS NEWS is available only at the seminar. 




For Digital Storytelling Weekly Updates:




Ask About The Maui Video Marketplace


Our marketplace concept brings together all parts needed to build a film, or a production studio or a collaborative cluster of film-related businesses to grow the region.


We start with a seminar series, printed programs and access to information supporting the global transition from analog to digital product distribution.  From Internet applications to digital television to digital channels, your career in the industry will be given a major boost by participating in the Thornhill Digital Storytelling seminar.


The Maui Video Marketplace will grow from an idea to a location for training, serving clients and developing proprietary and contract media products.  The choices will include live events, classes, print media, audio and radio, video and television, digital and Internet, plus film industry connections.




The Thornhill Design Laboratory

Business, Communications Design


(1) Thornhill Design Lab Workshop

Design Review / Kai Zen

What is design?  Aesthetics for inspiration, product development, financial planning and real-world

case studies are included - create using function and form.  Design efficient operations structures,

work processes, digital networks, multi-platform media programming and manufacturing to

proceed aggressively in the digital-led economy.  You will better understand and

appreciate the talents of designers, storytellers, planners and artists.


(2) Thornhill Digital Storytelling (TDS)

TDS Digital Storytelling Proposal Seminars – Series & Special Events

TDS NEWS - Subscribers / Subscription Management

TDS NEWS Digital -

Digital Media Devices


(3) The Fashion Media Project

Research, Radio, Fashion Bloggers Mixer


(4) Client Services

Case Studies / Digital Strategy / Extensions


(5 Development

Editorial, Design Continuity, Administration, Database Management

Financial Planning, Integrated Marketing Planning, Partners, Sponsor Presentations


(6) Production & Learning Studio

Schedule, Research, Internet Presence

Facilities / Environment, Library / Archives




April 2012




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