Thornhill Design Lab: The New York Debriefing

Seattle, WA

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The Thornhill Design Laboratory

Business, Communications Design




Lead Topic This Week: May 29, 2013

The New York Debriefing


Wednesday Morning, 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Fremont Abbey Arts Center – The Fireside Room

4272 Fremont Avenue, North - Seattle, Washington 98103


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Andrew W. Thornhill in New York – May 19 to May 22, 2013


The Fashion Media Project - Transmedia: Live, Radio, Internet, Television

An introduction to the Fashion Media Project as a true transmedia example; plus the inaugural “Fashion Bloggers Connection” in Williamsburg/Brooklyn.


Over the past 5 years of meetings, presentations and trial efforts, The Thornhill Design Laboratory (Communications & Business Design) has nurtured a sample infrastructure to deliver a basic package.  Now, we are ready.  We will give you an introduction to the Fashion Media Project as a true transmedia example. 


The model is being delivered in three sections.  Objectives and Scheduling 2013 are the first two.

The third is a booklet containing improved versions of the starter kit.


The Big “Facilities” Picture


The Thornhill Design Laboratory is gaining strength.  This week we discuss the facilities questions that deserve more attention and will soon get it.


Our interim status has been supported by a co-working space in Culver City, meetings in Fremont/Seattle, with past events in Los Angeles, Maui, Miami and Pittsburgh. 


We have embraced libraries as an efficient meeting place, continued print production of our simple booklets through Office Depot Services, entered into a production agreement for a continuing monthly radio production with NPR, settled into an agreement for a space for a bookstore in North Carolina and will consider building a new studio on a remarkable plot near the water.


To review all of this, we have started negotiations with additional partners and will offer a facilities review in equal installments as a 4 part series.


If you are a property owner, architect, designer, or builder – stay in touch.  We will always need elements to shelter: (1) CATALOGUE, (2) The Thornhill Design Lab Salon / Radio, (3) Thornhill Digital Storytelling (TDS), (4) TDS NEWS / TDS NEWS Digital, (5) The Fashion Media Project, (6) Thornhill Design Lab Workshop, (7) Bookstore, Production & Learning Studio and (8) Hospitality.


I hope to see you at Fremont Abbey, another great facility


Continuous Improvement: The Thornhill Design Laboratory Progress Reports


The purpose of this event is to give details about partners, continuous improvement and specific opportunities


(1) CATALOGUE - A Presentation of the Thornhill Design Laboratory holdings; Needs a Project Manager


(2) The Thornhill Design Lab Salon / Audio Report / Radio - An inventory meeting: A weekly synopsis


(3) Thornhill Digital Storytelling (TDS) - TDS Digital Storytelling Documentary Proposal Seminars


(4) TDS NEWS / TDS NEWS Digital - TDS NEWS – Printed Program, TDS NEWS Digital, Digital Devices


(5) The Fashion Media Project - Research, Events, Radio, Television, Tablets, Transmedia


(6) Thornhill Design Lab Workshop / Design Review / Kai Zen - Design to grow in the digital-led economy


(7) Coming Soon: Bookstore, Production & Learning Studio - Internet Presence - Book Sales / Bookstore


(8) Hospitality - For each event and for each location




Andrew W. Thornhill


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