The Wisdom Tree Movie Screening

Austin, TX

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What is The Wisdom Tree film about? 

The Wisdom Tree is a seamless blend of quantum physics, spirituality, fine art, classical music and neuroscience. 

The film begins with a mysterious car accident of quantum physicist Steve Hamilton in northern California. Through a series of events, neuroscientist Dr. Trisha Rao and FBI agent Mike Parker come together with Steve to figure out what happened on that dark, stormy night. Soon through a series of unexplainable incidents, they begin receiving clues from everything around them - quantum physics, neuroscience, classical music, fine art, eastern mysticism and much more. As they resolve one part of the puzzle, hundred more questions arise and the mystery keeps deepening. Don't miss this mind boggling, slow paced, suspenseful, sci-fi spiritual drama to figure out what happens next. It will keep you thinking for long after you walk out of the theater!! 

What is the inspiration behind The Wisdom Tree? 
Since the inception of Quantum Physics, in the past 80 years, many scholars, researchers as well as thinkers have discovered amazing similarities between Quantum Physics and Eastern Mysticism. And with each passing year, more books are written on the subject (including by noted scientists and scholars) and this is no more just an academic exercise, rather with millions of copies of various books sold, this is becoming mainstream rapidly. In addition, this unexpected parallels between two very diverse disciplines in turn have encouraged many scholars to discover similarities between many other diverse disciplines. 

The Wisdom Tree Film is a fiction, which through a mysterious, slow paced, suspense filled journey introduces the viewers to some of these amazing discoveries happening around us. WisdomTree entertains as well as educates. 

If you ever wondered about any of the following or are just curious about them or you love science, art, math, music, mysticism, spirituality, experimental, thought provoking films - please join and experience this mesmerizing sci-fi, drama unfold in front of you 
(1) Can modern science and eastern mysticism & spiritual traditions have anything in common? 

(2) Can there be any relationship between math, geometry and age old classical music? 

(3) What has music to do with neuroscience? 

(4) Music and Fine Art Painting - two diverse art disciplines - do they have anything in common? 

(5) Are spiritual traditions and scientific explorations - two different paths to achieve the same? or are they complimentary and both are needed to experience the whole truth?  

The Wisdom Tree is a journey which walks through all of the above and much more. No prerequisites, just come with an open mind & a child's curiosity and let the magic unfold in front of you.