The Thornhill Design Laboratory - Has Budgeting Started? - And Other Questions

Culver City, CA

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The Thornhill Design Laboratory

Business, Communications Design


The Big Picture:

Creative & Business Combinations


These points were put together from questions asked over the last 60 days.  These and many others will be important during our session in Culver City.


Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

The NextSpace Co-Working Conference Room,

9415 Culver Boulevard, Culver City, California 90232


Advance registration is requested.

Register today at:


If you have not read the announcement/invitation, please go to and do so.  This will help you a lot.  Your advance registration will help me set up the event.




This is exciting!  Can I invite others?


Yes.  If possible, please have them register at


Who else is interested?


Actor, Audio Engineer, Director, Legal, On-Air Personality, Real Estate Broker, Facilities Designer, Fashion Designer, Lifestyle Blogger, Network Executive, Photographer, Producer, Professor, Publicity, Radio Production Manager, Radio Traffic, Real Estate, Retailer, Student, Studio Engineer, Studio Executive, Television Production Manager, Videographer, Web Designer, Writer


We want to hear from


Accounting / Bookkeeper, Administration, Broadcasters, Merchandising, Publishers, Researchers, Sponsor Relations


Why Los Angeles?


Not the first visit (December 2012), Productions Skills, Television Management

Travel 2013


Has budgeting started?


Yes.  Radio and television production announcements will be made at this session.  To get started immediately, there will be production meetings on Friday.  Print, Tablet & Transmedia planning will start in April.



When can we get together?


Our entire effort is based on collaboration.  It is to my advantage to be as easy as possible for you to be in touch.  Be sure to read the notice at Eventbrite.  It will give a lot of background information.  Individual meetings will be tough during this brief visit.  However, I will be back very soon.  At the end of the conversation at EventSpace, you can find me (at 6:01 PM) in the lounge at the Culver Hotel, 9400 Culver Boulevard – just across the street.


If you are only interested in one element


A very aggressive candidate is only interested in book sales and possibly the Bookstore.  We maintain that all of these parts fit together, but the updates will give very specific information about the progress in each individual module.  See the last page in this memo.


Can’t be there


Send a note to


Are you connected to the Thornhill family in Pittsburgh?


Yes (smile).




Andrew W. Thornhill

The Thornhill Design Laboratory

c/o NextSpace Los Angeles

9415 Culver Boulevard - Culver City, California 90232 -




Another Outstanding Effort From

Thornhill & Studio

Suite 223, Fremont Space Building

600 North 36th Street - Fremont/Seattle, Washington 98103




The Thornhill Design Laboratory

Business, Communications Design



A Carefully Curated Presentation of the Thornhill Design Laboratory Holdings. 

Offered in print, digital and display forms; details on processes and products, the master

calendar and production schedules are provided.  Key elements provide guidance in

development of and integration with the Digital Landscape.

Location: To Be Determined


(2) The Thornhill Design Lab Salon / Radio

An inventory meeting: A weekly synopsis of everything connected to

The Thornhill Design Laboratory.  Ongoing development includes Administration,

The Digital Landscape, Database Management, Financial Planning, Editorial, Design Continuity,

Integrated Marketing Planning, Partners & Sponsor Presentations.  We compare, set direction,

project & package.  An audio version is next.  Presented in Fremont, an iconic neighborhood

in Seattle; known as “The Center Of The Universe” by residents and neighbors.

Fremont Abbey Arts Center – The Fireside Room

4272 Fremont Avenue, North, Seattle, Washington 98103


(3) Thornhill Digital Storytelling (TDS)

TDS Digital Storytelling Documentary Proposal Seminars – Series & Special Events

Styles: What’s Your Story?, Documentary, Branded Content and Journalism

c/o NextSpace Los Angeles

9415 Culver Boulevard, Culver City, California 90232


(4) TDS NEWS / TDS NEWS Digital

TDS NEWS – Event Printed Program, TDS NEWS Digital, Digital Media Devices


(5) The Fashion Media Project

Research, Events, Radio, Television, Tablets, Transmedia,

The Fashion Bloggers Connection

Location: To Be Determined


(6) Thornhill Design Lab Workshop

Design Review / Kai Zen

What is design?  Aesthetics for inspiration, product development, financial planning

and real-world case studies are included - create using function and form.  Design efficient

operations structures, work processes, digital networks, multi-platform media programming

and manufacturing to proceed aggressively in the digital-led economy.  You will better

understand and appreciate the talents of designers, storytellers, planners and artists.

Location: To Be Determined


(7) Coming Soon: Bookstore, Production & Learning Studio

Schedule, Research, Documentation, Internet Presence

Facilities / Environment / Library

Book Sales / Bookstore / Digital Media Devices

Client Services: Case Studies / Strategy / Extensions,

Product Development, Co-Productions

Location: To Be Determined




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