The Spiritual Way to Health, Wealth and Harmony: Dr. Newton Kondaveti

Bellevue, WA

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The Spiritual Way to Health, Wealth and Harmony

Today, more than ever before in history, we live in a world of material prosperity.  Many of us would like more but cannot complain much about the quality of the life we lead.  We live in good homes, drive good cars, eat well, are well-groomed and generally proud of what we have acheived in life.

However, true happiness eludes us.  We think happiness is a raise or a promotion or a great bonus. Of course, these are all to be celebrated, but once the high wears off, we are left searching again.  Conversely, if any of these events don't occur as per our expectations, we are stressed, while trying to wear a brave face.  Eventually, all the suppressed emotions take a toll on our health.  According to Dr. Clifton Meador, M.D., nearly 40% of all ill-health is caused due to psychosomatic illnesses.  And we believe that over 40% of dis-ease can be cured through creating a robust mind-body-emotions connection.

If your health and wealth are not a cause of concern, chances are that relationships cause unhappiness in your life.  Whether it is a generation gap and feelings of estrangement with parents or children, or whether it is the all-important relationship with the spouse, relationships can cause a great deal of angst when they aren't going well.

What is the solution to this roller coaster?  The answer lies within you. In this 2-hr illuminating talk, Dr. Newton Kondaveti will take you through the fascinating journey of your Soul and help you see how you can direct your life to happiness and fulfillment in an elegant manner.  The evening will end with a short meditation.  This talk is open to the general public.  Please share with friends and family who you think will be benefitted.


About Dr. Newton Kondaveti:

Dr. Newton Kondaveti is a Self-Realized Spiritual Master who reached enlightenment at the age of 22.  He is a prolific personality.  Some of his many facets - he is a qualified Medical Doctor (M.D.), a Master Practitioner and Teacher of Meditation, an internationally acclaimed expert on Reincarnation & Law of Karma, a Master Past Life Regression Therapist, a Master Rebirther, a Researcher of the Paranormal, an Expert in Mind-Body-Spirit Integration, a Holistic Healer and a Teacher of Self-Empowerment.

During nearly two decades of work in these areas, Dr. Newton has been a much sought after teacher even by those who are themselves teachers in the fields of Holistic Health, Alternative Healing, and Self-Empowerment! Although he has come to be recognized as a teacher of teachers, at heart he is always the eternal student, Humility and Unconditional Love being his hallmarks.

Dr, Newton and his wife Dr. Lakshmi have taught workshops in over 100 countries in the world and regressed over 100,000 people over the past 20 years.  Dr. Newton is the founder of Life University, a one-of-its kind school, the aim of which is to awaken the wisdom within humanity to return our Planet Earth to a place of compassion and harmony.