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The Holistic 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge For Women Only!

AYA: Holistic Health, and Wellness Services

Weekly Event - Every Sunday: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (PST)

The Holistic 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge For Women...

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"The Holistic 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge for Women Only!" is a very special veryation of my "Brilliant Body 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge" that is a natural, whole-body teleconferenced, group supported detox, fast, cleanse, and coached program that combines tried and tested techniques, support and accountability designed to help your body regain optimal health by using food and supplements to reduce inflammation, heal the digestive system, and support the detoxification process, so that you can Get Your Brilliant Body and live!

 This Program Includes:

      • Delicious Recipes
      • Group Support
      • Shopping Lists
      • Nutritional Medicine
      • Therapeutic Fasting
      • Colon Care
      • Meditational Exercises
      • Energy Medicine
      • Acid/ Alkaline Testing
      • And More


Because you’ll be a member of The Holistic 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge for Women Only, you'll get a 30% discount on all services with Dr. Aya.  Good only during the duration of the program.


Think of this guided fast, cleanse, and detox as your very own stay-cation (that’s a vacation from the hum drum low energy and heaviness you feel all the time)!!! 

You are about to  take a journey, a vacation, with your constant companion, YOUR BODY!  You are going to leave behind the toxins that have been keeping the weight on, making you tired, and keeping you stuck for far too long.  

Get ready to


GetYour Brilliant Body Back




 Fast, Cleans, and Detox your way




Losing the Weight Permanently




Rediscover the


 Sensual, Vital




YOU Deserve


TO BE!!!


 Y o u  W i l l … 

  • Drop Your Muffin Top!  Cleansing helps to speed up your metabolism, and using de-stressing modalities and techniques on a daily basis will help you to return those extra pounds back to the universe were they belong, quickly. 
  • Wake Up Awake for a change!  The program will start to help you sleep better, easier, and more deeply for a restful, calm energy that lasts all day. 
  • Get Your “Brilliant Body” Glow On!  Your skin will look better and your body will absorb nutrients better once your digestion is revved up and working again. 
  • Walk down the Natural Path To Your Brilliance!  Get clear of the fog that’s clouding your libido, and begin to love your body again! 
  • Feel Happy!  A well executed cleanse, fast, and detox results in more happy hormones and more mood boosting happy chemicals that will boost your smile quota for the day and have you feeling goooood on a regular basis!


The Holistic 90-Day Challenge

is scheduled for


When:  Sun., Nov. 10th - Sun., Feb. 09th, 2014 

Where:  From the comfort of your home or anywhere that is convenient for you through live weekly teleconferences!  Details will be e-mailed to you after full payment.


This is a 5 stage program:


Stage 1 begins with your Pre-Detox (Nov. 10th- Nov. 16th)


In this program I will guide you in the process of preparation for your detox and cleans experience.  First you’ll fill out a pre-cleans assessment that will help you to determine your current state of health.  You’ll receive your detox/ cleanse material’s for your pre-prep, meditation  and yoga exercises, and order your cleanse products from [Nature's Sunshine Product link will be added soon] for a successful outcome.  This week prepares you for an easier detox than you’ve ever experienced before, and you’ll start feeling more clear, more energized, and lighter!



Stage 2 (Nov. 17th- Dec. 14th)


This program will have you begine by focusing on a plant based diet that will help you to discover which common food toxins have been making you sick, tired, fat, and unhappy.  For best results, you will use my favorite detox shakes, and smoothies, fiber, and detox supplements [Nature's Sunshine Product link will be added soon] , and we will learn how to label read.  This is the stage when most people really start seeing and feeling a big difference!



Stage 3 of Your Detox (Dec. 15th- Jan. 11th, 2014)


The 3rd stage of your program will begin the live food nutrition for detoxification and rejuvenation section of this cleanse/ and detox.  You’ll dine on live uncooked foods and two blended meals, which will decrease the stress on your digestive system.  We will add in the best, and most powerful lifestyle tips and tricks to help your body get clear of the harmful residue that is caught up in your tissues, your digestive system, and your mind.  This is the stage where we have to be mindful of what we are thinking, because during the cleansing process all of the emotions that we have covered over with our toxic eating patterns will begin to peel away and become uncovered and you will finally now have a chance to see them for what they really are, and keep them from sabotaging your cleansing and detoxing efforts! But don’t worry with the support of the program and Dr. Aya as your guide, and personal cheerleader you’ll learn how to manage those old destructive behavior’s instead of them managing you into a down spiraling tailspin whirlwind!  You’ll learn things like enzyme nutrition, and acid/alkaline balancing during this stage of the program.



Stage 4 of Your Detox (Jan. 12th- Feb. 01st, 2014)


Stage 4 is the liquid cleansing portion of this program.  It allows for rapid healing on a cellular level and to give your digestive organs a well deserved rest.  During this stage of the program we will go over the benefits of this type of detoxing method, in addition to the practical application of reflexology, yoga, meditation and light therapy for health rejuvination.



Stage 5, Your Cleanse High Re-Entry Week (Feb. 02nd- Feb. 09th, 2014) 


This fith and final stage of your program will cover helpful hints on maintaining your new clean start for optimum health and information on continuing to maintaining and cultivating your complete new "Brilliant Body".  Don’t worry I won’t let you just jump right back into your old toxic habits, which is why I have developed this re-entry week portion of the program.  We will slowly add back foods that might have been keeping you stuck and heavy before, but now learn there proper place and gain a respect and perspective on them.  You’ll understand which foods are right for you, which foods you should continue to avoid, and walk away with a new habit of health that is right for you!!!


Participation in this program will give you:

  • MOTIVATION for those that find it difficult to navigate the rigors of a detox/ cleanse.
  •  Questions and answer sessions will be held at the beginning of each teleconference. 
  • Helpful hints and tips for avoiding health pit falls will be offered. 
  • 14 exclusive classes with Dr. Aya that will explain each step of the fast, detox, and cleans program.  
  • Recordings of all 14 sessions will give you the opportunity to listen as often as you would like, or in case you missed a live session you can catch up, no worries! 
  • Get my Brilliant Body Assessment, recipes, shopping lists, health and wellness info, support, encouragement, and lots more just for participating!  Don’t worry you won’t be doing it by yourself, join for the camaraderie and the knowledge that you aren’t alone in this process and journey! 
  • Get your clean start to getting your Brilliant Body back now and create a new habit of health for life!!!

Other programs of this kind will charge you $500 and more, but I’m offering my program for a limited time at a very low reasonable fee of only $75!  This does not include your cleansing kits'. You will be provided with the link to were to purchas them after your full payment has been recived. 

I’m honored and excited to be on this healing journey of cleansing and detoxification  with you…  

I will be humbled and glad to share with you all the information of health and wellness through cleansing and detoxing I have learned over the many years of guiding others along the cleansing and detoxing lifestyle of health rejuvenation.

For those that have stuck with it all have gotten the results of: 

        • More Energy!
        • Better, balanced moods!
        • Health weight loss that lasts!
        • Body confidence!
        • And more!!! 

It’s all possible for you TOO!  It doesn’t have to be hard, a struggle, or require a stringent will.


Let’s do this together!!!

Get YOUR "Brilliant Body" now!!!

Sighn Up



Have questions about The Holistic 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge For Women Only!? Contact AYA: Holistic Health, and Wellness Services


AYA: Holistic Health, and Wellness Services, Tele-Conference Line!

Chicago, IL

Weekly Event - Every Sunday: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (PST)

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The Holistic 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge For Women Only!
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