Tame Your Sweet Tooth!

San Francisco, CA

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Get 7 steps for taming your sweet tooth so you can shed pounds, mood swings and low energy without giving up chocolate.

This talk is for you if you…

  • Look for stress relief in a cookie jar
  • Turn to sweets for an afternoon boost
  • Relax at night with a pint of ice cream
  • Feel rundown, out of sorts, cranky, gassy or sluggish
  • Binge on sugar when you’re mad, sad or glad
  • Fear you have a sugar-coated family
  • Worry about excess weight, diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer and more
  • Crave sweet treats and can't stop until you have 'em!

This life-changing hour will:

  • Show you how to spot hidden sugars
  • Help you identify your craving triggers
  • Provide easy tools for zapping cravings
  • Teach you how to indulge wisely

It’s not about deprivation, it’s about freedom--the freedom to enjoy foods you love and have sweetness in your life without the side effects or the guilt.

“I've considerably reduced sugar, and no longer crave it.  I've lost 25 pounds since Renee's sugar talk last fall and am in better shape than in years.”  –Diana Wynne

“Renee had so many insights about how sugar sneaks into your diet and keeps you craving that without much effort at all I was able to cut my intake waaayyyy down, which seems to have diminished my cravings completely! I have friends telling me that I look more vibrant and my skin looks better and honestly, I have to attribute it to this one hour talk and the changes it inspired in me.”  –Sarah Reed

She opened my eyes to an incredible reality: MY FAMILY CONSUMES WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR! I highly recommend her workshop.”   –Lisa Hansen

**All participants will receive done-for-you handouts plus a post-talk 10% Sports Basement discount!**

Conducted by:
Renee Pletka
Eating Psychology Coach + Ex-Sugar Junkie