Spring Scents

DeBary, FL

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Come, join us when Shirley Conley, one of our troop members and a dog trainer at Best Paw Forward, will show us some fun games to train our dogs in the cool activity of scent discrimination.  Dogs do not need to know how to retrieve to play these games.

According to Karen Pryor, scent discrimination is one of the "advanced" obedience exercises, but is actually one of the easiest to train, because we are working with our dog's single most acute sense: smell. By teaching scent discrimination, we are teaching our dogs to choose one scent over another, and what to do with this discrimination. Scent games are a great way to channel our dog's energy and tire them out mentally and a simple way to enhance our dog's quality of life.

For this session, please bring at least one empty metal Altoid box or something similar, cardboard boxes of varying heights, a hungry dog and a variety of soft, moist, yummy treats.

Honestly, it is fascinating to see a dog use its nose!!!