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Middletown, NJ

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In today’s online “social” world, many children and young adults are not equipped with the knowledge or tools to make conversation. Some are wedded to their electronic devices and others may be anxious about talking to people they do not know well. They do not understand the value of what we refer to as small talk, the process of exchanging information with someone as a way to get to know them.  As a result of not being able to make conversation, they are also less equipped to express their emotions and many of them have very constrained emotional vocabularies. Some of our different learners already have social issues or poor self-esteem. They are likely to gravitate to electronic devices and games because those require less of them in terms of human interaction. As a result, many of our children have difficulty socializing and relating to others.

Those of us who grew up before the digital age enjoyed plenty of chances to socialize because we were not dealing with the hurried activities and digital distractions of today. We did not have the hectic schedules that our children have, and we did not have the intrusion of smartphones, iPads and computers. Are we as parents and adults also missing out on social time with our children because we are  distracted by our own devices? Have we forgotten how to make small talk or meaningful conversation with our kids? Learn how the internet and social media have changed family life and the difference between real conversations and intimate relationships, versus texting and sharing on Facebook.

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