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Six Figure Speaking Secrets LIVE Experience

Eiji "A.G." Morishita | Founder of the Movement Makers Mastermind and Creator of the Speak Your Genius 2.0 Experience

Friday, May 20, 2011 at 9:00 AM - Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 7:00 PM (PDT)

Six Figure Speaking Secrets LIVE Experience

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Event Details

For complete details, go to http://SixFigureSpeakingSecrets.com/live


From Eiji Morishita, Founder of Six Figure Speaking Secrets:


If you're an entrepreneur, coach, holistic practitioner, author, or speaker, we will help you add an extra six figures to your business this year through speaking the #1 fastest way to attract clients and start a movement.

You are here because you are at one of 3 levels:

LEVEL 1: You are great at what you do but haven't found a way to make the income you want. You are not charging what you are worth to do what you love full time. You may even feel that how much you make is a reflection of your skills. Nothing could be further from the truth. The skill of making money and being great at what you do are two different skill sets.

SOLUTION: Skyrocket Your Income Clarity in Your Message where People Know Exactly What You Do and Who You Work With. Position Yourself as an Expert, Optimized Packaging and Pricing of Your Products/Services, Proven Systems on How to Get New Clients and Increase Your Revenu.

LEVEL 2: You make good money however you lost your time for what's important like family, friends, vacations, and taking time for you. Your business runs you instead of the other way around.
SOLUTION: Leverage Create Leveraged Programs & Packages that Give More Value, Take Less Time, and Generates More Income. Clarity in Your Offers, Position Yourself as an Authority Instead of Just Another Expert. Create Live Events to Promote Higher Ticket Products/Programs.

LEVEL 3: You make great money and you have leveraged your time however you feel there's more to life and another level to make a bigger impact on the world. You want to play bigger.
SOLUTION: Play a Bigger Game Reach more people through speaking in large groups at live events and through video online. Become the trusted authority and start a movement that leaves a lasting legacy.

We believe you have genius inside you, a unique gift, and a powerful message the world desperately needs to hear. The world is drowning in information yet dying of thirst for wisdom. Be the solution.

Let me share with you my story. It's 2001 and I was on top of the world life couldn't be better. Making great money, living with friends over looking the San Francisco Bay, having the time of my life. My parents were proud of me. Then it happened. The Dot Com market crashed and so did my savings and income that went to literally zero. I was in shock and got depressed and suicidal.


I thought that my value to the world is based on how much money I had. Said to myself over and over again, "maybe the world would be a better place without me." So there I was thinking of checking out and then I heard a voice, "Eiji hang on there's something great waiting for you." The search began. Why am I here? What value do I have to offer? What should I do with my life? For years I searched. I started off with my passions and turned one of my hobbies into a profession. For several years, I played poker professionally earning a living that was highlighted by taking 1st place in a tournament that netted over $17,000 in less than 7 hours of work. I was internally challenged because my goal was to win money and in order for that someone must lose. It was a WIN/LOSE relationship and I was seeking something more to help others. So then I became a Business and Life Coach thinking this is great, I can help people and make money at the same time.

Harsh reality set in. Like 90% of coaches and practitioners out there, I really struggled. People had no clue what I really do and I was practically begging people to have a free coaching session and getting turned down. I was frustrated. I thought I wasn't good at what I do. I lost confidence in my abilities. The worst part was I was being rejected for something I know has tons of value and can change lives. I started going to networking events after networking events without any luck in getting clients. My spouse thought I should give it up and get a J-O-B. Then the solution came. I found out the 3 core truths of life and that from my greatest challenges came my greatest gifts. 

One day a friend asked me if I would like to speak to their group. Then the magic appeared. People started flocking to me instead of me chasing after them. They wanted everything I had to offer. From that point on I realized that every time I spoke even if it was for a few minutes, I got clients. I became an authority and expert because of the power of speaking.

Microphone Speaker Training

I spoke on stages around the country, appeared on TV, spoke at UCLA's MBA program, doing my own events getting clients, making money, and impacting more lives. Overcoming suicide, I paid it forward by creating a curriculum on Teen Depression and Suicide from the lessons I learned from my struggles. The floodgates opened.


Through speaking, I realized I only attract qualified people who want to do business with me who resonate with my message. And there are more than plenty of people who want what I have to offer. It also opened up doors for other speaking engagements. Even people who didn't become clients referred me people. Using my signature system, I rebranded my family as "America's First Family of Sushi" and took the business from low 6 figures to 7 figures attracting local and national TV and featured in Canada and China. I was working less hard (don't know if that's good grammar) and getting more results.


But that's not the best part. The best part is the freedom that it brings. Now my wife and I travel around doing events, empowering people, making money, and making a difference. We are scheduled for Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas this year alone with events in Australia (looking forward to the beautiful beaches), Japan, and Fiji planned for 2012.


My wife and I love food so we love exploring new cultures and go to the best restaurants and the local dives checking out the local flavors. From fresh sushi at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo to Dungeness Crab and Chinese Dim Sum in San Francisco to the best restaurants in Las Vegas (Bouchon's Croissants are the Best in the World) to East Coast Style Pizzerias in New York to Texas BBQ Joints.

Dinner with my wife ChikaStrawberry Cake Japan


Many entrepreneurs, coaches, practitioners, and service professionals started to ask me how to get more clients thru speaking.


How do I craft my unique message? What do I say to get speaking gigs?

Even professional speakers who have more experience than me asked how do I monetize my speaking.

How do I overcome feeling uncomfortable when I sell from stage?

How do I get more people to take action to buy my products and services?

So I created a 3 Day Full Immersion live event to help people just like you to share your gifts full time working smarter and not harder. What I love is the results people are getting from using this simple system and the joy it brings living your purpose and passion full time.


We measure success not only by the results you achieve but by the number of lives you impact. Making a difference on a large scale is why we do what we do. It's what makes us come alive and puts smiles on our faces. We believe the world is our playground and for those who want to step up and play a bigger game, come play with us.


Here are the skills and shifts you will discover when you enroll in Six Figure Speaking Secrets: It's the only course that takes you by the hand and walks you, step-by-step, through everything you need to transform your life and your business with client attracting presentations.


With Six Powerful Modules that will have you move forward at light speed towards your ideal lifestyle from the moment you begin:

Session One: Define Your Uniqueness and Design Your Message


It's the crucial piece that makes you stand out from the sea of sameness. When given limited time, people narrow down to top 2-3 choices and choose who they believe is the best. You are unique and there will only be one of you in history. When you know with clarity what you have to offer, so will your audience who will flock to you wanting to become your client. You will gain strategic alliance partners and joint ventures because people will stop seeing you as competition and start seeing you as collaboration and the authority. "Eiji from Genius Squared Trainings has the most intuitive way to tune into exactly what you need to look at within yourself and re-create your reality from anywhere. His gift is elevating me to greater levels of success." Catherine Garceau - Olympic Medalist, Author, Speaker


Session Two: Winning Content & Sequence for Success

Convert Groups of People at a Higher Percentage

What you say, how you say it, and when you say it impacts your bottom line of making more money and helping more people. In Session Two, you will get the recipe for all of this. Follow this recipe and you will enjoy the results and rewards of speaking in front of groups. During this session, you will receive access to a $1000 Copywriting Script that converts 50-80% of the audience to enroll into a consultation. Enrolled 12 out of 15 people (80%) after averaging 11.1% before using Six Figure Speaking Secrets.

"Dear Eiji, I just returned from a presentation where I used your script to get free coaching session sign-ups. I had two other presentations in the last month. One had 30 people in attendance, and three signed up for the free session. The next one had 15 people and two signed up. After that last one you shared your sign-up script with me. Well, today I gave a presentation to 15 people and 12 signed up! I am overjoyed with the results! Your coaching over the last two weeks on how specifically to deliver the script made it go so smoothly...I had to not stare in amazement as nearly everyone started to fill out their forms! This means that I can change more lives as a coach. This means I can do the work I am "called" to do and get paid properly for it. Thank you!! From the bottom of my heart. :)"

Sincerely, Nannette DiMascio The Home of NLP

Session Three: Client Enrollment Conversations

Your Fastest Way to Cash

Enrolling clients is your fastest way to cash and profit from your business. Cash flow is critical to any business. Client enrolling conversations is the key to keeping your business afloat before critical mass tips over receiving endless referrals and have a waitlist to work with you. You will learn the secrets and strategies of enrolling clients one on one to your high end programs.

Theresa Douillard

"Prior to working with Eiji Morishita, I was just accepting clients month to month. I didn't have long term packages, so I wasn't sure when I would have my next client. I wasn't focused on a target market, so my time was not being utilized to its fullest potential. After working with Eiji, I decreased my marketing time by 10 hours a week, increase my clientele packages by 35%, and had clients sign up for 6 months to 1 year programs instead of month by month. Best of all, I increased my sales ratios by 45% while staying authentic to my values.

Eiji has an innate gift to pull the best out of you, even when you think you can do it by yourself. He holds youaccountable, knows when to give you a gingerly nudge and gets you tangible results. All I know is, Eiji WILL get you the results that you need, even when you don't think you need them or they seem impossible. I know that this year, Eiji will get me the six figure results I never thought was possible. Whatever you do, invest in yourself and invest in working with a pro, such as Eiji Morishita. It's time to take care of you!"

Theresa Douillard, B.S., M.S. Counselor/ Consultant - Specializing in Relationships & Wellness theresadouillard@gmail.com

Session Four: Start Speaking Now

How to Generate Speaking Engagements Consistently to Build Your Business

Speaking engagements is your #1 strategy to leverage your time and energy. Without it, you will have to build your business one at a time. Not only are speaking engagements more efficient, they are more effective in converting a higher percentage of people you talk to. In this revealing session, you will learn how to consistently be in front of your target market so that you can enjoy a thriving business. 

Here are a few places where I've interviewed or spoken:

Speaking Engagements


Session Five: World Class Speaker Secrets

Engage and Captivate Your Audience to Want Everything You Offer

When it comes to engaging your audience, delivery is more important than content. You can have the best content in the world and with poor delivery, people will be confused and a confused mind says no. People buy because they know, like, and trust you. In this session, you will learn world class speaker secrets for the audience to love you.

Captivate Your Audience

Session Six: Six Figure Weekend and Six Figure Day Roadmap

Step by Step Map to Your Six Figure Payday

This is our most revealing session. There are different strategies and tactics for creating a six figure year, six figure weekend, and six figure day. We will take you behind the curtain of six figure weekends and six figure days avoiding the pitfalls and traps along the way. You will discover the roadmap to enjoy your six figure paydays. 

Treasure Map



Event Schedule:

Day 1 - Be the Authority instead of Just Another Expert 9:00am - 7:30pm

(8:00am - 9:00am Registration, 9:00am - 7:30pm Day 1 General Session, 7:30pm – 9:00pm Networking Mixer)

* Define Your Uniqueness - Competition Disappears and People Refer You Business * Design Your Message - People Know Exactly What You Do and Solutions You Provide * Position Yourself as the Authority instead of an Expert * The 3 M's to Monetize Your Message * Align Your Business to Your Purpose and Mission * How to Tap Into Your Mojo Instantly on Stage And much more...

Bonus Sessions

  • Learn how to get on TV and Radio to Grow Your Business
  • Network With Like Minded Individuals


Day 2 - Master the Art of Speaking in Front of Groups 9:00am - 8:00pm

(9:00am - 8:00pm Day 2 General Session, 8:00pm – 10:00pm VIP Reception Party)

* Speaker Yoga Techniques to Use Your Body to Convey Your Message * 6 Figure Year, 6 Figure Weekend, & 6 Figure Day Roadmap * How to Slam Dunk Your Introduction to Gain Credibility and Respect of Your Audience * Drill in Presentation Skills to Enroll 50-80% of the Room into a Consultation * Learn How to Conduct the Energy in the Room to Increase Engagement * Strategic Planning of Your Speaking Business * Expert Panel Discussion

Bonus Sessions

  • Breakthrough Emotional Blocks that Slow Us Down
  • How to Create Your Own Infoproduct in Less than a Day to Monetize Your Speaking
  • VIP Reception Party

Day 3 - Transformation Day (Be Powerful in Your Offer) 9:00am - 7:00pm

(9:00am - 7:00pm Day 3 General Session, 7:00pm Afterglow)

* Break Free of Feeling Uncomfortable Selling From Stage * 5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid that Leave Most Speakers Broke * ABC Presentation Method that Will Create Raving Fans * Charge What You Want and Be Congruent in Your Body Language * Plenty of Practice Time Drilling in the Skills * Implementation and Next Steps

Bonus Sessions

  • Create Your Local Following and Platform Quickly and Easily
  • Mastermind Luncheon
  • Afterglow to Connect with Participants

AND You Will Also Be Getting

  • A Done for You Templates & Scripts including $1000 Client Getting Copywriting Script ($2,000.00 Value)
  • Marketing Resource Guide for Speaking ($1,000.00 Value)

Now you might expect to pay $2,000 or more for this amazing value. Other intensive speaker trainings range from $2,000.00-$15,000.00. And that's not some overinflated figure! My VIP Days are $10,000.00 and 1/2 Days at $5000.00. That's what people pay for trainings to be a great speaker without the marketing and sales skills you need to monetize your speaking.

You will get 3 Full Days of training with me at a fraction of the investment. What is it worth to you to have the ability to impact more people, share your message, and deliver your gift while making more money? [

What is one new client worth to you?

If you got just one new client at $500/mo for 6 months, that would mean an extra $3,000 in income.

What would it be worth to get an extra one, two, three, four new clients each month?

Multiply by 12 months for the year.

Multiply by number of years?

What would the value be over your lifetime?

Would it be worth $2,000 one time to enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life?

Our Money Back Guarantee:  When you invest in Six Figure Speaking Secrets today and attend all 3 days of the live event, if you are not totally blown away by the value you receive and don't feel this is exactly what you need, come up to me or any of my staff and you will get a full refund plus we'll pay for your air and hotel because I will not waste your time.

Because I am committed to helping as many entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and service professionals get more clients, make more money, and help more people, you can enroll today at special pricing.

Six Figure Speaking Secrets LIVE Experience

General Admission


Save Over $698 Today!

Take Action Now to Add an Extra Six Figures to Your Business This Year and Each Year After

3 Days of Full Immersion Interactive Group Training from Eiji and Assistant Trainers

Workbook plus Templates and Scripts

Access to the Six Figure Speaking Secrets Community

Special Pricing: Your Investment Today Only $497

Upgrade to VIP Experience Package

Save Over $1995 Today!

Treat yourself to VIP access and professional feedback from one of our professional speaker trainers:

VIP Seating with Individual Feedback From Professional Speaker Trainers ~ $1995 Value

VIP Party With All the Trainers & Speakers ~ $300 Value

VIP Networking Lunch ~ $100 Value

VIP Special Pricing: Your Investment Today Only $797

Upgrade to Elite Experience Package

Save Over $4000 Today!



Allow Eiji to work with you individually in a small group of 6-8 plus a 3-4 min Branding, Credibility, Content Video of you on stage in front of a large live audience.

Elite VIP Seating Work in Small Group of 6-8, All VIP Activities ~ $2995 Value

3-4 Min Raw Footage Video of You on Stage with your brand in front of a live audience. ~ $3000 Value

Hot seat coaching on stage ~ Priceless!

Event CD Recordings ~ $997 Value


Elite Special Pricing: Your Investment Today Only $1297


Looking forward to seeing you on the modules and at the live event. Until then, make your life magical. Eiji Morishita | CEO of Genius Squared Founder of Six Figure Speaking Secrets       Got Questions? Call 800.207.6199

When & Where

Anaheim Crowne Plaza Resort
12021 Harbor Boulevard
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Friday, May 20, 2011 at 9:00 AM - Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 7:00 PM (PDT)

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Eiji "A.G." Morishita | Founder of the Movement Makers Mastermind and Creator of the Speak Your Genius 2.0 Experience

We help business owners and professionals step up and stand out to be in full expression of their genius so that they can create & lead a movement that matters.  Our mission is to empower leaders to make movements that matter to impact millions.  Our purpose is to ignite souls and spread genius worldwide.

Eiji has been unlocking people's genius and marketing their genius for over 10 years.  From his high tech days before Social Media was invented, he unlocked the genius of software engineering consultants and market it to CTOs, VPs of Engineering, & Software Managers all throughout Silicon Valley.  

He used the same process to people closer to home, his own family.  He used his Authority Genius Positioning System™ and branded his family as “America’s First Family of Sushi” to be an authority in sushi and the Japanese food movement.  He took the business from 6 figures to over the 7 figure mark in less than 2 years.

Now he works with entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, & service based professionals to break the $250K barrier and beyond while increasing meaning, fulfillment, & self actualization as a leader.  

Eiji and his family businesses were featured on Fox, ABC Local, ABC World News with Charles Gibson, NY Times, LA Times, and seen on TV in Canada and China and he has spoken in front of thousands including in front of MBA students on Entrepreneurship at Anderson School of Management.

Our core expertise is improving speaking & communication skills both 1-on-1 and 1-to-many and to groom them as the leader of their movement by crafting a vision and business that is far greater than themselves and to fully trust in Spirit and Universal Laws while increasing their courage, confidence, and commitment to start, execute, and see it through.

We teach from experience and we've been part of several movements from the Sushi movement in North America to creating schools in Guatemala to making suicide obsolete as well as creating movements through our clients of changing the financial family tree of inner city minority women teaching them IT skills and landing them Fortune 500 consulting jobs to improving the military transition program for veterans.

We believe that the world is ripe for major business & social movements to make a positive impact and the world needs leaders right now to step up into their calling.
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Six Figure Speaking Secrets LIVE Experience
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