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Kennesaw, GA

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What do you think you could learn how to do with an hour a day for 18 months?  Maybe learn to play the piano or ballroom dance?  Maybe learn a new skill that will help you earn your next promotion?  We could pretty much do anything with an hour a day for 18 months, right?

You could also learn how to create a stable income of hundreds or even thousands of dollars that will allow you to eliminate debt, student loans, make investments in your future...really anything you want...after all, it is your money.

You can do this without risking your job or social life. Imagine that. Your job/career pays all of your living expenses and at the end of the month you are left with a problem: what are you going to do with all of the extra money your part-time business pays you? That's a pretty cool problem to have, yes?

In just thirty minutes we will show you how to do what we do; get paid for simply being nice to others. You will learn 1) What business we are in; 2) How much money you can make; 3) What you need to do to earn money with our program.  It is simple.  It is fun.  It is risk-free.  And it has the potential to pay you a stable, consistent, monthly income in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

*Basic Information

We always start and end on time.  Mobile phones are "off" or on "vibrate" during our presentations. Business casual attire.  Your are welcome to bring a friend.  Baby-sitting or child-care is not available on site..we love children but have a "child-free" meeting atmosphere.  

**We are at the very beginning stages of tapping into the limitless potential of Atlanta and its remarkably talented people.  If you are planning on attending, we need to send you a little information up-front so you are best able to evaluate our program.  Please be sure to ask the person inviting you to provide this information.