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The Thornhill Design Laboratory

Saturday, March 22, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (PDT)

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The Fashion Media Project

Luxury & Luxury Goods









Production / Technology Resources / Distribution / Sponsors


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Week 12 - Saturday, March 22, 2014

- 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon


Thornhill & Studio

Suite 223 / Conference Room 212

600 North 36th Street, Fremont Space Building

Fremont/Seattle, Washington 98103


A Meeting For Creative and Technology Talent - You are invited!


A Transmedia Special - An expanded version of our 2011 test special “What Are You Wearing New Year’s Eve” will be produced with a crew of radio professionals, fashion businesses, partnering companies, educators and organizations. The title and much of the research is being brought back as a “proof-of-concept” experiment to show fluidity, growth of the medium and the infinite power of collaboration.


Five years ago, believing that starting small could be productive; I embarked on a study to see the combinations of interests between individuals and businesses in the fashion industry and contemporary communications properties. I desperately wanted to see where I could find an opportunity to build a cross-platform experience for scholars, the involved industries and the consumer – and now I am finally here.


The next step is to launch a non-commercial radio show. With news, interviews, special calendar announcements and commentary, the 60-minute monthly will grow and will be carried by individual stations, radio networks and online.


Fashion business and finance news stories must be based on the same creativity as a live theatre production. Interviews will be intelligent, without the naïve “gotcha” nonsense that sometimes muddies the airwaves.


Each week we gather to assist those who: need coaching, guidance or support in reviewing the money angle in the trade; need to learn more about the strong and creative options in radio and digitally distributed audio.


Radio is the most versatile of the communications tools we are building at the Fashion Media Project. We are interested in traditional stations, digital broadcasts, HD Radio, server delivered programming, satellite and Internet-delivered audio.


What about the audiences? Here’s recent news regarding radio and the affluent consumer market:


Radio Well-Positioned To Reach Newly Confident Mass Market



Fashion business news is the heart of Fashion Stories Radio. Our regular newscast will be distributed nationally starting in June. With research, writers, correspondents and production partners gathering support information, we plan to be the most prolific in the industry.


Story drives our work. The narrative for “What Are You Wearing New Year’s Eve’ will be conveyed by a team of experienced storytellers.


Our design partners will work on two levels. The overall design is laid out to be efficient and compelling. The details of product development are carefully structured to take advantage of the “big picture” mentality and attention to quality from basic graphics to the look and feel of electronic support and hard product.


Our Fashion Media Project crew has prepared diligently to provide an ongoing radio/audio experience for the select audience interested in business and finance news reporting that relates to the international fashion marketplace.


Duties for the crew fall into 4 easy-to-understand categories. They are: Manage; Paper; Audio; and Video. The last 3 also describe the final products from our transmedia development.


Leading the charge for the paper products – and all subsequent activities - is the basic radio script. The script we bring to the studio will be more of an essay than a traditional news script. Close your eyes and think of a well-researched and well-rehearsed two-person conversation.


We continue to discuss the scheduling for initial services in audio production and post-production. We are members at Jack Straw Productions in Seattle. We have also entered into an agreement for continuing production with NPR West in Culver City, California. Other studios are being considered in New York City, Portland, Oregon and Washington, DC.


Photography, after our personal notes, is the best form for documentation of this total process.


Distribution planning starts in the newsroom. We’re in conversations about a startup newsroom and a news distribution service to cover the upscale globe! And - our ace in distribution will be syndication. From a base station (to be determined) to stations throughout the US and connected in-between by Internet delivery our plan is complete, the industry is responsive, solid and we are here to share.


With our aggressive information-gathering and continuous improvement, we will develop deep archives and multi-faceted support for ongoing research.


Digital assets for each element of Fashion Stories Radio will be assembled and upgraded by specialists. Technology purveyors have been interviewed to be sure that the horizon-bending professional and consumer electronics are being considered.


From beginning to end the production will be dependent upon a digital platform. Research for news stories is carried out with interactive digital tools. Scheduling, production and post-production have the benefit of state-of-the-art digital studios and equipment. For distribution, the shows will be captured, stored, aired and archived in a pure digital format. In syndication, the receiving stations will be consulted to be sure that all systems are synchronized from administration to delivery.


Potential sponsors have expressed their admiration for the clean, efficient structure being assembled.


Secondary markets for “Fashion Stories Radio’ will be easier to access because of the comprehensive plan, diagram and digital technology-based flow.


Building the last layer of the landscape will require a solid team of design, technology and software professionals.


Try this before the meeting…


Why Radio Needs Digital At Its Core ... Now

By Michelle Mariano

NetNewsCheck, October 31, 2013



 Collaboration means sharing... One of the best reasons to collaborate is to get to know the marketplace.


Read everything and talk to professionals in every level of the business. Visiting with fashion industry leaders, fashion education and fashion communications veterans in New York led to my creating the “Fashion Bloggers Connecting” series of “Very Stylish Mixers” in Williamsburg/Brooklyn. Here’s the current notice: http://fmpconnection8.eventbrite.com


If you – or someone you know – craves to be with a winning team of experienced partners, this is the one.


Once accepted, we will follow your company development with reports, opportunities for presentations and testing in the real world.


By June 2014 we will deliver a special communications package for all partners. This will include: regularly scheduled conference calls, email updates for everyone listed and announcement of partner and supplier Web Sites if the individual partner chooses to receive direct connections.


Thus far we have an Interim Producer, an Associate Producer for Administration, a Syndication Manager and starting soon, a contractor for Subscriber Technology and Digital Integration.


Additional positions will be filled in 2014. We expect the first to be confirmed On-Air Personnel, the Managing Editor, Project Research, News Writers, Editorial Research, Financial Planning, Partners & Sponsorship Relations and Marketing Planning.


Of course we can’t do much in the studio without our Recording Engineer, Post-Production / Music and a dedicated Distribution team.


News gathering has started. Our list of writers, researchers and editors will work for the “What Are You Wearing New Year’s Eve” special and the news programming. We continue to review services that can deliver timely reports, information and data via email, Twitter and Dropbox.


We have found that announcing links from sources we respect has helped our audiences and helped forged the beginnings of beneficial relationships. Of particular interest are those from industry and related media outlets.


In addition, we know that LinkedIn, Facebook and a blog will be in constant use to provide a bridge for others to send their materials.


Digital tools will always help in searching, writing the original segment or story . The depth of each module is the nugget that will make all other parts of our work gain attention. With talent, ongoing investigations and updates, the fashion and fashion business stories will remain fresh and enlightening.


In the production huddle, technology features help build efficiencies. For post-production the editing suite is the main driver. Once finished, the show is sent to the next step electronically and stored in an appropriate vessel until the operator hits send.


On the other end, we are back in storage – awaiting the first wave of distribution.


HD Radio will be a primary ingredient in this mix. If you are not familiar with digital radio, Digital Audio Broadcast, Hybrid Radio or HD Radio, try Ibiquity Digital at www.ibiquity.com or www.hdradio.com.


To be prepared for the rollout of Fashion Stories Radio, get to know the major players by going to Industry Links at www.radiomagonline.com/industrylinks/


On-Air is the term for airing on a traditional or terrestrial station. Our secondary market, or digital distribution over the Internet, is still considered to be of great value.


Syndication possibilities will grow with continued information gathering, connecting with the necessary media parties and practice the continuity we have found to be so beneficial.


Thus Far, It Has Been A Breeze. Now, Let’s Start Over.


There will be special instances where we might want to rebuild our offering or to create special packages. We might be even more appealing to a sponsor, partner of distributor if our special has some unique flavor for their audience. This could be regional, for individual constituency groups or even using different languages.


 Industry insiders have coined the phrase “Content Marketing” to describe the re-use or re-positioning oroginal programming.


We can start this wheel with transcriptions, additional (sometimes) pointed research or different voices.


When we refresh the produce, we can add new input, consider the latest updates – or even a whole new script. For the refreshed print/paper versions, illustrations could be added. An illustrated script could add zip to the promotions or merchandising campaign.


And what a great opportunity to add detailed or even expanded credits.


Each of these can equate to new revenue.


A New Outline For Video


We really support the storytellers. Using the tools and the work flow schematic of Thornhill Digital Storytelling, the radio and/or television script can be deeply researched, produced, used in its traditional (studio) capacity and then repurposed as a straight printed document, a booklet or newsletter.


In addition, we will be known for exciting presentations, serious administration, database management, cross-platform product development and constant growth.




Radio as the anchor for digital storytelling really stands out when considering a receiver for the show. New Tablets can offer a visual, an e-book, the audio and video.




For us, facilities planning is an art form. The research office is currently located in Fremont/Seattle, Washington. Our production studios are located in Seattle, Washington and Culver City, California.


We have interviewed potential remote sites for meetings, events, and remote recording sessions. Galleries, museums and design centers are the most attractive.


Having a meeting or event at a remote location does not need to be huge. We can invite prospective players, partners, sponsors and radio guests to join us in the space gallery and accomplish a lot in an elegant setting – and record on-site.


We are fully prepared to meet, introduce and talk with anyone about our vision for fashion media, developing a news and interview format, discussing on-air possibilities (both audio and video) and how it will all be promoted.


The presumed transmedia structure (can be a part of the conversation) includes Digital Television, Fashion Bloggers, Radio, Video Production, the Internet, Fashion Photography, the International market and seminars.




Planning and production meetings have been amazing through 2013 and into 2014. Our conference room is perfect and many friends choose to respond to the weekly information by emailing their suggestions and concerns to thornhilldesignlab@hotmail.com.


We continue to see research, editorial, connections, production, distribution, financial planning and facilities as the hot items in the general and specific discussions. We also see progress in our Technology Planning as we prepare the subscriber campaign for a paid membership base and sponsors for our Million Dollar Package.


March 2014 - Saturday


29        10 AMStudio Production / Remote Production / Base Station

                        Office - 600 North 36th Street, Suite 223, Fremont/Seattle, Washington 98103


 April 2014 - Saturday


5          Noon   First Look At The Whole Thing – Free Preview!

                        Seattle Public Library - Fremont Branch - 731 North 35th Street, Seattle, Washington 98103


If you can’t make the meeting, give us an email with suggestions, questions or referrals.


Thanks. I hope to see you Saturday.


Andrew W. Thornhill

Interim Moderator




The Fashion Media Project

Luxury & Luxury Goods


The Million Dollar Package


Research, writing and editing has to stand the entanglement of radio as a start

and various other media properties taking the hand-off of the baton and creating competitive

scripts, design, production and distribution for their own medium as well as maintaining

the high competitive and collaborative standard that we want to be known for.


1. A Digital Television Channel

2. The Fashion Bloggers Connection / “A Very Stylish Mixer”

3. Fashion Stories Radio / The Fashion Business News

4. Video Production / The Fashion Business News

5. An Internet Channel / Events

6. A Fashion Photography Exhibit

7. International Everything and

8. A Transmedia Seminar.




Andrew W. Thornhill

600 North 36th Street,

Suite 223, Fremont Space Building

Fremont/Seattle, Washington 98103



c/o NextSpace Los Angeles

9415 Culver Boulevard

Culver City, California 90232





“A Very Stylish Mixer”

May 19, 2014 – 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Wear Those Shoes!

Williamsburg/Brooklyn, New York

Go To: http://fmpconnection8.eventbrite.com




The rumors are true! We’re looking for a much larger space in the Seattle/Bellevue

area and expanding to new cities - including Maui. Suggestions? thornhilldesignlab@hotmail.com




Copyright © 1971 – 2014, Andrew W. Thornhill, All Rights Reserved


Have questions about RADIO AS ANCHOR FOR DIGITAL STORYTELLING - FASHION STORIES RADIO? Contact The Thornhill Design Laboratory

When & Where

Thornhill & Studio - Conference Room 212
600 North 36th Street
Seattle, WA 98103

Saturday, March 22, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (PDT)

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The Thornhill Design Laboratory

The Thornhill Design Laboratory



Communications Design



Inventory Details


(1) CATALOGUE: A Carefully Curated Presentation of Thornhill Design Laboratory Holdings


Offered in print, digital and display forms; details on processes and products, the master calendar and production schedules are provided.  Key elements of scheduling are automated to provide guidance in development of and integration with the Digital Landscape.


(2) The Thornhill Design Lab Salon


An inventory meeting: A weekly synopsis of everything connected to the Thornhill Design Laboratory.  Ongoing development includes Administration, The Digital Landscape, Database Management, Financial Planning, Editorial, Design Continuity, Integrated Marketing Planning, Partners & Sponsor Presentations.  We compare, set direction, project & package.  Presented in Fremont, an iconic neighborhood in Seattle; known as “The Center Of The Universe” by residents and neighbors.




(3) Thornhill Digital Storytelling (TDS)


TDS Digital Storytelling Documentary Proposal Seminars – Series & Special Events


TDS NEWS – Event Program, TDS NEWS Digital - http://digitalstorytellingseminar.blogspot.com/


Digital Media Devices




(4) The Fashion Media Project


Research, Events, Radio, Television, Tablets, Transmedia


The Fashion Bloggers Connection




(5) Thornhill Design Lab Workshop


Design Review / Kai Zen


What is design?  Aesthetics for inspiration, product development, financial planning and real-world


case studies are included - create using function and form.  Design efficient operations structures, work processes, digital networks, multi-platform media programming and manufacturing to proceed aggressively in the digital-led economy.  You will better understand and appreciate the talents of designers, storytellers, planners and artists.




(6) Bookstore, Learning & Production Studio


Schedule, Research, Documentation, Internet Presence


Facilities / Environment / Library


Book Sales / Bookstore / Digital Media Devices,


Client Services: Case Studies / Strategy / Extensions,


Product Development, Co-Productions








Andrew W. Thornhill







Andrew W. Thornhill,

All Rights Reserved


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