Piercing through the Matrix – Awakening

Oakland, United States

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There was a scene in the Sci-fi movie "The Matrix" when Keanu Reeves discovers that the reality that most human beings perceive is actually a simulated reality or cyberspace. What if that movie was pointing to a truth? What if we are living in a reality constructed by the way our brains interact with stimuli?  Have you ever considered that the sum total of what we know is the product of what we have been taught and how we have been conditioned to see the world?  Have you noticed how much conversation goes on in your head? Until we are awake, we live the life of the mind.  

The Life of the Mind

The brain is constructed to compare and contrast, so we are constantly rethinking the past, commenting silently or aloud about others - how they look, what they are wearing, what they said, what they didn't say, what they did, what they didn't do, whom they are with.  If we are not thinking about the other person, we are re-running tapes in our mind about what we said, did, didn't say, should have said, should have done, etc.  This is the life of the mind.  

How can we pierce through the perceived reality and have a direct experience of life as it is?  What would it be like if there wasn't any of that chatter going on in your head?  How much more present could we be without the life of the mind?

What is Awakening?

To move beyond the life of the mind is to "Awaken." When one awakens, one experiences life as it is, free of the mind chatter.  At this event, you will hear the experiences of ordinary people who have awakened. You'll have a chance to ask questions and to receive a Oneness Blessing.  After the talk, Oneness Meditator Thayer Beach will give a transmission of Divine energy through her eyes by simply looking at the people in the audience.  The Oneness Blessing is a special transmission of Divine energy that actually quiets the chatter of the mind. Awakening is a phenomenon that is sweeping across the globe right now.  It is not a religion. It is not a sect.  It is not a philosophy.  It is a freedom, a liberation from the bondage of the mind.  

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