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Operation: Global Sweep - Critical Reaction


Saturday, December 6, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Sunday, December 7, 2014 at 6:00 PM (CST)

Operation: Global Sweep - Critical Reaction

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Event Details

General Information

Operation: Global Sweep is an immersive series of ops designed by the BLACKWIRE Group for teams and players wanting both a 100% milsim experience and a believable and engaging storyline that can be influenced by their actions. These are serious Operations for the serious Airsoft Warrior.

Join Task Force Red, a collection of various units within US Special Forces and allies as they travel the world following intelligence leads, hunting and eliminating many of the splinter groups and shadow organizations formed after the death of Usama Bin Laden and the dissolution of Al-Qaeda.

Be prepared to have your capacity for teamwork, decision–making and tactical awareness tested as you raid guerrilla strongholds or rescue kidnapped personnel, all while facing unpredictable obstacles that must be overcome in order for mission success. Bring your best and dress in your best military impression as you trek through thick forest or battle in open fields. Welcome to OPERATION: GLOBAL SWEEP.

A portion of all proceeds from the O:GS series will benefit the National United States Armed Forces Museum in Houston, TX.

***DISCLAIMER - Operation: Global Sweep is an intensive military simulation. Individuals whom suffer from medical or psychological conditions, whom are easily startled, whom suffer from sensory deficiencies, or whom are not in reasonable physical condition are strongly encouraged to reconsider their participation. BLACKWIRE Milsim, Tanks Paintball and any other sponsors or involved entities are not responsible for actions taken despite this warning.

Fee: $45

Ticket Includes:
- Operation: Global Sweep Game Patch
- Operation: Global Sweep TFR/FLC Patch (depending on which side you register for)
- Operation: Global Sweep T-Shirt
- 1 real DoD MRE for lunch

Age Requirement:

- 17+ (Due to subject matter)
- Those age 15+ will be allowed WITH PARENT or RESPONSIBLE ADULT PARTICIPATION, no further exception.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////OPERATION BACKGROUND


Operation: Global Sweep - Critical Reaction - Background

US intelligence, in partnership with investigators from the CIA, FBI and DEA and with cooperation from the Colombian government, have managed to establish a connection between a network of now-defunct terrorist groups operating in the Middle East and the Colombian Paramilitary group Fuerzas Liberadas de Colombia, also known as the FLC. Hidden deep within the forests of Colombia, the FLC is known by the Colombian government to be a major distributor of both narcotics and illicit arms throughout the Americas, with several routes passing directly through the United States.

Though initial connections with extremist terror groups were thought to be weak, information brought to light following the raid on the Abbottabad compound of Osama Bin Laden unveiled a deep and extensive relationship between the FLC and several off-shoots of Al-Qaeda. Notes taken from the Abbottabad compound indicate that the FLC not only provided monetary support via its drug trade, but also logistical support via access to its extensive personnel, drug and weapons trafficking routes.

The Colombian government has requested help in eliminating the FLC operating base located in its jungles; they lack, however, the technology, firepower, and manpower necessary to assault the FLC compound on their own. As such they have requested the help of the United States Military and a small group from the US Drug Enforcement Agency, who were instrumental in identifying and tracking many of the trafficking transactions involving the FLC.

A small team of CIA SAD/SOG operatives, designated Mobile Strike Force III (MF3), were deployed in advance of Task Force Red to verify the presence of narcotics and arms activity in the FLC compound and initiate the raid, but contact was lost shortly before Operation: Global Sweep was to be launched. Their current status is unknown and of great concern.

Comprised of ex-Colombian military personnel, the FLC is expected to engage in heavy, organized resistance.

Units and Roles

**ABOUT ROLES AND MOS's - OGS is an immersive Mil-Sim (Military Simulation) game that makes every attempt to replicate and incorporate many of the stressors of real combat, all within the inherent constraints of Airsoft. As such, OGS has incorporated MOS's or Military Occupational Specialties, to allow attendees to experience first hand the responsibilites of certain roles on a smaller scale. Each MOS has a specific job and tools required in the completion of that job, allowing players to immerse themselves in their selected roles. Only players registered for a particular MOS will be allowed to use the tools and props necessary for their role.**

Task Force Red: Formed by emergency declaration by the United States House Intelligence Subcommittee on Technical and Tactical Intelligence in response to the disappearance of CIA SAD Asset Mobile Strike Force III, Task Force Red is a trilateral response force operating under the aegis of the Central Intelligence Agency tasked with conducting operations in support of the ongoing search and recovery operations in the Bosque De Coco region of Columbia. This Task Force is a combined effort of the United States Army, United States Marine Corps, and the United States Drug Enforcement Agency.

Task Force Red Weapons Restrictions – Assault, Support, Sniper (except for DEA FAST Team)

United States Army Rangers
: Selected from the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment (Ft. Benning, GA.), these soldiers are the backbone of Task Force Red.
- Mission Profiles: Direct Combat Action, Perimeter Security, Combat Patrol, Quick Reaction.
- Uniform Requirements*: FULL ACU or MULTICAM ONLY
- Available MOS (Military Occupational Specialty): Infantryman, EOD Technician, Intel Analyst, Radio Operator/Maintainer, Combat Medic, Combat Engineer

United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance
: Selected from the ranks of the Force Reconnaissance Company, 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Marine Division (MCB Camp Lejeune, SC), these Marines are tasked with executing specialized covert tasks and providing real-time intelligence in the field.
- Mission Profiles: Reconnaissance, Reconnaissance in Force, Clandestine Threat Removal.
- Uniform Requirements*: FULL Tan/Tan Based Camo or Desert MARPAT ONLY
- Available MOS (Military Occupational Specialty): Rifleman, Combat Engineer, Radio Operator/Maintainer, Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsmen (SARCs) (Force Recon Medic)

Drug Enforcement Agency Foreign-deployed Advisory and Support Teams (FAST)
: Tasked from the elite DEA FAST Teams (MCB Quantico, VA.), these assets specialize in location and security of narcotics and arms stashes, covert surveillance, and the capture, detention, and interrogation of potentially hostile individuals found within the area of operations.
- Mission Profiles: Infiltrating enemy strongholds, reconning enemy movements and obtaining evidence of narcotics activity.
- Uniform Requirements*: FULL MULTICAM ONLY
- Available Roles: Special Agent, Radioman, Intel Research Specialist, Interrogator


Fuerzas Liberadas de Colombia (FLC): Known by the Colombian government to be a major distributor of both narcotics and firearms throughout the Americas, with several routes passing directly through the United States. Though initial connections with extremist terror groups were thought to be weak, information brought to light following the raid on the Abbottabad compound of Osama Bin Laden unveiled a deep and extensive relationship between the FLC and several off-shoots of Al-Qaeda.

Fuerzas Liberadas de Colombia Weapons Restrictions - Assault, Support, Sniper

FLC Guerilla
: Comprised of ex-Colombian Military and Colombian Special Police.
- Mission Profiles: Direct Combat Action, Perimeter Security, Combat Patrol, Quick Reaction.
- Uniform Requirements*: Woodland Camo, Woodland MARPAT, OR Black/Tan/OD Green Top and Woodland Bottom
- Available Roles: FLC Technician, FLC Soldier, FLC Laborer

*Patches/Arm bands designating specialization or role will be provided by event organizer and distributed to registered operators as needed or necessary.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////MOS Descriptions

Combat Engineer/ FLC Ingeniero: The most strategically versatile and significant role in the shaping and completion of the mission.

Responsibilities/ Capabilities:
• Field Demolition,
• Structural Repair,
• Demolition of Caches,
• Route Recon and Mapping

Equipment (provided by event organizers):
• Dynamite
• White Phosphorus Grenades
• Repair Timer

EOD Technician: By investigation and demolition of potential ordinance, the mission support this role offers is vital to the overall safety of the Task Force in its ability to complete its mission.

Responsibilities/ Capabilities:
• Active ordinance diffusion
• Narcotic/Armament Demolition
• IED detection and Diffusion

• Dynamite/C4
• Diffusion Timer

Radio Operator /Maintainer, Radioman: Ensures a direct line of communication between assets in the field and the command and control element. Without this link, coordinated combat operations would be impossible.

Responsibilities/ Capabilities:
• Call in for QRF support
• Relay other general requests
• Maintain communication between squad, command, and other elements.

• Radio
• Classified Frequency Chart (provided by event organizers)

Combat Medic/ Medic/ SARC (Force Recon Medic): A vital aspect of the combat squad, the purpose of the Combat Medic is to provide immediate aid to injured BLUEFOR and captured OPFOR personnel.

Responsibilities/ Capabilities:
• Establish casualty collection points
• Render care according to issued casualty cards
• Organize transport of casualties

• Medic Pack (Includes Bandages, 2 IV Bags, 1 IV line)
• Combat Stretcher
• Timer

Intelligence Analyst/ Intel Research Specialist(DEA)/ Interrogator (DEA)
: Collection and analysis of Intel gathered during combat is essential providing a clear picture of circumstances to the command and control element. Intel Analysts are tasked with locating, analyzing, and communicating Intel to command.

Responsibilities/ Capabilities:
• Investigate and Analyze any Intel found during combat
• Coordinate Intel efforts between TFR elements
• Communicate Intel, including those derived from interrogation(ONLY performed by designated Interrogator), to command

• Classified

General Ruleset: O:GS games will generally follow TASO guidelines

Operation: Global Sweep - Critical Reaction Game ruleset. The following ruleset will apply to all O:GS scenarios:


Weapons RestrictionsPlease use weapons related to your role. Real/Low cap preffered; MAX 7 mags per operator OR 210 Rounds TOTAL; MAX 2 pistols mags per operator; semi fire only unless support weapon. For weapons velocities requirments, please see TASO guidelines. 

Equipment requirements:  Appropriate eye-pro is required. Since this is an 18+ event, operators WILL NOT be required to use full-face protection or goggles, but MUST have effective eye-pro in accordance with TASO guidelinesAll operators are required to have appropriate radio comms and exercise appropriate radio discipline.

Squad Assignments:  TBD by admin each OP, and will communicated before the Operation. Strict adherence to squad assignments and chain of command required.

Regarding Hits: Once hit, players should call out "HIT!", lay on the ground, pull out their Red Dead Rag, and call and wait for a medic. The closest teammate (or battle buddy) must shuffle and draw a card from the downed players Casaulty Card deck. Downed player must act out injury on card, which must be communicated to the Medic upon arrival. Teammates should try and remove downed players to cover.   Casaulty card will include time limit before "death".

Regarding Medics and Respawns: Each player for TFR and the FLC will be issued casualty cards. Medics will be issued medic kits that will include two IV bags, an IV line, and ACE tape. Casualty Cards display the extent of an injury once a player is hit, which the player must act out. It is important that players who draw a critical injury card are taken out of harms way.

There will be no "Respawns" in the traditional sense of the word. If there are multiple critical casualties, medics can call-in to request creation of a "field hospital" where critically injured and "dead" players can be healed to the healing time indicated on their casualty card.

Have questions about Operation: Global Sweep - Critical Reaction? Contact The BLACKWIRE Group

When & Where

TANK'S Paintball Park Inc.
22011 Southwest Fwy
Richmond, TX 77469

Saturday, December 6, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Sunday, December 7, 2014 at 6:00 PM (CST)

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The BLACKWIRE Group is a premier milsim airsoft team and event organizer based in Houston, TX. We pride ourselves in our professionalism, dedication, and commitment to buidling a top-tier organization that contributes to the development of airsoft in Houston and beyond

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