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Second Outdoor Nude Shoot of the Year !

Nude Models ✭ Outdoor Waterfall, Photo Shoot 3 ✭ Sat. 8/16/14

Stan's Shoots

Saturday, August 16, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (EDT)

Nude Models ✭ Outdoor Waterfall, Photo Shoot 3 ✭ Sat....

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Sales End Price Fee Quantity
Regular Ticket, waterfall shoot 3
Eventbrite fee ($3.19) is extra, site fee ($15) is extra, model fee is extra (price set by individual models). All sales final, no refunds unless the event does not take place. Limited tickets at this price, limited time offer.
Ended $40.00 $3.19

Share Nude Models ✭ Outdoor Waterfall, Photo Shoot 3 ✭ Sat. 8/16/14

Event Details


Nude Models




Waterfall  Shoot #3

Need we say more?

UPDATE: There are only FOUR model with a total of 26 sessions available.

As of: 8/14/14 at 3:30 pm

LOCATION: We will be working on 16 acres of secluded, private, property in Ulster County, NY.  (Around 10 miles from the NYS Thruway Exit 20 & 100 miles from the Geo. Washington Bridge.)  The property has a pond & a waterfall. This is the same place that our 2 prior Waterfall shoots were held.   I'm told that the flow over the falls varies from a trickle to a lot, depending on recent rainfall.  I was there on three occasions, first time the falls were dry, second time there was scant water, third time the flow was adequate.  At worst, the dry bed offered several first rate shooting sites.   The fall is probably 30 or so feet high in total.  Exact address given with tickets.

Although it is flexible, our  current target is twelve photographers and nine models. There is no certainty that those levels will be met.  We will try to maintain a ratio of  around five photographers to four  model.  

Date: Saturday, August 16, 2014

Duration: we will start shooting at 10 am & finish at 7:00 pm).  It is intended that, the photographers will work one-on-one with the models for the most part.

Lunch: There will be a meal break around 1 pm.  Bringing your own lunch will be expedient, there is a small, but great, specialty general store/cafe about 2 miles away.

☆  ☆  ☆

COST: Payment is in THREE parts.  

1) The workshop fee, starting at $15 for early paying photographer and going up to $70 for later 0nline payment.  It  also serves as your  reservation.  At the Gate price is $80.


2) The "Grounds Fee" of $15 per photographer.  It is payable to the grounds keeper in cash, at the workshop.  


3) Model Fees: Every photographer is required to pay for AT LEAST two, one-on-one model sessions. Model fees include: model; broad, commercial, model release; & age certification (2257 form). Models will be offering a special, "early bird" price of $30 for a single session or $40 for a double session, to photographers that sign up early, online, for the event. "Early bird" tickets are limited, so grab them while you can! Beyond that, models set their own prices. If any openings are available cash payments will be accepted at the shoot.

 Tipping for excellent service is at your discretion. Please remember that the models are working for you, the photographers, and NOT for me or Zoë.

 If you are signed up & do not cancel by 12:00 Noon, two Saturdays before the shoot, you are required to pay the grounds fees even if you do not attend the shoot. We anticipate that model fees will be between $30 and $40 per session; however, each model sets her own fee.  We anticipate that models will offer lower fees for pre-payment.

 Two or three photographers may "share" a model, models may charge a premium for additional photographers.

If all models consider the weather inappropriate for modeling, and the shoot has not started*, it will be canceled, & you will get your money back.  If one or more models considers the weather appropriate, the event will take place with reduced models.  Other than the above, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS.  Tickets are transferable to a different photographer, in good standing, over the age of 18.

 *If any photographer has taken one or more pictures of any model, the event is considered started.

 If we do not have enough photographers signed up, the event will be canceled & tickets will be refunded.   

☆ ☆ ☆

SESSIONS: Please note that standard sessions start on the hour or half hour and run for about 25 minutes. Double sessions  run for about 55 minutes.  (Working far from the central area will reduce your shooting time.)

☆ ☆ ☆

SITE INSPECTION: The waterfall site is NOT available for inspection before the shoot.  Please do NOT ask for access.

 ☆ ☆ ☆

 See numerous images from our prior shoots at this location at:  


☆  ☆  ☆



Site image,  ©Zoe


Site Image: Chimney from the old house, taken 9/27/13

Site Images - Zoë,  ©

Site image, Zoe, 9/29/13 

Images supplied by Zoë

☆ ☆ ☆


Site Image: The weathered exterior of this shed provides a good setting, but forget about the interior.

 Site Image: The weathered exterior of this shed provides a good setting, but forget about the interior. 

✧ ✧

Please Note, This is a STILL PHOTOGRAPHY event. it is NOT a video event.

❦  ❦  ❦ 

Numerous, nude, model images will be found on the model's individual pages and at the referenced links. We are not including nude images here at the less than subtle & far les than polite, suggestion of Eventbrite. That is some of the reason Eventbrite is no longer a suggested ticketing source.

❦  ❦  ❦

Model Sign-up Links:

Zoe West:


Jackie Stevens:

Elisa Dandelion:


Elle:  ?

Nadine Teresa Stevens: (?)


Additional details and models as they evolve.

This event is set up & run by the Venerable Stan & The Beautiful Zoë.

The Venerable Stan is the organizer of this event. If photographers have any questions please e-mail him directly, GoldsteinUSA (at) gmail(dot) com  .  Tickets are Non-refundable, except if the photo shoot does not take place, see above.  If models have any questions please e-mail the Beautiful Zoë directly at: zoecwest (at) gmail (dot) com
This is a full day with lots of shooting time.

Exact address is included on your printed ticket.

In addition to lots of memory, batteries & your usual photographic stuff bring:

Insect repelant
Pastic Bag(s) large enought for cameras, lenses, & so forth.
A towel   (maybe 2)

To the extent applicable the groups usual boilerplate will apply. See:  for IMPORTANT additional information ,  where there is a difference between our usual practice & this announcement, the information in this announcement will prevail.

Etiquette: READ THIS!
If there is a multi-model workshop taking place you may ONLY photograph the model that you have signed up for and paid to photograph. 

To eliminate any possible confusion or misunderstanding: do NOT point a camera at any model unless you are paid up & currently scheduled, to photograph them.

If you find it necessary to be in the same area, make sure that your camera is cased or the lens is capped. If that is not possible hang your camera with the lens pointing toward you or straight down.

Do NOT stop to chat with (or even greet) photographers in other groups during their sessions. If it is urgent that you speak to one of the photographers ask them to step away from the group.

Do NOT speak to, greet, or distract, the model.

Immediately leave the area if requested to do so.

If there are special circumstances warranting an exemption, please submit a written request to the person coordinating the event at least ten days in advance. 

None of the above applies to organizers or staff preforming administrative functions, such as collecting money, or coordinating meals. 

Group photos & pictures with the model. 

In most cases, during regular sessions, group pictures & "pictures with the model" are allowed. 

Photographers may only pose with the model if

They have the model's permission.
It is during group or session time.
They are allowing the other photographers to photograph them.
It is with the permission of the lead photographer.
It is limited to a very brief moment or two.

Additional models may only pose with the scheduled model if

They have the scheduled model's permission.
It is during group or session time.
They are allowing the photographers to photograph them (for free).
It is with the permission of the lead photographer.
It is limited to a brief moment or two.

Lunch Time: 
By lunch time the models have been posing almost continuously for hours. Lunch time is a break for them, a) definitely do NOT ask models to pose during lunch, b) don't even point a camera at a model during lunch. It is definitely okay to set up future private shoots with the models during lunch.
Spectators, observers, guests, visitors, the idle curious and curious idols . 
Spectators, observers, guests, visitors, the idle curious, and curious idols are NOT permitted. If the studio does not have a waiting area, you will have to wait outside, or in the hallway, until the previous session has ended.
Payments & tips, exact change:
If you are paying for a session, or a model release or 2257 form, or tipping the model exact change, makes things run smoother. It may seem trivial, but on one occasion we spent over half an hour paying for a workshop. If you have exact change it speeds things up, makes the event run smoother, and makes Stan just a bit less grumpy. Thank you for understanding.
You may NOT mention (or even remotely suggest) that you want to date, marry, or have casual sex with the model. You may NOT inquire on behalf of your: son, daughter, relative, friend, enemy, or a total stranger.

You may NOT ask the model about their: marital status, sexual preference, children, family, ethnicity, birth order, country of origan, after death experiences, pre birth experiences, health history, criminal convictions, or parole status. (Unless the model brings up that particular topic.) (However, you may ask if the model is over the age of 18. If you want documentary proof of age etc. it is available on the 2257 forms.) 

Do NOT comment about the models physical appearance. In particular, do not comment about perceived or actual abnormalities of the models breasts of genitalia. If a model asks "what do you think of my  ____________ ?"  It is very strongly suggested that you avoid commenting, and if pressed for an appraisal make sure it is favorable.

You may only invite the model to lunch or dinner if you are paying AND you are inviting the rest of the group. 

It is OK to provide coffee, tea, soft drinks & snacks to models.

You may NOT bring alcoholic beverages into the studio, or shooting site. Remember, some of the attendees may be under the age of 21.

✧  ✧  ✧

SNIPING*: Do NOT do it!  You may ONLY photograph the model(s) that you have signed up for and paid to photograph.

 To eliminate any possible confusion or misunderstanding: 

Do NOT point a camera at any models unless you are paid up & currently scheduled, to photograph them. 

If you find it necessary to be in the same area, make sure that your camera is cased or the lens is capped. If that is not possible hang your camera with the lens pointing toward you or straight down. 

Do NOT photography other photographers, artists, or staff without their clear and unequivocal permission.  

*”Sniping” includes, but is not limited to, taking pictures from a distance without the knowledge & permission of the subject. It also includes all other kinds of surreptitious and candid image making.
Hidden cameras: The use of hidden cameras is PROHIBITED. Make sure your model knows exactly where the camera(s) are, and from where she or he is being photographed. This includes cameras “hidden in plain sight”.

If there is a problem please report it IMMEDIATELY, do NOT wait, or delay. Any concerns should be raised with a Staff Member.
Cleanup:  Please clean up after your shoot or other activity. Leave all equipment and grounds the way you found it, or better. Do not leave behind: candy wrappers, bottles, cans , worn out equipment or anything else.

 ✧  ✧  ✧

For those with an inkling for detail:

Sun and Moon Data for One Day


The following information is provided for Saugerties, Ulster County, New York (longitude W74.0, latitude N42.1):


        16 August 2014        Eastern Daylight Time          

        Begin civil twilight       5:34 a.m.                 
        Sunrise                    6:05 a.m.                 
        Sun transit                1:00 p.m.                 
        Sunset                     7:55 p.m.                 
        End civil twilight         8:25 p.m.                 

        Moonrise                  10:50 p.m. on preceding day
        Moon transit               5:50 a.m.                 
        Moonset                   12:56 p.m.                 
        Moonrise                  11:29 p.m.                 
        Moonset                    1:57 p.m. on following day



Phase of the Moon on 16 August:   waning gibbous with 59% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.


Last quarter Moon on 17 August 2014 at 8:26 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

From the US Naval Observatory

✧ ✧ ✧

Have questions about Nude Models ✭ Outdoor Waterfall, Photo Shoot 3 ✭ Sat. 8/16/14? Contact Stan's Shoots

When & Where

The Exact address
Supplied with tickets
Saugerties, NY 12477

Saturday, August 16, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (EDT)

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Nude Models ✭ Outdoor Waterfall, Photo Shoot 3 ✭ Sat. 8/16/14
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