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NoSQL Live ...from Boston


Thursday, March 11, 2010 from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM (EST)

NoSQL Live ...from Boston

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Event Details

NoSQL Live is sold out! But there are several options for participating, even if you did not register:

  • A webcast of the conference can be accessed via the following link http://vivu.tv/portal/Join?flow=992-839-6148

  • The main conference is full, but we may be able to accomodate additional attendees at the NoSQL Lab; email meghan at 10gen dot com for details

  • Join the wait list should a slot at the main conference become available

A one-size-fits-all approach to databases no longer applies. Relational databases have worked well - and will continue to - for highly transactional systems. But today's web applications require enormous scalability and performance. This has spurred the growth of a new class of databases that trade off some of the features of relational databases to offer high performance, ease of programming, high availability & the ability to scale in cloud environments. They are collectively called NoSQL or non-relational databases.

NoSQL Live ...from Boston is a full-day interactive conference that brings together the thinking in this space. Picking up where other NoSQL events have left off, NoSQL Live goes beyond understanding the basics of these databases to how they are used "live" in production systems. It features panel discussions on use cases, lightning talks, networking session, and a NoSQL Lab where attendees can get a practical view of programming with NoSQL databases.

Time Event & Speaker(s)
8:00 - 9:00
Registration and Breakfast
9:00 - 9:10
Welcome to NoSQL Live
Dwight Merriman
Dwight Merriman is co-founder and CEO of 10gen, the company that sponsors the open source project MongoDB. Dwight is an active Mongo committer. In 1995, Dwight co-founded DoubleClick and served as its CTO for ten years. Dwight was the architect of the DoubleClick ad serving infrastructure, DART, which serves tens of billions of ads per day. Dwight is co-founder, Chairman, and the original architect of Panther Express (now part of CDNetworks), a content distribution network (CDN) technology which serves hundreds of thousands of objects per second. He is also a board member of the web photo/video sharing company Phanfare. Dwight received a B.S. in Systems Analysis/Computer Science from Miami University of Ohio.

9:10 - 9:30
Crossroads, Inroads, Pitfalls & Bylaws: Peering into NoSQL's Conceivable Future
Tim Anglade
Tim Anglade is CTO of GemKitty, a Portland-based jewelry start-up. He spends the rest of his days as a gun-for-hire extraordinaire or teaching Project Management at a university near Paris, France. He presented his NoSQL concept “tin: a database so tiny, its name had to be shortened” at no:sql(east) in 2009 and has been talking around the world about the NoSQL big picture in a presentation called “NoSQL for Fun & Profit”. He's also co-organizer of NoSQL Europe, coming to London in April 2010. Tim can be found doing it for the lulz on Twitter as @timanglade.

9:30 - 10:30
Scaling with NoSQL
Moderated by Bradford Stephens
Bradford Stephens is a Founder at Drawn to Scale, who is building an easy, scalable data platform to help companies Process, Store, Search, and Query all their data, to all users. He is also the author of the popular blog "Road to Failure" which focuses on scalability, startups, and software. Before Drawn to Scale, he was a lead engineer at Visible Technologies, a Social Media BI/CRM company. He has also enjoyed varying levels of success in the political campaign management, finance, and musical fields. When not solving Big Data problems, he can often be found playing guitar, listening to Iron Maiden, or exploring Seattle.
Mark Atwood
Mark Atwood recently came to Gear6 as Director of Community Development. Previously Mark was a core senior technical member of Sun Microsystem's cloud initiative (Network.com). He is currently a contributor to the Drizzle open source community, and an active member of the Gearman and Memcached communities.

Doug Judd
Doug is co-founder and CEO of Hypertable, Inc, a company that provides commercial support for Hypertable, a massively scalable, open source database.  Doug started the Hypertable open source project in 2007, while working as an Architect at Zvents, and has been actively building the technology ever since.  Doug has over a decade of software engineering experience in the area of distributed computing and information retrieval. He joined Inktomi’s Web Search division in 1997 where he held both engineering and management positions. During his five year tenure, he designed and developed large-scale distributed systems, including significant pieces of the crawling and indexing software.  Doug earned a B.S. in Computer Science from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1992 and holds four patents in search technology.
Alex Feinberg
Alex Feinberg is a senior software engineer at LinkedIn, where he works on Project Voldemort, an open source distributed storage system.
Ryan Rawson
Ryan Rawson is a Systems Architect at Stumbleupon where he works on HBase.  In a previous life he has done things as diverse as geo-distributed coordination, supply chain optimization and advertisement systems. He has held positions at Amazon and Google and currently resides in SF.
Ryan King
Ryan King is the Technical Lead on the Storage Team at Twitter, leading a team that is using Cassandra to provide scalable storage for data at Twitter. Previously he's worked with companies to scale out Rails sites and on search at Technorati.
10:30 - 10:45 Break
10:45 - 11:45
NoSQL in the Cloud
Moderated by Adam Wiggins
Adam Wiggins is a hacker, entrepreneur, and open source enthusiast. As a cofounder of Heroku, he spends most of his time thinking about how to best deploy, run, and scale apps in the cloud.  He blogs at http://adam.blog.heroku.com/ where he can be heard complaining about relational databases, and championing the new generation of datastores.
Adam Kocoloski
Adam Kocoloski is CTO of Cloudant. Cloudant is a non-relational, zero-configuration, distributed database service based on Apache CouchDB.

Daniel Rinehart
Daniel Rinehart is the Chief Software Architect at Allurent, where he is helping to build a new generation of innovative online shopping experiences using Flex. He has worked in the field of software development as an engineer and architect for the past ten years. Prior to joining Allurent he worked at Ruckus Network, Towers Perrin, and BiT Group. Allurent runs its infrastructure on the Amazon EC2 framework and as part of its production environment utilizes Amazon's SimpleDB service.

Benjamin Day
Benjamin Day is a consultant and trainer specializing in software development best practices using Microsoft’s development tools, Windows Azure, Team Foundation Server, and Scrum.  He is a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio Team System and a member of the Visual Studio Team System Customer Advisory Council at Microsoft.  Recently, Ben became one of the first certified trainers for the new Scrum Developer class from Scrum.org.  When not developing software, Ben likes to hang out with his wife and cats, play jazz piano, and geek out on all things food.  He can be contacted via http://www.benday.com and http://blog.benday.com. 
Jonathan Ellis
Jonathan built a scalable, multi-petabyte storage system based on Reed-Solomon encoding for the Mozy backup service.  He is currently project chair for the Apache Cassandra distributed database and a Systems Architect for The Rackspace Cloud.

11:45 - 12:45
Lightning Talks
Talk Title TBD
Alan Hoffman is CEO of Cloudant.
MongoDB : Ruby
(Ruby in your MongoDB)
Les Hill is a software adventurer at Hashrocket.
Versatile Storage Options with Tokyo Cabinet
Flinn Mueller is a Senior Applications Engineer at Sports Technologies.

Full Stack Javascript
Jim Wilson is Lead Software Engineer at Vistaprint.
Using MongoDB with Groovy
James Williams is a Software Engineer at BT/Ribbit.
12:45 - 1:30
1:30 - 2:30
Schema Design with Document-Oriented Databases
Moderated by Durran Jordan
Durran is one of Hashrocket's hardest-working consultants and primary author of the up-and-coming open source MongoDB mapping framework, Mongoid. He's contributed to the MongoDB Ruby driver, MongoMapper, and provided MongoDB support to various other open source Ruby frameworks. An expert Java developer for close to 10 years, including several years tenure at world-renown ThoughtWorks, Durran made the leap over from the dark side upon joining Hashrocket in early 2008. He hasn't looked back.
Eliot Horowitz
Eliot Horowitz is CTO of 10gen, the company that sponsors the open source MongoDB project. Eliot is one of the core MongoDB kernel commiters. Eliot is also the co-founder and chief scientist of ShopWiki. In January 2005, he began developing the crawling and data extraction algorithm that is the core of ShopWiki's innovative technology. Eliot has quickly become one of Silicon Alley's up and coming entrepreneurs, having been selected as one of BusinessWeek's "Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under Age 25" in 2006. Prior to ShopWiki, Eliot was a software developer in the R&D group at DoubleClick. Eliot received a B.S. in Computer Science from Brown University.

Bryan Fink
Bryan Fink is an Engineering Manager at Basho Technologies. Basho is the developer of Riak, a dynamo-inspired, highly-available, elastically-scalable datastore.  During his time at Basho, Bryan has touched nearly every corner of Riak, and was a lead developer on two applications built on top of Riak.  Bryan has written several blog articles about how to develop apps on top of Riak, and he can regularly be found answering questions on the riak-users mailing list. Before working at Basho, Bryan worked for companies in the financial analysis and electronics testing industries.  Bryan graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT in 2004.
Paul Davis
Paul J. Davis graduated in 2005 from the University of Iowa with a BSE in Electrical Engineering. Following graduation he spent two years as a Research Assistant in the Large Scale Digital Cell Analysis System (LSDCAS) lab of Prof. Michael Mackey. He currently works as a bioinformatician in the parasitology division at New England Biolabs. He was led to non-relational systems by the idea that biology has no schema. He's been a committer to the Apache CouchDB project for the last year and was an enthusiastic early adopter the year before that. Beyond CouchDB, Paul also contributes to a number of other open source projects.

2:30 - 3:15
The Evolution of the Graph Data Structure from Research to Production
Moderated by Marko Rodriguez
Dr. Marko A. Rodriguez is the Graph Systems Architect at AT&T Interactive. Dr. Rodriguez focuses on multi-relational graph analysis, is the primary designer and developer of the Gremlin graph-based programming language, and is currently working on the graph infrastructure of Buzz.com.
Peter Neubauer
Peter Neubauer is COO and co-founder of Neo Technology, makers of the graph database Neo4j. Peter has been deeply involved in programming for 10 years and is co-founder of a number of Open Source projects like www.neo4j.org, www.tinkerpop.com, www.ops4j.org and www.qi4j.org. Lately, focus is mostly on the sales- and community side of things for Neo Technology. Before throwing away his life on startups, he has been working as Software Manager, Java Consultant, mobile expert and other undefinable job positions.
Borislav Iordanov
A Math & Computer Science graduate of McGill University, Montreal, Borislav Iordanov has been programming professionally for the past 14 years in a wide range of domains such as language design and compiler development, embedded systems, web development, bioinformatics, financial software and natural language processing. His company Kobrix Software, Inc., founded in 2001, developed and launched a web application framework (TICL) as its first product, and sold it to several Fortune 500 companies. Kobrix is also the recipient of the 2009 Best Fit Integrator E-Government Award. Borislav is currently focusing on software architecture consulting in eGovernment projects and working on innovative open-source products. In his spare time, Borislav runs an Olympic Fencing Academy for children and adults.

3:15 - 3:35

Enterprise Adoption of NoSQL

Sourav Mazumder
Sourav Mazumder, currently works as Principal Technology Architect for Infosys Technologies Limited and has around 14 years of experience in Information Technology domain.

As a key member of Technology Consultancy group of Infosys, Sourav has worked for key clients of Infosys in USA, Europe, Australia and Japan in various domains like Insurance, Telecom, Banking, Retail, Security, Transport, and Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry. As a lead architect, he was involved in Technical architecture and Roadmap defnition for Web Based applications, SoA strategy implementaion, Internationalization strategy definition, UI Componentization and Performance Modeling & Scalability Analysis, Unstructured Data management. Sourav's association with Infosys’ own Core Banking product, Finacle, provided him with an extensive product development experience also.

Sourav was involved in developing reusable framework for J2EE applications in Infosys and also defining Infosys’ software engineering methodology for architecting and designing custom built applications. Sourav’s experience also includes ensuring Architecture Compliance and Governance for development projects.

Sourav is an iCMG certified Software Architect as well as a TOGAF 8 certified practitioner. Sourav recently presented in Berkeley Globalization Conference of LISA. Sourav's latest white paper on SoA, http://www.infosys.com/services/systemintegration/white-papers/soa-perspective-implementation-risks.pdf, has become immensely popular among various reading communities.

Sourav's current interest area includes NoSQL, Web 2.0 Governance, Performance Modeling and Globalization.

3:35 - 3:55

Toward Web Standards for NoSQL

Sandro Hawke
Sandro Hawke is a Software Developer and Systems Architect at W3C and MIT's Decentralized Information Group. He leads the W3C's eGovernment activity and is staff contact for the RIF (rules), OWL (ontologies), and SPARQL (RDF Query) Working Groups. A member of the W3C Semantic Web technical staff since 2000, Sandro's professional focus is on developing global-scale decentralized systems using ideas from both Web Architecture and Knowledge Representation. He occasionally blogs at decentralyze.com.

3:55 - 4:00
Thank You & Intro to NoSQL Lab
4:00 - 5:30


Room/Time John Hancock George Washington Eli Whitney TBD TBD Atrium
4:05 - 4:25 MongoDB Hypertable neo4j Riak Memcached Recruiting
4:30 - 4:50 CouchDB Voldemort HypergraphDB HBase Cassandra Recruiting
4:50 - 5:30 Hacking Hacking Hacking Hacking Hacking Recruiting
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When & Where

John Hancock Hotel & Conference Center
40 Trinity Place
Boston, 02116

Thursday, March 11, 2010 from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM (EST)

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