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New Media Film Festival (2nd Annual) May 20 & 21, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011 at 6:00 PM - Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 1:00 AM (PDT)

New Media Film Festival (2nd Annual) May 20 & 21, 2011

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New Media Film Festival 2nd Annual Fri. May 20 & Sat. 21 st
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Event Details

new media film festival honoring stories worth telling

2nd Annual New Media Film Festival

at Los Angeles Film School 6363 Sunset Blvd LA CA

May 20 - 21, 2011

Friday May 20th-Main Theatre

Red Carpet Begins at 6:00PM

7:00PM - 3D Opening Night Films Presented by

PGA New Media Council & International 3D Society &

                                   new media film festival logo

Q & A with the Artists and Directors will take place after all of the below have screened.

1) Guard Dog Global Jam - LOS ANGELES PREMIERE

2011 | USA | 5:05| Dir. Bill Plympton

75 artists from different countries came together to make Bill Plympton's Guard Dog Global Jam a reality. The result is a unique collection of styles that flow together to re-tell the story of the over-protective Guard Dog as he tries to guide his owner to safety on their walk outside. 

Q & A w/ artists Grey Wears, Perry Chen, Una Marzorati, Jessica Bayliss, Linda Lee, Ansar Sattar & Larry Loc..

2) The Music Peace  - LOS ANGELES PREMIERE

2011 | USA | Artwork | Painter, Miles Regis; Co-Creator, Brian Quandt

Bringing another dimension to the art experience.

Q & A w/ Brian Quandt

3) Staycation USA 3D - WORLD PREMIERE

2011 | USA | 4:37| Dir. Ned Wiseman

The first in a series of programs that will use the magic of 3D time-lapse photography to reveal the beauty of the USA like it has never been seen before.

Q&A w/ Dir. Ned Wiseman

4) The Physics of Surfing 3D

2010 | USA | 26:00 | Dir. Greg Passmore

Explore the science of ocean waves and learn about surfing's deep influence on culture while following professional surfers Julie Cox and Kyla Langen as they surf locations around the world-- including Hawaii's breathtaking North Shore and California's greatest surf spots. (winner Sony 3D Competition)

5) Waiting for the End

2011 | USA | 3:55 | Dir. Greg Passmore

Linkin Park World Premiere of "Waiting for the End" is off of the album A Thousand Suns, World Tour 2011.


2011 | USA | 4:00 | Dir. Chris Young

Balthazar Getty, KO The Legend and Scott Thomas star in I dream a stereoscopic 3D green screen music video. 

Q & A w/ Dir. Chris Young

7) Safety Last!

1923 and 2010 | USA | 4:00 | Dir. Fred C. Newmeyer & Sam Taylor

A colorized and converted to 3D short from Legend 3D of "Safety Last! ", starring Harold Lloyd, in which Lloyd dangles several stories high from a giant clock.

8) Flatland: Search for the Third Dimension - 3D

2011 | USA | 11:00 | Director Jeffrey Travis

See a preview of Flatland: The movie remastered in 3D.  Based on Edwin Abott's book "Flatland", this is an animated film about geometric characters living in a two-dimensional world.

Q &A w/ Executive Producer Rick Gordon

9) Tema - NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE - Cannes Selection

2009 | USA | 1:05 | Dir. James Stewart

The world's first 3D PSA.  It calls attention to the acute trauma encountered by emergency service workers.  These courageous and compassionate individuals are haunted by the scenes they encounter on a regular basis, and they need our help.

10) Cosmic Journey-WORLD PREMIERE in 3D

2011| USA | 4:00 | Dir. Jonathan Kitzen

Hubble Telescope and Cassani photographs moving in 3D.

Q & A of Artists & Filmmakers hosted by:

Charlotte Huggins (Journey To The Center of the Earth), Alison Savitch (Bangkok Dangerous), and Jeanette DePatie

Saturday May 21st

www9:30AM Webseries SuperStar Creators

See their Content, Hear their journey, Learn how to get their success & more.

1) Exposed #5 with Annoying Orange

Creator Dane Boe, whose web series The Annoying Orange was just picked up for TV

2) Mario

YouTube star and Guitar Hero star Freddie Wong wil present "Mario 2D"

3) Bea Wildered

Moderator / USC Adjunct Prof. in Webisode Production Frank Chindamo will present Planet Green TV/Web series "Bea Wildered."

John Frank Rosenblum, of Epic Entertainment, is a producer on webseries Bite Me, Alive, Earth Force 5, Adventure Coach and the upcoming series Space Guys in Space will be joining the Q & A.

Immediately following is our Webisode/Webseries Program



2011 | Canada | 11:40 | Dir. Ryan Atimoyoo

A young woman wakes up with memories of the future and control over sound waves. She is guided by a hologram in her quest to remember the future and save our present.


2010 | USA | 2:22 | Dir. Michael Field

Seek. Solve. Survive. The Puzzle Maker’s Son tells the story of David Harding and his search for the truth behind his father’s death and uncovering family secrets in the process.


2010 | New Zealand | 2:30 | Dir. Peter Haynes

An action packed puppet themed webseries from New Zealand.

2011 | USA | 6:30 | Dir. Brian Rolling & Al Thompson

A man and his young daughter are on the run from the clandestine shadow program that bestowed them with psychokinetic abilities.  They must avoid the program at all costs or be hunted down and used as living weapons.

Q & A with Al Thompson.

 11:00AM New Media Panel 

Experts discuss the Who, What & Why of New Media

How has the paradigm shift to digital effected content creation? Who are the ultimate winners? Studios, Consumers, FilmMakers? Whats next? Whats Social Television?

  • J. Todd Harris Oscar-nominated Executive Producer (The Kids Are Alright) he is the CEO/founder of Branded Pictures Entertainment., and has produced over 37 films.
  • Barry Goldberg 2-time Grammy nominated producer (Fleetwood Mac, Marilyn Manson,  Ricky Lee Jones & Smashing Pumpkins) will join us!
  • Xaque Gruber slamdance winning writer (of the film Handjobs) and TV producer will join us!
  • Doug Leighton from Panasonic 3D Recipient of 2 Technical Emmys
  • Stephen Israel (Swimming with Sharks, TheSpot (first Webisode 1995)
  • Moderated by Logan Mulvey, CEO Award Winning GoDigital Distribution

12:00 PM Apps, Digital Comics & Animation

The Digital Comics will be interviewed by Michael Lent, a writer who has been a featured columnist for Creative Screenwriting Magazine.  His work also appears in the French film periodical Tournages, as well as in Screenstyle, Marvel graphic novel Prey: Origin of Species


1) Doddle Pro

2011 | USA | Richard Kwiat

The Industry's first mobile International Production Guide with Digital Interactive Call Sheets featuring rich contacts.

Q & A w/ Richard Kwiat

2) When Santa Got Sick

2011 | USA | Kathy Perkins

A warm, magical tale of how Santa's Elves have to make an alternative plan when he gets sick Christmas Eve.  Told in verse, it appeals to both young and old.

3) Color Connect
2011 | USA | Paul Benjamin

Social updates for people on the go!  Shareyour FB and Twitter status visually just by shaking your phone.  Color Connect donates a portion of profits to charity.

Q & A w/ the Apps Creators and Nicole Lundeen


1) Madam Samurai - WORLD PREMIERE

2010 | USA | 86 pages - writer Harry Brown

Madam Samurai is a two volume graphic novel that tells the story of a female samurai warrior who travels from feudal Japan to Victorian London on a mission.

2) ORG Operations Hunter Vol. 1 - WORLD PREMIERE

2011 | USA | 16 pages | Writer Pablo Digenio

The ORG has received intel regarding the location of a mine of the precious mineral Ergonite- the only problem is, they must question the Wastelander Warthog for the information - he is anything but cooperative.

1) Homeless Conductor- WORLD PREMIERE

2010 | Taiwan | 3:10 | Dir. Donny Chiang

A homeless man who used to be a great conductor of a famous orchestra band lies in a corner of a cold and silent city. One night, he tries to fight against this loneliness and he picked up the old baton, he takes a deep breath and starts to move the baton again, and suddenly, a miracle happens...

2) Surviving Hunger

2010 | USA | 2:30 | Dir. Balgum Song

A desert-like landscape where there is just sand and dry air with no food, who will survive?  

3) Tempo: A Sound Story - WORLD PREMIERE

2010 | Mexico | 3:00 | Dir. Eduardo Ramirez Montiel

Is a story about a Hologram Musician that can't concentrate this night ,'Tempo ' is missing his girlfriend, she is unreachable , he is experiencing this moments in life , where any kind of artist needs to face the frustration , when creativity is not work and there is no inspiration ,but if you keep trying something good will happen.

Q & A with director Greg Berridge.


2011 | South Africa | 2:51 | Dir. Friedl Jooste

A curious, little fish swims upsteam looking for something to nibble.  Then he comes across a bright pink worm on a big, sharp, shiny hook and it threatens his world and his sanity.

Q & A w/ Greg Berridge

  1:00 PM Documentary Feature Screening

Q & A with Expert Game Creator Lorne Lanning, Director Spencer Halpin and Producer Ramy Katrib

1) Spencer Halpins' Moral Kombat

2009 | USA | 82min | Dir.Spencer Halpin

Moral Kombat takes a look into the controversial subject of violence in video games and examines the conflict between the game developers rights to create and its potential impact on children.

Video game creator Lorne Lanning (Oddworld Series including Oddworld: ABE’S ODDYSEE), and director/filmmaker Spencer Halpin of the controversial violence in videogaming documentary Spencer Halpin's Moral Kombat, will be joining founder/director Susan Johnston for the 2nd Annual New Media Film Festival, to be held May 20-21, 2011. Showcasing the best in new media and featuring award-nominated and winning filmmakers, the New Media Film Festival is dedicated to the creation, development, and distribution of new media content in all forms and across all platforms.

With a decision forthcoming from The Supreme Court of the United States (Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association), SPENCER HALPIN’S MORAL KOMBAT is a timely and polarizing look at video games, containing interviews with experts on both sides of the matter, some believing that violent games should be banned, others supporting their protection under the First Amendment. With the help of Ramy Katrib of Digital Film Tree LLC, Spencer Halpin shot the film entirely in high-definition video, making extensive use of green screen technology to blend the subject matter being discussed (games, characters, archival news footage) in the background, while keeping the interviewee actively in the shot. Game and content creator Lorne Lanning had served on the Board of Directors of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. He was the co-founder of Oddworld Inhabitants, which has sold over 6 million games and won more than 100 industry awards, and, most recently, he co-founded new company OddMobb, Inc. based in Emeryville, CA.

Q & A: Joshua Stecker, West Coast Editor of Script magazine-a Final Draft, Inc. publication will talk with Spence Halpin and Lorne Lanning to discuss their work, as well as its relation to violence in video games, which has become especially pertinent in recent years due to the Supreme Court's pending decision.

This is the first feature length documentary to be shot entirely on HD.

3:00PM New Media Panel 

Experts discuss Distribution, Social Media and Incremental Monetization        This panel will focus on new avenues to monetize content, new platforms that are being launched to interact and monetize on a global scale. Examples of new and developing ways to get your content made, sold and seen. The convergence of TV to Web and Social Media for the people creating New Media today.

  • Paul Wagner: Emmy Winning CEO/Co-Founder of GabCast.TV (a partnership with the legendary Fred Silverman)
  • Stephanie Piche, CEO - EP Mingle Media TV Network & The Biz of Webseries
  • Mike Rubsamen, Dir. of Digital Distrubition
  • Moderated by Susan Johnston, CEO Award Winning Select Services Films

 mobilelgbt4:15PM Shorts, Mobile, LGBT


1) Sweet Sweet Baby

2010 | USA | 10:00 | Dir. Susan Hunt

A love story about falling and never getting up again.

2) Delivery - WORLD PREMIERE

      2010 | USA | 3:08 | Dir. Rui Kyo

Three unusual strangers must deliver a mysterious package.  Featuring excerpts from Poe's poem "Dream-Land" in Japanese, English, and Spanish.  Shot in a single night in Downtown Los Angeles using only available light.

Q&A with Jason Milligan

3) Atheetham - NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE - Cannes 2011 Selection
2011 | India | 8:30 | Dir. Jayesh S. Pillai

A researcher exploring Virtual Reality realizes how it could affect our mind beyond imagination.



2010 | USA |4:16| Dir.Allan Piper

A couple on a blind date discovers the hazards of inappropriate texting

2) The Sun Is Down

2011 | USA | 2:00 | Dir. Jason Whiton

In this experimental short for his award-winning remix for Yoko Ono, Jason Whiton celebrates the Japanese meaning of Yoko's name, ocean child, with images of sea animals dancing and moving through their secret garden.

Q&A with Director Jason Whiton


1) McCracken Live!

2011 | USA | 8:40 | Dir. Andrew Moorman

A zany and irreverent comedy about the behind the scenes antics of the most disastrous DIY show. Carol Ann McCracken and her band of misfits are burning down the house and heating up kitchens across America. Renovating your life can be a real drag, especially when you do it all wearing 6” heels!

Q&A with Dir. Andrew Moorman and Star of the show, Brian Beacock

2) What Kind of Planet Are We On?

2010 | USA | 4:00 | Dir. Varda Hardy

An Alien applies for social security survivor benefits and qualifies. But as it turns out, things are not what it seems leaving her wondering, "what kind of planet are we on?”

Q&A with Dir. Varda Hardy

3) Cocktails -- WORLD PREMIERE

2011 | USA | 2:00 | Dir. Ron Merk

A slick, stylish, sexy look at nightlife in San Francisco.

Q&A with Actor Michael Vega & Actress Skyler Cooper.


2011 | USA | 10:00 | Dir. Jason Knade

Cyclicity is a girl meets girl love story that explores philosophical themes and contemporary romance while showing the life of a relationship, from beginning to end, from the first hopeful spark of attraction to the painful final goodbyes.

Q & A w. Dir. Jason Knade

2011| ITALY | 6:24 | Dir. Lara Celenza

D/eutschland. I/nspiration. V/irtuality. A/ntje Palka.

Q & A w/ Dir. Lara Celenza

Q & A - The Filmmakers will be Interviewed by William Marshall of SAG New Media


5:45PM Shot on RED, Music Videos,  & SRC-Socially Responsible Content


1) Redux

2011 | USA | 29:46 | Dir. Sean Moro

A mystical force allows a down on his luck business man to relive the night he was murdered in order to fulfill his destiny and save someone else's life.                                                                     

Q & A w/ Dir. Sean Moro

2) Action Figures- World Premiere
2011 | USA | 5:09 | Dir. Marty Cohen

A family-run toy company laden with an unusual love triangle sturggles to stay revelvant in this comedy that also uses stop comedy animation.

Q & A w/ Dir. Marty Cohen

3) Against the Wall

2010 | USA | 10:00 | Dir. David Capurso

In a futuristic city, a couple explores a park in an old industrial area. They arrive upon a building that's been abandoned for decades, eager to discover what's inside...                                              

Q & A w/ Dir. David Capurso & Prod. Jeff Haber

Q & A Hosted by Melodie Shaw, Lead Organizer, Writers Guild of America, West


1) Be The One

2011 | USA | 3:40 | Dir. Olivier Chatard

An esoteric mashup of Moby.

2) Down in the Sand- WORLD PREMIERE
2011 | USA | 3:51 | Dir. Christian Laursen

West Coast Country artist, Brandon James, makes his country debut splash with a "beach party" inspired music video for his first single, "Down In The Sand (with me)". Filmed at the world famouns Santa Monica Pier & Beach, have a rockin' good time & take a seat down in the sand.                     

Q & A w/ Artist Brandon James


2011 | USA | 5:26 | Dir. Niko Necoechea

In Young Clipp's "So High" music video we are taken on a journey from the studio to the streets.  Clipp is in the booth working the hook of the song when producer James Barber, adds a new sample that propels him into a dreamlike state.  The ironic thing about the title of the song is it's not about getting high on anything but pure creativity.                                                                             

Q & A w/ Dir. Niko Necoechea


1) The Drop

2010 | USA | 7:00 | Dir. Marvelyne Engel

A young man works hard to reclaim his life. Before he can return to the outside world he must first complete "The Drop." 

Q & A w/ Dir. Marvelyne Engel

2010 | USA | 1:00 | Dir. John P. M. Higgins

Winner of 7 Day PSA Contest

3) Alex Presents Commando

2011 | USA | 3:19 | Dir. Bobbie Wang

4) My Hero Report II

2010 | 5 minutes  |  Short  |  USA / Sierra Leone  |  By Mohamed Sidibay

Former child soldier sharing his past, present and exciting future.

7:30 PM Closing Night Program

1) Sleeping With Frank

2011 | USA | 4:35 | Dir.Lily Baldwin

Sleeping With Frank shows a slice of a morning in Queens, NY. A couple readies for the day. Wake-up, get dressed, eat breakfast. The tableaux are familiar: cozy, rote, intimate and distant. Dance and choreographed gestures reveal a potent underbelly to the lacquer of such domestic normalcy. Q & A w/ Dir. Lily Baldwin

2) Yannick Sire - WORLD PREMIERE

2011 | USA | 5:33 | Dir. Oli & Joe and Olivier Chatard

A short film about French born, Los Angeles based artist Yannick Sire of Sire Custom Performance. Cannes 2011 selection 

Q & A w. Dir. Olivier Chatard  


2011 | USA | 25:00 | Dir. Jay Kamen

Sid Rosenthal an ex-Hollywood screenwriter, now a studio censor. When his latest screenwriting disappointment proves to be too much, he snaps, and takes a new approach to life and his career.

Cast: Jason Alexander, Valarie Pettiford, Kathy Najimy, Sally Kirkland, James Avery, Jillian Armenante, Jesse Burch, Jack Rapke, Sean Patrick Flaherty, Jameson Moss, Amy Pascal, Joe Roth, Stuart Confeld, Sid Ganis, and Amy Heckerling

Awards Ceremony immediately following the above

Awards will be handed out by multiple Award Winning Actress (Golden Globe, Independent Spirit Award, LA Critics Winner and Oscar Nom) Sally Kirkland, Golden Globe Winner John Saxon and Silver Spoons Mom and Buck Rogers and the 25th Century Erin Gray in this fast paced, fun, ceremony for the category winners & Grand Prize Winner of the 2nd Annual New Media Film Festival!

COZY THEATRE (limited seating)


2011| Germany | 45:00 | Dir. Marco J. Riedl

A quirk of fate leads Luke Hallow to risk violating his parole and losing his newly won freedom. He has to save the life of his nine-year-old daughter, Noel, who urgently needs a donor heart. Only a miracle keeps him from losing everything forever.

2) Can 1 Make A Difference

2011 | USA | 25:00 | Dir. Ian Cranston

This is the story of the shelter dog and people who find them a home. 

 3) Food Fight

2011| USA | 71:00 | Dir. Chris Taylor

When we walk into a supermarket, we assume we have the widest possible choice of healthy foods.  But in fact, over the course of the 20th century, our food system has been co-operated by corporate forces whose interest does not lie in providing the public with fresh, healthy, and sustainably-produced food.  Fortunately, for America, an alternative emerged from the counter culture of California in the late 1960's and early 1970's, where a group of political, anti-corporate protesters - led by Alice Waters - voiced dissent by creating a food chain outside of the conventional system.  The unintended result was a birth of a vital-local-sustainable-organic food movement, which has brought back taste and varitey to our tables.  FOOD FIGHT is a fascinating look at how American Agriculture policy and food culture developed in the 20th century, and how the California food movement has created a counter revolution against big agribusiness.

Q & A with producer Alan Siegel (November Films) after the screening.

Please join us for

FREE Networking in the Lobby-Sponsored by PopChips

FREE New Media Marketing Table-Place One-Take One (postcard/business card)

FREE Art on Wall Screenings-New Media entries that will be screened in the Networking Lobby on a continuous loop throughout the festival.

Enjoy the stunning visuals (see titles and info below) in this International Art On Wall Exhibit that will have a category winner!

1) The Path: Fall of the Pemberton Mill LOS ANGELES PREMIERE

2010 | USA | 22:00 | Directors Daniel Koff & Nick Vandenberg

A disaster of epic proportions that occurred in Lawrence 150 years ago. Minutes before closing on January 10, 1860, the Pemberton Mill collapsed with 600 workers inside, marking a turning point in the City's young history. View the Path videos and see how this event affected both the people and the City of Lawrence forever

Q&A w/ Directors Daniel Koff & Nick Vandenberg

2) Empty Like The Vessel - NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE

2011 | Germany | 9:10 | Dir.Min Eui Hong

A movement between tranquility. The culture of Eastern Asia is interpreted in digital expression through immersed Media and sound. A purpose of vessel put in something and it should be emptied itself. But if it is already filled by something, it is not worth any more.

3) Sunset to Sunset – WORLD PREMIERE

2010| USA | 3:00 | Dir. Kent Hayward

In a city known for its love of cars, one pedestrian with a Super 8 camera walks across Los Angeles, coming face to face with the metropolis instead of watching it blur by through a windshield.

Q & A with director Kent Hayward.

4) Goofy Tunes: Poetry Videos – WORLD PREMIERE

2011| USA | 22:00 | Dir. Robert Kirschten

Consists of performed comic poems accompanying a video track reflecting the content of each poem. The first six poems are spoken by cartoon characters, eg., Bogey Bear, each of whom speaks from the philosophy of an historic, religious mystic. Bogey Bear is St. John of the Cross. Another segment, 'Getting Rid of Your Bubble Gum,' is not about gum. It is about getting rid of any obstacle that prevents a writer from writing.

5) MAYa_Takers
2011| USA | 4:24 | Dir. Sebastian Mlynarski

Through a series of macro close ups of shiny and wet textures we enter into the liquid state of mind drowning in excess.  The protagonist is alone, inundated in his narcissism he performs esoteric protocols.  The abundance of beauty and shimmering liquid eventually immerses him in overdose of self gratification. 

6) Monolith
2011| USA | 4:23 | Dir. Calli Higgins

At a warm household on a riverside cliff, a woman waits.  Her man returns home infuriated and attacks her.  She escapes and he chases her along the cliff side until she falls into the water.  He stalks her through the water until she finally manages to fight back. Soars, a band from the Lehigh Valley, PA provides the song "Monolith" as the soundtrack. 

7) Power
2011| USA | 5:30 | Dir. Chris Flach

Power is a short music video about the power of women.


2010 | USA | 3:00 | Dir.Peter Hriso

Sunset is an experiment with sound and motion. There are no messages or hidden agendas, other than to reveal the discoveries made during the director’s investigations.

Q & A with director Peter Hriso.



Registration information, complete agenda and additional details are available at

Have questions about New Media Film Festival (2nd Annual) May 20 & 21, 2011 ? Contact

When & Where

Los Angeles Film School
6363 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Friday, May 20, 2011 at 6:00 PM - Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 1:00 AM (PDT)

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Based in Los Angeles, the New Media Film Festival (NMFF) celebrates the ever-changing world of new media. Declared "worth the entry fee" by MovieMaker Magazine and hailed for making "the cutting edge accessible" by Huffington Post, NMFF accepts new media entries across a variety of categories. The jury includes reps from Marvel, Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, among others. A total of $45K USD in awards will be presented at the 2016 festival, June 7, 8 & 9th 2016.  Join filmmakers from around the world, hear industry leaders, and network with distributors and investors...submit today! 

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New Media Film Festival (2nd Annual) May 20 & 21, 2011
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