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Mysteries of Space & Sky UFO Con ~ 2012

Virginia Chapter ~ Mutual UFO Network

Saturday, October 27, 2012 from 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM (EDT)

Mysteries of Space & Sky UFO Con ~ 2012

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Sales End Price Fee Quantity
EARLY BIRD DAY & NIGHT Registration ~ Sign-Up thru OCT 20th ~ Program 9:30AM to 8:30PM
ALL 8 Presentations ~ Buffet LUNCH ~ CASHBAR Happy Hour ~ Buffet DINNER with the Speakers Plus a Musical Presentation
Ended $70.00 $0.00
EARLY BIRD DAY Registration ~ Sign-Up thru OCT 20th ~ Program 9:30AM to 6:00PM
7 Speakers ~ Includes FREE Buffet LUNCH ~ CASHBAR Happy Hour
Ended $43.00 $0.00
STANDARD DAY & NIGHT Registration ~ Sign-Up thru OCT 24th ~ Program 9:30AM to 8:30PM
ALL 8 Presentations ~ Buffet LUNCH ~ CASHBAR Happy Hour ~ Buffet DINNER with the Speakers Plus a Musical Presentation
Ended $73.00 $0.00
STANDARD DAY Registration ~ Sign-Up thru OCT 24th ~ Program 9:30AM to 6:00PM
7 Speakers ~ Includes FREE Buffet LUNCH ~ CASHBAR Happy Hour
Ended $45.00 $0.00
NIGHT Registration ONLY ~ Dinner Program ~ SALES END OCT 24th !
6:00PM CASHBAR Happy Hour ~ BUFFET DINNER with the Speakers ~ The UFO Experience through Music (New Material)
Ended $30.00 $0.00
LATE BIRD DAY Registration (After Midnight Oct 24th) ~ LUNCH NOT GUARANTEED! Better chance for lunch than Paying-at-the-Door, though.
Ended $45.00 $0.00
We have overhead to pay on each transaction and it makes it tough when it's less than 10 bucks. Thanks!

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Event Details


Mysteries of Space & Sky UFO Conference!
Saturday, Oct 27th, 2012

Dr. Peter Resta's One-Day UFO Seminar!

9th Annual Mysteries Seminar ~ Saturday 9:30AM to 8:30PM
Continuing a 15-Yr Plus Tradition of a Fall UFO Con in Maryland!

We Dedicate the 2012 Mysteries of Space & Sky Conference to the
Late Neil Armstrong, a Space Pioneer.

Ramada Inn Hotel Near BWI (Balt-Wash Int'l Airport)
7253 Parkway Dr. / Hanover, MD ~ 410-712-4300

Call Hotel for Discount Rate of $89.95 + tax ~ Just Say "UFO Group." Some rooms are available with refrigerators UPON REQUEST. Book early if you need a fridge. Rooms are set aside, but will be released Oct 15th, so BOOK NOW so you have the option of staying at the hotel. The Hotel has assured me that they will honor our discount room price until the event, as long as there are rooms available.

FREE Hotel SHUTTLE from BWI Airport or BWI Amtrak Station. Light Rail from Baltimore also feeds into this station.
The HOTEL is very accessible and there's little walking and no stairs between the parking lot and the function rooms. Good for people with mobility issues.

DRIVING: Ample FREE parking. Easy to find, right off the intersection of 295 (Balt-Wash Pkwy) & Route 100. You don't have to get wound up with the confusion of actually navigating the airport as it is outside the airport. Though the hotel is visible from these major roads, print out a map, or GPS it, as it is a bit tricky winding your way back in. As you cross the railroad tracks, go slow or you may lose a muffler! Ample FREE Parking!

AMTRAK or LIGHT RAIL: AMTRAK & Light Rail Train Station is at BWI and there is a FREE Hotel Shuttle from the Train Station itself. Call the HOTEL on your cell phone just before you arrive for FREE Shuttle. 410-712-4300

FLYING: Southwest flies to BWI ~ Good air fares. There is a FREE Hotel Shuttle from the Terminal. Call the HOTEL on your cell phone
when you arrive for FREE Shuttle. 410-712-4300

FREE Hotel Shuttle not only takes you TO/FROM the Airport or Train Terminal, the FREE SHUTTLE will take you a mile or two TO/FROM Arundel Mills Mall featuring the third-largest casino in the country, LIVE!, that just opened this summer. Also at the Mall is the gigantic Medieval Times Castle with Medieval jousts, feasts and horse shows nightly. The cavernous Dave & Busters is also there with diversions such as bowling, flight simulators, every arcade game imaginable and of course a restaurant/bar as well. No need to drive; Be safe and take the shuttle. Make a weekend of it and take it all in Friday night or Sunday.

Arundel Mills Attractions

$73.00 Includes ENTIRE Program 9:30AM to 8:30PM,
Happy Hour & DINNER BANQUET With the Speakers with a Musical Interlude!

$45.00 Covers the DAY Program 9:30AM to 6:45PM,
Includes 7 SPEAKERS With Buffet LUNCH
& CASHBAR Happy Hour!

$30.00 Covers the DINNER Program
6:00PM to 8:30PM, Includes CASHBAR Happy Hour,
DINNER BANQUET With the Speakers! followed by a Musical Interlude with Sue Swiatek (new material).




9:30AM — 8:30PM, 8 Presentations
9:45 ~ Dr. S. Peter Resta > Welcome & Keynote
10:15 ~ Rob Swiatek > Trends in UFO Case Data: The Best of Recent Cases
11:00 ~ Sue Swiatek > World Scientists Consider UFO Scenarios: What Can We Learn?
11:45 — 1:00 ~ LUNCH BREAK
1:00 ~ Antonio Paris > Black Triangle Incident Results in Men-in-Black Harassment: Real or Hoax?
2:15 ~ Mack Maloney > UFOs in Wartime: What They Didn't Want You to Know
3:30 — 3:45 ~ BREAK
3:45 ~ James B > A Police Officer Recalls the Summer of 1975 UFO Wave
4:45 ~ Scott & Suzanne Ramsey > The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon
7:45 ~ Sue Swiatek > Musical Interlude with UFO Songs (New Material)


Dr. S. Peter Resta

Dr. S. Peter Resta

Welcome and Keynote

Dr. Resta has had a lifelong fascination with UFOs and psychology. His psychological studies culminated in his earning a PhD, enabling him to maintain a clinical counseling practice as well as a teaching career at several institutions of higher learning in the state of Maryland. His two passions have come together, as he has been able to hold numerous one-day UFO seminar classes at various community colleges, as well as develop an advanced psychology course at UMBC (University of Maryland at Baltimore County) on critical thinking and the paranormal. Whether it's the Pasgagoula, Mississippi abduction case, the Coyne helicopter case, or the latest mass sighting, Dr. Resta continues to argue that psychological theories simply cannot explain away the best cases. Come hear his latest insights.


Scott & Suzanne Ramsey

The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon

Authors and researchers, Scott and Suzanne Ramsey were brought together by the Aztec Incident and went on to write their fascinating book, The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon. Scott started his quest in the 1980's, initially believing he would be able to prove the incident either fact or fiction within six months. Now, almost 25 years later, the couple presents to the public their findings about the 1948 disc recovery. Since their marriage the Ramseys have traveled to 26 states, gathering documentation, interviewing witnesses and searching archives for secrets relating to Aztec. Scott's 30 years in the electrical magnetic industry and Suzanne's background in media have led them to explore areas previously unseen, including 55,000+ related documents. The entire focus of their research has been dedicated to documenting history using facts. What they prove in this book changes history. The "Aztec Incident" has been the subject of television documentaries in Germany, Japan, the US (History Channel) and Canada. It has been the subject of a full-length feature documentary by International Journalist Jaime' Maussan. Check their book out here.

Scott & Suzanne Ramsey

Aztec Incident Book

Mack Maloney

UFOs in Wartime Book

>Sky Club CD

Mack Maloney

UFOs in Wartime: What They Didn't Want You To Know

Mack Maloney grew up in the Dorchester area of Boston. His father was a World War II veteran and avid reader of military books. As a child, Mack began reading these books too, along with UFO books and publications. Mack received a BS in journalism and a graduate degree in filmmaking from Emerson College. He was a sports reporter for 2 years before becoming a publicist for General Electric Company. Mack started writing books in 1984, and has been at it full-time since 1987, penning more than 40 titles, mostly in the area of military fiction. UFOs in Wartime: What They Didn't Want You To Know, (Penguin Books), is Mack's first non-fiction book in 20 years. It examines approximately 70 incidents of military encounters with UFOs from 1909 to 1998, the majority of witnesses being U.S. Air Force & Navy pilots in the midst of combat. Many UFO debunkers, as well as the U.S. military, claim that UFO sightings are almost always misidentified aerial phenomena or the result of hoaxes. But Mack contends highly trained combat pilots would recognize aerial phenomena when they saw it, and they would not perpetrate a hoax while in the middle of battle; furthermore UFO sightings spike in times of war or when the world is preparing to go to war. Mack interviewed UFO researchers, members of the U.S. military & intelligence communities and took 3 years to compile his research. He says the results prove the U.S. government knows more about UFOs than it's letting on. "In 1948, the Air Force's own investigators concluded UFOs were real," Mack says. "But the Pentagon immediately ordered them to rewrite their conclusions. A few months later, these same investigators began to debunk all UFO sightings. That's when the cover-up started. That cover-up still exists today." Check out an interview of him here. Mack is also an accomplished musician (synthesizer), releasing a CD with his band Sky Club in 2010. Not surprisingly for author Maloney, the CD tells a story, like the concept albums of yesteryear: A marooned space mariner, heartsick on an unknown planet, listens to music on his iPod to keep sane and hopeful for another day. The haunting treatment of both original and cover songs will keep you guessing; at both the plight of the spaceman as well as what genre Sky Club fits into. Members of the ensemble have played with Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, Don Henley, Billy Joel, and Robert Palmer, among others.


James B.

A Police Officer Recalls the
Summer of 1975 UFO Wave

James is a retired Virginia Beach Master Police Officer and holds a bachelors degree in criminal justice. In July of 1975, he and a fellow officer witnessed five sphere-shaped UFOs in flight over Virginia Beach, Virginia. These UFOs were being chased by four US military jet aircraft. This sighting was later found to be only one of many in a wave of UFO events in the area and throughout the nation that summer. Days after that initial sighting, another duo of local police officers witnessed the same type of UFOs. During this "UFO wave" hundreds of residents in Virginia Beach were simultaneously calling the police to report their sightings. All the while, mysterious Men-In-Black made their appearance. Fraudulently posing as Center for UFO Studies investigators, the MIB made it clear "someone" was keeping a very watchful eye on Virginia Beach. During his lecture, James B. will recount his UFO sighting and bring a riveting chapter in local UFO history to life.

James B

Antonio Paris

Antonio Paris

Black Triangle Incident Results in Men-in-Black Harassment: Real or Hoax?

Antonio, the founder and Director of the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations Team, is a former US Army Counterintelligence Officer and Department of Defense Counterintelligence Special Agent. In those two capacities, he conducted and supported national security investigations concerning Department of Defense personnel who were suspected of espionage on behalf of a foreign power or terrorist organization. Antonio also served as the Department’s specialized investigative resource to resolve suspected espionage cases wherein the subject’s identity and service affiliation were not clearly established (cold case squad). He was awarded a Bronze Star for combat operations in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Antonio resides in Annapolis, MD and works as a Future Technology Consultant for an array of US Government clients in the Washington, DC area. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from The City University of New York, and is currently completing a Master’s of Science in Space Studies (Planetary Science) from the American Public University. He is a licensed scuba instructor and enjoys rock climbing, sailing, hiking, camping, astronomy, and classic movies. Antonio, moreover, is a Field Investigator for MUFON and has been researching and investigating the UFO phenomenon for over 10 years.


Susan Swiatek

World Scientists Consider UFO Scenarios:
What Can We Learn?

Susan was born in Washington, DC, yet grew up near Denver, Colorado. Since 1970 she is (again) living near the nation's capital, in Fairfax, Virginia. She is State Director for VA MUFON and is active with the Fund for UFO Research, Inc. (FUFOR). Susan's early years were spent in the Rockies gazing up at the star-filled sky and contemplating the Milky Way. As a child, she read such phenomena based books as Charles Fort's Book of the Damned and Mysterious Fires and Lights by Vincent Gaddis. In 1966, when Betty and Barney Hill's Interrupted Journey exploded onto the pages of LOOK Magazine, she was hooked on the UFO and abduction mysteries. Susan was greatly influenced by the writings of researchers Budd Hopkins and Dr. David Jacobs, both of whom became friends. Susan holds a BFA degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore and works in the publishing field. Susan hosted the 1999 MUFON Int'l Symposium just outside Washington, DC and has lectured widely. Her artwork appears in many books such as Ron Story's Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia and Richard Hall's The UFO Evidence-Part II. She has created many publication covers for FUFOR & the UFO Research Coalition.

Susan Swiatek

Robert Swiatek

Robert Swiatek

Trends in UFO Case Data: The Best of Recent Cases

Robert has had a curiosity about space, aeronautics and UFOs all his life. From launching rockets as a boy to working as an intern at NASA during college, Robert has only continued to increase his knowledge of conventional space vehicles as well as unconventional UFOs. His degrees in physics and earth science paved the way for a career at the US Patent Office where he is a Physics Examiner in Aerospace Technology. Robert has lectured at conferences throughout the US and contributed writing to numerous UFO projects and titles, especially for the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR). Robert is frequently seen turning up on the Discovery or History channels in various productions. His aggressive debating style on programs such as Larry King Live has won him accolades from many in the field. He has served as Secretary-Treasurer of both FUFOR (since 1986) and the UFO Research Coalition (URC) since 1997. Robert has been on the Board of MUFON since 2004.

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When & Where

Ramada Inn near BWI Airport
7253 Parkway Dr.
Hanover, MD 21076

Saturday, October 27, 2012 from 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM (EDT)

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Virginia Chapter ~ Mutual UFO Network

Virginia MUFON is the Virginia State Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network. MUFON is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes scientific investigation into the UFO phenomenon for the benefit of humanity. We are pleased to co-sponsor events with groups such as Maryland MUFON, Virginia Beach UFO Club and the DC-based Fund for UFO Research.

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Mysteries of Space & Sky UFO Con ~ 2012
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