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Muscle Building Workshop with Jared Rodriguez

Body Inspired Fitness

Weekly Event - Every Saturday: 8:30 AM to 9:20 AM (PDT)

Muscle Building Workshop with Jared Rodriguez

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Muscle Building Workshop with Jared Rodriguez

A special three part Saturday series



Jared has created a workshop to teach you his exact formula for safely, properly, and efficiently building muscle. The foundation of the program is not about increasing size - but rather building muscle - making this 50 minute workshop perfect for both guys and girls. He will educate the entire class on how to select the proper weight size to simply build muscle strength and power, as well as how to choose a weight size that will help build significant mass. So whether you are looking to maintain your current size and increase your strength, or whether you are interested in gaining mass - this unique workshop is perfect for you. Each Saturday will focus on a specific group of muscles. 


Muscle Building Workshop with JaredA NOTE FROM JARED

“The mission of my workshop is to teach you exactly where each muscle in the body is located, how it works, and when to work it. Once you have a detailed understanding about each muscle, that's when the FUN begins! When you know the specifics of a muscle, the goal is to properly attack it from as many directions, angles, intensities, and tempos as possible to achieve a fully developed look and advanced functionality. The difference between my workshop and anything else you've ever done is that you will walk away actually understanding how to do this for yourself in your own workouts. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to GO OUT AND GET YOUR RESULTS! We won't cut corners. It will not be easy. But it WILL be worth it.” 




Saturday, August 2 - Chest & Back

Saturday, August 9 - Legs, Calves, & Abs

Saturday, August 16 - Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps





Saturday, August 2 - Chest & Back You will learn how to perform supersets, which are key in any muscle building program. By supersetting chest and back, you are completing two sets (one of each muscle) without a break in between moves. This variety shocks the body into change due to the extended duration of your body's muscular challenge. The chest muscle (pectoralis major and minor) and back muscles (latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, and trees major/minor) are some of the body's major muscle groups which thrive when worked together in a superset. Here's why - chest exercises are pushing movements, while back exercises are pulling movements. The chest muscles are resting during the back exercise, and the lats (back) are resting during the chest movement. While each muscle is alternately resting and working, it stays fully flushed and pumped up. When the chest and upper back are pumped simultaneously, there is an indescribable feeling of growth stimulation and massiveness - resulting in making you stronger.

Saturday, August 9 - Legs, Calves, & Abs This Saturday is dedicated to the largest muscle group in the body. We will hit your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves with muscle-building supersets, drop sets, and unique angle changes - by performing 3 consecutive glute exercises, followed by 3 consecutive quad and hamstring exercises, all while also working your calves. WOW! My signature lower body combo creates TOTAL muscle confusion to ultimately build muscle and create dynamic lower body strength and power. You will also rock some of my favorite abdominal exercises.

Saturday, August 16 - Shoulders, Biceps, TricepsYou're going to need a good night's sleep before this workout. We're going to battle with supersets - double shoulder, double triceps, and double bicep. Repeat. Since the shoulder muscle is composed of 4 heads (anterior deltoid, lateral deltoid, posterior deltoid, and trapezius) the order in which we work them directly determines that areas ability to build. Lateral and anterior heads go first; mass builders. Then we shape with posterior and trapezius supersets. The triceps muscle, having three heads (lateral, medial, and long) will also respond to a specific order of work. First, we'll superset the long head - this is the biggest portion of the muscle and has the most residual impact in the arm, period. It has to go first. After that comes definition time. We shape the triceps with a lateral/medial head super set. Last but certainly not least is the bicep. Here is a muscle with 2 heads (biceps brachia and brachialis). Same rule. The order in which they are worked really does impact the muscles overall endurance and strength gaining ability. First, we'll build mass into the biceps brachia (inner bicep) then super set the brachialis (outer arm). Did you catch all that?



-5 Min Warm Up

-37 Mins of a non-stop muscle building workout

-8 min stretch

*If you desire a longer warm up please arrive before the start of class so you are plenty warm for this session. We also encourage you to stay a bit later and stretch on your own. If you park at a meter, please feed your meter accordingly.



$30 for a single Saturday workshop
$80 for all three Saturday workshops


This workshop is limited to 15 people. Do NOT wait to sign up as space is extremely limited.



Palisades Park - we meet on the grass at Ocean Ave & Palisades Ave in Santa Monica. Click HERE for map. Street and metered parking available. *Meters start at 9am.




Guys - Heavy weights 12lb - 20lb / Light weights 5lb-10lb

Ladies - Heavy weights 5lb - 10lb / Light weights 2lb - 5lb

Mat, small hand towel, water

Please be sun smart - load up on sunscreen and bring a hat.



To participate we require that you be injury free, and currently train at least 3 days per week - either by running, spinning, hiking, weight training, lifting, Pilates, yoga, etc. Ages 16+.  

Have questions about Muscle Building Workshop with Jared Rodriguez? Contact Body Inspired Fitness


Santa Monica Bluffs
Ocean Ave. & Palisades Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Weekly Event - Every Saturday: 8:30 AM to 9:20 AM (PDT)

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Muscle Building Workshop with Jared Rodriguez
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