"MainStreetChamber" & "Wine Share" bring you "Ceeegars and Wine Pairing!"

League City, TX

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Yep that's what I said, but remember I also said "Wine". Now don't get put off by the name of the place or the activity. Smart, Classy, Beautiful, Powerful Women smoke Cigars too!Just in case you have never partaken I'll give you my standard Cigar pitch.

Me: "You like to smoke Cigars?"

 Complete Stranger: "Uhmmm...No!"

 Me: "Wanna come hang out with some great highly intelligent people, philosophize, talk sports, fashion, be enlightened, pontificate, entertain, solve the world's woes, and have a ready made audience who believes you to be a genius?"

 Complete Stranger: "Lead on Guru...Lead on!"


Well maybe not exactly that way but the Cigar world is pretty amazing because it's about the people, the rituals, and the conversation...I mean let's face it, when's the last time you've seen an angry person leaving a cigar lounge? However IF you don't believe me I will give you a special TIP-O-THE DAY later in this invitation. Ok that's the Cigar pitch...

Now to the Wine...we are going to add a wine tasting/pairing to this event. Wine goes good with everything, especially Cigars! Our own Anh Nguyen is the wine part of the evening. Anh is with Byte Payment www.bytepayment.com . She also works with a networking organization that produces wine/networking events called Wine Share and you can find them at https://www.facebook.com/WineshareNetworking and locally at http://www.meetup.com/WineShare-Networking-Houston/ and she will be bringing Greg Mirka of the Gourmet Wine Shoppe. Greg is an official Somolliere (which means he is Really smart about wines!). Greg will have some of his wines for sale should you feel inclined that way.

So here is my special Tip-O-The Day...the extra added bonus. Now stay with me on this one....When you partake in Cigar smoking (mind you we do not inhale)...the process is as follows: 1) You place Cigar to your lips, and draw in the rich tasting smoke of your favorite Cuban or Honduran or Ecuadorian. 2) Hold it in your mouth breifly and 3) Exhale in an important and worldy sexy manner (interpretation is in the eye of the exhaler) 4) The very first pontification after the exhale that comes from your lips, is heard by those around you as pure Genius! Now I ask you who does not want to go be around a bunch of people who hang on your every word? Then we add wine to that experience and we a have a ready made mutual admiration society who's really really happy! Sounds like Eden to me!

So come hang with some of your MainStreetChamber friends and enjoy a Great Smoke, a glass or two of Great Wine and some Excellent People and Conversation! There is only one thing left to say.....Who's gonna join us?