Is “Fashion” Ready For Corporate Sponsorship?

Seattle, WA

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Lead Topic For July 17, 2013:

Is “Fashion” Ready For Corporate Sponsorship?


Join Us Wednesday Morning, 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Fremont Abbey Arts Center - The Fireside Room

4272 Fremont Avenue, North - Seattle, Washington 98103


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The fashion industry loves events.  Haute couture has runway shows in incredible cities, fashion trade centers are successes as showrooms, locations, education programs and even real estate.


The industry, the famous designers and the celebrity clients command press and media attention at every turn.  The prestige is there and the upscale audience has always been there.  There are incredible global brands representing the best in craftsmanship and style.


Our discussion this week centers on the lack of corporate sponsors throughout the industry.  Yes there are big names that are beginning to command huge dollars and there are manufacturers who stand in with prominent retailers to push individual designers.


Yet every smart promoter would love to have the assurance that the big business coffers would be open to place money bets on smaller events, lesser known or emerging talent and year-round schedules.  Sponsors can spend and sponsors can promote!


Consider: Music Festivals (Every Major City), Marathons (Every Major City), City Festivals (Every Major City), Food Events (Every Major City), Sports (Olympics, Super Bowl, Golf) and Film (Academy Awards).


Let’s get together, to hear from an experienced hand, the tricks and method to creating your success.




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Monday, August 19, 2013 – 5:00 PM

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