Increase Power Like a TOUR Professional

Ponte Vedra, FL

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The TOURAcademy at TPC Sawgrass presents

The TOUR Fitness Speaker Series

Increase Power Like a TOUR Professional 

Stability and Mobility - A Joint by Joint Approach

To unlock your golf power, there first needs to be a clear understanding of how the body is designed to move. We need to analyze the golfer from a different approach, seeing through the swing and into the body. 

Science has proven that the body is a stack of joints. Each joint or series of joints has a specific function and is prone to predictable levels of dysfunction. As a result, each joint has precise training needs. Learn our joint-by-joint approach to improving golf functional movement and see immediate improvements in golf power. 

Sequencing - Load and Explode

As we dig deeper into the research, you will understand the process of how golfers create speed and transfer this energy throughout their bodies. Research has proven there is an optimal physiological sequence for generating maximum golf power.

The amazing thing is that all great ball strikers have the same signature of generating and transferring speed throughout their body. Poor sequencing makes your swing inefficient and inconsistent, leaking power throughout your swing cycle

The Strength/Speed Continuum - Where do I fit?

Learn the Power relationship of Force x Velocity and how it applies to improving your club head speed and distance. Discover what your emphasis should be in your training program and where you fit inside the Strength-Speed Continuum to maximize you own golf power. 

Putting it all together - The 6 Steps 

We have compounded our extensive data and carefully narrowed our research into six calculated steps. These six distinct training disciplines are the necessary “keys” to unlock a golfer’s potential. These six phases are the architecture and essence of developing and maintaining golf power.