Home Run: A movie about baseball, life's struggles, courage, & coming home

Bellevue, WA

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Max Lucado
Pastor and Best-Selling Author
“HOME RUN reminds us of the power of forgiveness, the richness of redemption, and the wisdom of trusting God to revive us.”
Rick Warren
Pastor and Best-Selling Author
“HOME RUN is a film of great hope.”
Dr. Ted Baehr
“HOME RUN is an entertaining, well-written movie with a powerful evangelistic message that should be seen by everyone.”
David Nixon
Director, Letters To God
“A powerful, meaningful movie that will have you laughing and crying—and definitely moved.”
Mariano Rivera
All-Star Pitcher
“HOME RUN depicts that even though most adult problems come from unresolved childhood issues, through a relationship with Jesus Christ we can break generational curses and establish a legacy of God's love and live a victorious life!”
Home Run is "a film that tells the story of a man who faces the pain he tried to ignore, the girl he wanted to forget, the secret he never knew -- the story of a man who runs away and finds his home."  Check out the trailer and more at http://www.homerunthemovie.com/
Slugger Cory Brand is on the verge of big-league stardom when his past abuses come back to haunt and nearly destroy him.  The journey around the bases is agonizing when trying to break the tightest grip of addiction . . . what would that freedom feel like on the day that you finally let the all the failures go?  Will Cory ever find the beauty of love and the joy he's been looking for his whole life?
With another exciting baseball season starting up this Spring -- take me out to the ball game!  Spread the word and bring your family and friends to this meaningful movie that you won't soon forget.  Enjoy hot popcorn, coffee drinks or italian sodas, a warm friendly crowd, and door prizes too.  Rated PG-13 -- teens on up are welcome due to mature themes.
When the pain of childhood abuses and past mistakes is choking your joy and strangling your future, maybe this movie can bring you hope.  Or maybe this movie could bring deep healing for someone you know.  We're all broken -- it's for all of us.
Cory Brand was a rising star with bone-crushing power, sure to make it to the bigs.  But he was dragged down by the scars he hid on the inside, secretly drinking to soothe his pain.  When his life starts spinning out of control, he keeps torturing those who care about him the most.  And he hates it.  Trapped through tragic circumstances back in his hometown . . . could a little league team, his former love, and a group of hurting but caring people help him find healing from the lonely pain and fears that he's struggled to overcome every day from his stolen boyhood years?
Are these the answers and meaning that we're all looking for?
Join us for some freshly popped popcorn, coffee drinks and italian sodas, door prizes, and a warm crowd of friendly people just like you to laugh, cry, and discover the deeper meaning that this movie offers to quench the thirst and yearning in our souls.  Bring your family and friends, teens on up for this PG-13 film, and enjoy this powerful story that will touch all of our hearts -- let's celebrate recovery and the secrets of life's triumpths together.