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Grand MAMAF 9/11 Memorial on 9/11/13

MD Rabbi Alam

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (EDT)

Grand MAMAF 9/11 Memorial on 9/11/13

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To our Brothers and Sisters of all religions and races,
Please join us to memorialize ALL the victims of the crimes of September 11th, 2001.
On September 11th, 2013, we will gather on the National Mall in Washington, DC between 12th and 14th Streets. The event will begin at noon with a "9/11 Grand Memorial" to remember and honor those who lost their lives and loved ones. Dr. Cornel West, one of America's leading public intellectuals, will be our keynote speaker. Shortly after 2 pm, the United in Courage coalition will lead a march to Congress, the Supreme Court, and finally the White House.
We will be mourning not only the lives, but also the liberties lost due to 9/11. Since the horrific events of September 11th, 2001, the USA has been ruled by the politics of fear. The Bill of Rights is hanging by a thread - and so is world peace.
Today, on the eve of a possible US war on Syria, the NSA violates the Constitution millions of times each day, and a secret executive branch "kill team" claims to right to order the extra-judicial execution of anyone on earth, including American citizens. Thousands have been extra-judicially murdered, virtually all of them innocent. (Under the Constitution we are all innocent until proven guilty; and most victims of these killings have never even been charged with any crime, much less convicted.)
The destruction of American liberty has begun by targeting Muslims. But when one person or group is deprived of liberty, the rest will be too. As Pastor Martin Niemoller said: "First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the socialists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me."
Brothers and sisters: They have come for the Muslims. Almost two million Muslims have been killed due to 9/11. Tens of thousands have been "disappeared" and tortured. The FBI routinely invents terrorist plots, then entraps retarded or gullible Muslim young people into saying stupid things so they can be arrested as "terrorists." Countless Muslim leaders, including Dr. Sami al-Arian and Aafia Siddiqui, have had their lives damaged or ruined simply because they were dedicated, peaceful, effective activists.
We repeat: They have come for the Muslims. Are you going to speak out?
You have nothing to fear from Muslims, or from terrorism. According to the FBI, Muslim extremists commit only 6% of terrorist attacks on US soil; Jewish extremists commit more terrorist attacks than Muslim extremists, and radical leftists and Hispanics commit far more than Jews and Muslims put together.  Source:
As for terrorism: Your chances of dying in a terrorist attack are far smaller than your chances of being hit by lightning or drowning in your bathtub. Despite the horrific crime of 9/11, and occasional small-scale attacks by radical Jews, Hispanics, Leftists, and (very rarely) Muslims, terrorism is simply not a statistically significant threat. So why are the government and the media trying to make you afraid?
It is time to put an end to the politics of fear, and to stop bankrupting our country - morally, spiritually, and fiscally.
Please join us for the Million American March Against Fear.
M.D. Rabbi Alam - Founder, AMPAC
Chris Phillips, Director, MAD - March Against Drones, & United in Courage Coalition
Isa Hodge - Chief of Operation MAMAF (AMPAC)
Kevin Barrett - National Spokesman, AMPAC - Think Tank
We would like to thank these supporters of the Million American March Against Fear:
Richard Gage – Founder,  Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, 
Abu Zafor Mahmood – National Political Director,  NABAB, AMPAC New York Organizer
Derron Black - Founder,  Alpha Male Nation, Former United States Navy, Veteran, AMPAC Radio Talk-Show Host
Ishaq Beg – AMPAC Florida Organizer, 
Angela Habibullah - Attorney-at-Law, Member,  Collation of Good Government 
Amanda Buckner - AMPAC South Carolina Organizer, 
Syed Asif - Executive Secretary, South Asian Chamber of Commerce,
Florentino Camacho Jr. - Latinos for MAMAF, National Member, Dream Act Movement,
Ruby Al-sous - Women Co-Chair,  Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus , Dr. Talat Khan - AMPAC California Organizer, 
Sam Khan - AMPAC New Jersey Organizer, 
Anwarul Haque - AMPAC Atlanta Organizer, 
Joe D'Angalo - AMPAC Chicago Organizer, 
Imam Hanif Khalil - AMPAC Kansas Organizer, 
Ted Saboy - MAMAF Alabama Organizer, 
Imam Wali Karim - Chicago,  Progressive Leadership, 
Steve Miller - Connecticut Organizer, 
Sherbaz Khan - Executive Member, Community Leadership Association - CLA
Attorney At-Law Kamal Nawash - Organizer & Founder, Muslim Marching Against Terrorism (Organized in 2005), 
Maqsood Choudhry - AMPAC LA Organizer, CA
Matt Skarlatos - AMPAC Virginia Organizer, 
Elisabeth K. Norton - AMPAC Maryland Organizer, 
Imam Talib Sharif - DC Area Faith Community Leader, 
Mohammed N. Mujumder - 
Chairman, Bangladesh - American Community Council - BACC, AMPAC New York Organizer
Enver Masud - Founder & President, The Wisdom Fund (TWF), 
Sam Hoss - AMPAC Media Outreach and Radio TalK-Show Host, 
Shere Alam - Organizing Secretary, National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus,
Greg Boyd - DC Area March Organizer, 
Anwar Khan - Executive Secretary, National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus
Matt Sullivan - Chairman, DC Area 911 Truth Movement
Gary Grigsby - Former USMC Commanding Officer, University Professor, State Leader, American Legion - Missouri, Marines - Combat Veteran
Sheila Casey - Journalist, Activist, DC Area Organizer 
Harry S. Morrision - Former, United States Army and Combact Veteran
Dr. Murad Weal M.D. - Executive Member, PCA - Physician Community Association
Diana Castiyo - Madrid, Spain 9/11 Truth Movement and Outreach Organizer
Former Congresswoman & 2008 Presidential Candidate 
Cynthia McKinney, 
Merlin Miller - 2012 Presidential Candidate, Hollywood Flim Producer
Dr. Cornel Roland West - American Scholar and 
Philosopher & Activist


Grand MAMAF 9/11 Memorial Event 

When: September 11th, 2013, Wednesday
Time: 12:00 Noon - 4:00 PM
(12:00 Noon - 2:30 PM Stage Event & Rally, 2:30 - 4:00 PM Marching)
Where: National Mall in Washington DC, USA

Location: Between 12th Street & 14th Street

-Event Moderators-

Chris Phillips

Director & Creator of Marching Against Drones - MAD

Isa Hodge - Chief of Operations 
Million American March Against Fear - MAMAF 
American Muslim Political Action Committee - AMPAC

List of the National Panel Speakers
& Event outlines

-Official Opening-

12:00 Noon
Opening Remarks of Grand MAMAF 9/11 Memorial 
(Bill of Rights): 
MD Rabbi Alam, Founder, AMPAC - 12:00 Noon
[MD Rabbi Alam - Invites Dr. Kevin Barrett @ Stage - 12:05 PM ]
[Dr. Kevin Barrett Invites Isa Hodge @ Stage - 12:07 PM]
[Isa Hodge Invites Chris Phillips @ Stage as Event Moderator - 12:09 PM ]
[Isa Hodge Hands Over the Microphones to Chris Phillips @ 12:10]
[MD Alam, Kevin Barrett, Isa Hodge & Chris Phillips stays on Stage]

-National Anthem-
12:10 PM
US Army Ranger Veteran, musician, and activist Darrel Willis
[Chris Phillips invites Darrel Willis @ Stage for National Anthem]

Grand MAMAF 9/11 Memorial 
-Faith Leaders-
Prayers & Memorial for our loved ones we lost on 9/11/2001

12:13 PM
Imam Talib Sharif 
3 Minutes Remarks + Prayers

12:16 PM
3 Minutes Remarks + Prayers

12:19 PM
3 Minutes Remarks + Prayers

-Speakers - sequential- 
12:20 PM

1. Dr. Kevin Barrett - AMPAC Think Tank (12:20 PM)

2. Greg Boyd - DC Area Community Organizer (12:25 PM)

3. Ruby Al-Sous - Woman Co Chair, Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus and DNC - National Delegate (12:30 PM)

4. Enver Masud - Founder & President, The Wisdom Fund (12:35 PM)

5. Mohammed N. Mojumder - Chairman, Bangladesh - American Community Council - BACC (12:40 PM)

6. Matt Sullivan - Chairman, DC Area 9/11 Truth Movement (12:45 PM)

7. Sherbaz Khan - Executive Member, Community Leadership Association - CLA (12:50 PM) 

8. Diana Castiyo - Founder, Madrid - Spain - 9/11 Movement (12:55 PM)

9. Ishaq Beg - Executive Member, American Muslim Alliance - AMA (13:00 PM)

10. Kamal Nawash, Attorney at-Law, Organizer & Founder, Muslim Marching Against Terrorism, March Organized in 2005 (13:05 PM)

11. Abu Zafor Mahmood, National Political Director, North American Bangladeshi Association for Bangladesh - NABAB (13:10 PM)

12. Angela Habibullah, Attorney at-Law, Member, Good Government Coalition (13:15 PM)

13. Syed Asif, Director, South-Asian Chamber of Commerce & Movement Against National Defense Authorization Act - MANDAA (13:20 PM)

14. Imam Wali Karim, Executive Member, Progressive Leadership Legacy INC ,  & Chicago March Organizer (13:25 PM)

15. Sheila Casey - Journalist, Activist & Editor - Voice Against Controlled Main-Stream Medias (13:30 PM)

16. Imam Hanif Khalil - Executive Member of Mosque Care of Kansas & Member of National Board (13:35 PM)

17. Anwar K. Khan - Executive Secretary National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus - NDPAAC (13:40 PM)

18. Elisabeth K. Norton, Combat War Veteran (Iraq), School Teacher (History), working on her PhD. Speaking on Personal War Experience & Self-Reflection, Focusing on Crisis on Syrian war issues (13:45 PM)

19. Derron Black - Former U.S. Navy Veteran, Founder, Alpha Male Nation, Mid-west Radio Talk-Show Host (13:50 PM)

20. Merlin Miller - 2012 Presidential Candidate & Hollywood Film Producer (13:55 PM)

21. Dr. Cornel Ronald West -  Scholar & American Philosopher, 
Member of Democratic Socialists of America, Marching Leader (14:15 PM)

-Resolution & proclamation-
(14:30 PM)
Isa Hodge - Chief of Operations 
Million American March Against Fear - MAMAF

Dr. Kevin Barrett
Think Tank - AMPAC & National Spokesman

-Closing Remarks- 
(14:35 PM)
MD. Rabbi Alam - Founder, 
American Muslim Political Action Committee - AMPAC 

(14:45 PM)

Marching Lead by Dr. Cornel West @ 14:45 PM
MD Alam invites Dr. West @ Stage for Starting Marching Slogans @ 14:45

"Million American March Against Fear on 9/11/13, United In Courage, United we Build & Divided we Break"
See you all on 9/11/2013
MD Rabbi Alam
Founder, AMPAC & MAMAF
Sep 3rd, 2013
Selected media coverage of the Million American March Against Fear
Please note that many of these stories erroneously report a "Million Muslim March."  There is no such thing. This event is the Million American March Against Fear, and most participants will not be Muslims.
What Really Happened Show with Mike Rivero:


On August 17, 2013: AMPAC Founder MD Alam and Chief of Operations Isa Hodge appeared at the FOX National with Judge Jeanine Pirro with Terr Analyst Lisa Terri. The Fox news mis-coded "Million American March" as "Million Muslim March". 

It's Million American March &  it is not a Million Muslim March. "MAMAF - UIC - United In Courage"

Have questions about Grand MAMAF 9/11 Memorial on 9/11/13? Contact MD Rabbi Alam

When & Where

National Mall
1400 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, D.C., DC 20004

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (EDT)

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MD Rabbi Alam

MD Rabbi Alam is the Founder of AMPAC (American Muslim Political Action Committee).
MD Rabbi Alam (born November 20, 1971 in Khulna, Bangladesh) was a 2012 candidate for Missouri Secretary of State. He was defeated in the primary election by State Rep. Jason Kander.[1]

He was a 2010 Democratic candidate for District 50 of the Missouri House of Representatives.


MD Alam was born and raised in Bangladesh. After graduating high school, Alam attended the Bangladesh National by Text-Enhance" href="#">University and earned his degree in Biology in 1996. His father, a veterinary surgeon, worked for the Bangladeshi government for 20 years. Inspired by his father's example, he decided to get involved in politics as a young adult. His experiences as a politically active student led him to pursue a second bachelor's degree, this time in political science. He spent three years following University teaching science in a High School and at a Divisional Police School in his hometown of Khulna.  Alam began law school in 1997 but had to quit after one year when he realized he could not balance school with his political and teaching duties. In 1999 MD Alam went back to school to finish up is master's degree in Biology.

He moved to the United States in 2000 and joined the U.S. Army. He was on active duty for 6 years, and spent a portion of that time stationed in Germany. Alam was assigned to Logistical Operations and Supply Chain Operations for Air Defense Artillary. He finished his Army service as a Sergeant in 2005. He worked at the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City, and the Imagine Renaissance Academy, where he taught algebra, calculus, and personal finance. Alam was the Director of International Business for P/Strada for one year before taking the post of CEO of Minority Directed Small Business in 2007. Since then, he has served as CEO for MDSB Providing Senior Ledaership in Business Corporation.

Alam is part of the North American Bangladeshi Association for Bangladesh (NABAB) and is the Chairman for the US National Democratic Party Asian-American Caucus.


  • Khulna Zilla School
  • Bachelor's degree in Biology, National University (1996)
  • Bachelor's degree in Political Science, National University (1997)
  • Master's degree in Computer Information System, by Text-Enhance" href="#">University of Phoenix (2007)
  • Master's degree in Mathematics Education, University of Missouri-Kansas City (2010)
  • by Text-Enhance" href="#">Teacher Certification, Secondary Mathematics (2010)
  • Doctoral Student (PHD in Educational Computing) at the Department of Learning Technology in the School of Imformation of University of North Texas


Professional Activity


Experioence and Job:

  • CEO - Minority Directed Small Business: 2007- Present
  • High School Mathematics Teacher - Khulna Udyan Police School, Bangladesh: 1997-2000
  • Logistical Operation and Supply Sergeant: United States Army, Veteran of Iraqi War, Honorably Discharged: 2000-2005
  • Director of Operations - P/Strada LLC, Kansas City, Missouri, USA: 2007-2008
  • High School Mathematics Teacher - Islamic School of Gretaer Kansas City, Missouri, USA: 2006-2008
  • High School Mathematics Teacher - Imagine School of Environmental Science and Math of Kansas City, Missouri, USA: 2008-2010
  • High School Teaching (Sub) Staff - Derrick Thomas Academy, Kansas City, Missouri, USA: 2011-2012
Political Career

In 2007, Alam founded the Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus (MDPAAC), which now includes 11 county chapters. In 2009, he became the National Chairman of US National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus, and was the Chair of first National Convention of National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus in 2011. He serves as the Democratic Party Committeeman of the 26 ward, having run unopposed in 2010.

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