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Don't Pass up the opportunity to attend this one-time only FREE Real Estate Workshop




Create Income

Create income to build your business with the Cash Flow Snowball™ Method that you will learn at the event.

Achieve Your Goals

Learn how to achieve your 3-5 year goal by taking action in the next 90 days. We guarantee that you will achieve exponential growth following the event.

Generate Referrals

We will uncover the top marketing tool that most "average" agents overlook or do not know even exists that will generate referrals like turning on a faucet.

The Benefit

You will learn how to grow your real estate business by following the proven, repeatable systems that we will teach you at this FREE event. Learn why and how making your value visible, while having clear differentiation can be 50% of your competitive advantage. Unlike most real estate trainers, Jay & Mike are actively implementing what they are sharing with you at this one-time exclusive event. You WILL walk-away with proven systems and strategies that you can implement immediately that will add profit to your bottom line.

Top-Tier Broker

Become or remain a top-tier broker in the rapidy shifting real estate model.

Gain Instant Celebrity

Learn how to become an instant celebrity in your market and how to leverage that recognition to attract, not chase new business

Walk Away with a Plan

You will walk away from this FREE workshop with a comprehensive double your business workbook that will give you the tools you need and the step-by-step plan to double your business in 12 months guaranteed.