Free Hacking Session - Raspberry Pi - Sat. Aug. 18 - south bay - Women only

Palo Alto, CA

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Event Details

Open to: Women only (also implies those that identify as women)!

How much: Free

Where: VMware campus in Palo Alto.  See map for details.

Hosted by: Rupa

About this Hacking Session:

Join us in taking a look at the Raspberry Pi (Open Source hardware) to explore ways to use it and build cool stuff!

Open source hardware is a great way to learn about what really goes on under the scenes. Even if you only write code that's in a high-level language or a scripting language, eventually, it has to run on hardware. The more you fiddle with it, the better understanding you have of the top-down view of what your code is really doing. And, believe me, if you need to debug some nasty bug, there is a high probability that you will end up looking at some lower-level code/constructs to figure out what is going on.

This hacking session is a great way to pique your interest about Raspberry Pi (especially if you've never really seen one) and learn about all the different components.

So, for those of you interested in tinkering with hardware (or even if you aren't and are curious about it), come join us for our next Hacking Session on Raspberry Pi!  Both Akkana and I (Rupa) got ours over the last week or so.

Note: I will try to buy a video camera before this event so we can video tape it - at least as a trial run. If you don't want to be in the video, I'll figure out how to hide you :) - just let me know by using this contacting the organizer form.

Suggested preparation:

Visit the Raspberry Pi website to read up on it before you come so you can get the most out of this hacking session. And, if you have an Arduino and are doing something cool with it, please do bring it and show us your coolness!