Film Night: Ich bin ein Berliner!

Washington, DC

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On June 26, 1963, those four words made history. With his commitment to West Berlin, U.S. President John F. Kennedy was honoring the steadfastness of the West Berliners during the Cold War.
The German-American Heritage Museum celebrates the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s speech with the exhibition “Berlins - Made in USA”. In conjunction with the opening of this exhibition, the Goethe-Institut presents an evening of films and documentaries marking this period in history and the immense role Kennedy played.
Drinks and snacks will be offered throughout the evening.
6 pm
Kennedy Visit to Berlin, June 26, 1963
10 min., DVD, in English
Introduced by Erik Bettermann, Director, Deutsche Welle
This short documentary combines clips from Kennedy’s visit to Berlin in 1963 with German newsreel material and original CBS footage with commentary by Dan Schorr. It sets the stage for the context of the Cold War, Kennedy, and Berlin’s meaning for the United States.

6:30 pm
One, Two, Three
USA, 1961, 115 min., DVD, Director: Billy Wilder
Introduced by Paul Farber and local filmmaker Aviva Kempner
Berlin is the epitome of political and economic polarization. A microcosm of that polarization is the life of American C.R. MacNamara, known as Mac to his friends. He is Coca-Cola's head of West Berlin operations, although he feels he deserves to be Coca-Cola's head of European operations based in London. Mac's wife, Phyllis, wants him instead to get a steady and stable job back in head office in Atlanta.

Billy Wilder’s One, Two, Three was nominated for an Oscar for Best Cinematography and a Golden Globe for Best Comedy in 1962. Wilder, who wrote scripts for many films in Germany, emigrated to the United States in 1933. He partnered on writing some of Hollywood's classic comedies, including Ninotchka (1939) and Ball of Fire (1941), and received Oscars for films such as The Lost Weekend and The Apartment.

8:30 pm – 10:15 pm
Summer in Berlin (Sommer vorm Balkon)
Germany, 2005, 107 min., German with English subtitles, Director: Andreas Dresen
Hot summer. Nike has a balcony, Katrin has a son, Ronald drives a truck, Tina's a waitress, Oskar and Helene are old and alone. At the beginning, middle or end of their lives – they all ask the same question: Can love last through the seasons? Or is it something affecting the brain that just comes and goes? An enchanting comedy, full of human warmth, sincerity and delightful humor - a film about life.
Andreas Dresen was born in East Germany in 1963. Summer in Berlin received various awards, including the 2005 Bavarian Film Award for Best Direction. Among his more recent films are Cloud 9 (Wolke 9, 2008), Whisky with Vodka (Whisky mit Wodka, 2009), and Stopped on Track (Halt auf freier Strecke, 2011).

10:30 pm
Germany, 2007, 60 min., DVD, in German with English subtitles, Director: Nicolas Flessa
This ménageà trois between a young German-Polish social worker, a young German Jewish intellectual and a young German-Turkish boy plays out in Berlin-Neukölln, the so called "ghetto" of Germany.
Nicolas Flessa studied filmmaking at the Babelsberg Film University (HFF). He has directed several feature films and documentaries