Fashion Media Project - Open Planning Meeting

Bellevue, WA

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The Fashion Media Project


Luxury & Luxury Goods


Next Planning Meeting

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

The Au Business Club

833 108th Avenue, NE - Suite 200

Bellevue, Washington 98004

For Directions: (425) 615-7135 -


August 2, 2013


The next planning meeting for our Fashion Media Project will focus on getting the final stats together for a string of proposals for support.


These proposals are being written as generic documents, so that our crew, associates and current partners will be able to give input before we go to the world.


The first entities to get presentations, tailored to their specific interests, will be those already on board with requests for partnering.


Next will be heftier packages, produced for corporate sponsorship candidates. These too will be broken into modules.


Thus far, we have relied upon the good offices of Thornhill & Studio for our initiation -- and will for some time -- as we grow.


To begin the task of working towards our own identity, programming and financials, we will have two related issues to explain and maintain.


The first is financial planning. This will be done simply with cash flow projections. The second is to continue with our belief in revenue sharing.


Many work associates, friends, family members and others know that 20 years ago, 1993, I started to marshal my resources to develop a new business. At the time it was hard to explain because many of the necessary parts had not been invented or approved.


The intention was to take advantage of the new digital television platform and the subsequent transmission efficiencies to start a new broadcast television channel on one of the new “digital” over-the-air channels.


A lot has transpired since that time. One constant; my supposition that we would eventually see sufficient progress in our communications industry to persuade us all to jump into the stream of new, entrepreneur-driven dedicated channels.


Last week industry-leading TV Newscheck (www. ran a short series of three articles that makes me believe that it is now time to jump. Each of three writers discusses the options with digital channels and proceeds to detail the circumstances with digital channel networks – known as diginets.


The titles and links follow for your consideration. If you don’t have the time to read all three, move ahead to the third and final narrative.


They are:


Special Report: Diginets

News Finds A New Home Among Diginets


Special Report: Diginets, Part II

Diginets Growing With Old Shows + New Ideas


Jessell at Large

Diginets Reflect TV's Past, Drive Its Future


Last week, prompted by the articles, I hosted a Planning Meeting. I was in touch with many of the folks I have worked with over the years. My intention was to test the waters, or their enthusiasm, to bring together our first proposal for a 24/7 fully operational digital television channel.


Fortunately calmer minds prevailed. The consensus was that I might have one or more additional planning sessions to allow for each company to pursue this aim with their members and to come back with specific requests.


I was also asked to patch together a preliminary production schedule. The first steps will be discussed at the planning meeting. Again, the next planning meeting will be Tuesday, August 6, 2013, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. The location is the Au Business Club, 833 108th Avenue, NE, Suite 200 in Bellevue, Washington 98004.


If you care to join us for a cheer and a toast, you are certainly welcome.


Until Tuesday…


Andrew W. Thornhill

The Fashion Media Project





The Fashion Media Project


Luxury & Luxury Goods


Andrew W. Thornhill

The Fashion Media Project




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