Dr. Manifesto's Broken Hearts Club

San Francisco, CA

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It's Valentine's Day! And you're supposed to be head-over-heels in love! Where are you planning to have a romantic dinner with your special someone who makes your pulse quicken every time you get a text message from him? Or are you having an intimate evening at home with your lover, exploring intimacy and touch and just being so insanely happy you have each other? Oh. You're single? Me too. And "celebrating" the lovers' holiday when you're single usually involves drinking, ice cream, bitter quips, angst. Or maybe you get dinner with a good friend and make acid comments about when the various couples around you are going to break up. SCREW THAT. This time, how about you get your snuggle on with friends, old and new. Dandywood Manor is pleased and proud to present:

Dr. Manifesto's Broken Hearts Club!

Join us for a fun evening of physical affection, snuggling, snacks, and oxytocin (the hormone released by touching living things, associated with feelings of connection and trust). We will have a lightly facilitated opening circle to create a safe container for heartful touch, and then a puppy pile, massage train, or cuddle puddle, depending on your proclivities.
This is not a sex party. This is a clothing-on (or pajamas-on!) event. that will help you get your desires for physical affection and snuggling met!