Dr. John Hagelin

San Antonio, TX

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Throughout time, the Wise have extolled the power of thought: “With a mustard seed of faith, you can move mountains.” Yet, for most, there is a chasm between this scriptural ideal and everyday reality. Now science reveals that the power of thought is all a matter of your state of consciousness.

Renowned quantum physicist and brain researcher John Hagelin presents the landmark discovery of higher states of consciousness—beyond waking, dreaming and sleeping—with vastly expanded mental capabilities and enhanced power to fulfill one’s desires.

The discovery of higher states—and their universal accessibility through specific meditative practices—changes radically our understanding of the limits of human potential, and has far-reaching implications for the transformation of society.

As President of the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace, Dr. Hagelin has brought the Transcendental Meditation technique to half a million at-risk children at over 350 public schools. Dr. Hagelin will report on the remarkable transformative effects of this meditation practice on education.

Dr. Hagelin will also report on the scientifically verified, powerful effects of group meditation practice on reducing crime, social violence, war, and terrorism and promoting societal peace—outcomes now confirmed by over 50 published scientific studies.

Dr. Hagelin unites cutting-edge discoveries in quantum physics and neuroscience to forge a new understanding of consciousness and the physical universe—mind and matter—revealing a startling connection between our inner and outer realities. This emerging paradigm provides a genuine “theory of everything” in which the individual is truly cosmic.