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doctape | tape.io GmbH

Freitag, 18. Januar 2013, 19:00 Uhr-Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013, 16:00 Uhr (MEZ)

Hannover, Germany



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a weekend full of coding, creating and awesomeness!


On time with the release of the public developer API & Resource Center, doctape hosts it's first official hackathon at the doctapers HQ in Hannover / Germany.


What's in it for you?


- Free participation and catering trough the whole weekend (including free Pizza & Club Mate)

- Pre-Access to the doctape developer API & Resources Center

- Every participant gets 50GB of doctape storage for a lifetime!

- First 15 registered attendees get our fancy doctape shirt for free

- Free Wireless Internet Access

- We promote your apps!



Any rules?


Yes, at least some,

- Programming language agnostic (use what you want!)

- Your code is yours. Decide yourself what you do with the code you develop within the event.

- Demo time will be Sunday at 1500. Be ready!

- Please bring your own hardware.

- Be nice. Have fun! :-)


More Information

More information for participants will be made available trough the events wiggio page !




doctape HQ / EDELSTALL Coworking Space

Schwarzer Bär 2

30449 Hannover




We're always looking for developers to join our team. Send us your GitHub profile to jobs@doctape.com and let's talk ;-)

Wenn Sie Fragen zu "doctape HACKATHON" haben, wenden Sie sich an doctape | tape.io GmbH.

Zeit und Ort

Edelstall Coworking-Space
Schwarzer Bär 2
30449 Hannover

Freitag, 18. Januar 2013, 19:00 Uhr-Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013, 16:00 Uhr (MEZ)

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doctape | tape.io GmbH

Files to go! doctape is your personal document hub. Simplify your file management. View, organize & share your files instantly in a single place.

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