Design Laboratory: Facilities & On The Road Again

Seattle, WA

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The Thornhill Design Laboratory

Business, Communications Design




Lead Topic This Week: June 12, 2013

Facilities & On The Road Again


Wednesday Morning, 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Fremont Abbey Arts Center – The Fireside Room

4272 Fremont Avenue, North - Seattle, Washington 98103


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The purpose of this event is to give details about partners,

continuous improvement and specific opportunities


Hooray! We have movement in the quest to build the big “Facilities” picture. Much like programming in any other category, we defined the model, started with existing offices, meeting places, media production facilities and storage. Over the last ten years we have budgeted, borrowed and paid to keep the drive alive to maintain a portfolio (or inventory) of spaces dedicated to the work of the Thornhill Design Laboratory.


Now, there will be an auspicious addition. In March, thanks to the patience of Todd Malcolm Grain, we settled into an agreement with his firm, Starchild Investments, LLC, for a space in Smithfield, North Carolina.


The Thornhill Design Laboratory is gaining strength. At the Salon this week we will discuss the facilities questions that have always deserved more attention and will soon get it.


And in fact, we are contemplating a road trip to bring a few friends together on Blount Street in Smithfield.


To review all of this, we have started negotiations with additional partners. But, before we get too far into the real estate madness, we thought it might be the right thing to do to let you know what is up – and get your opinions.


You can join us tomorrow morning at Fremont Abbey – or send your thoughts via e-mail.


Here’s a few additional points to get you revved:


  • We still have an office for Thornhill & Studio in Fremont. Now designated the “newsroom” it is the home for HEADLINES Newsletter, the official publication of T&S due in your mailbox in January 2014.


  • Our interim headquarters has been a co-working space in Culver City. This will soon      be the base for Thornhill Digital Storytelling. Documentary filmmakers galore.


  • We continue to have meetings in both Fremont/Seattle addresses. We have also conducted Thornhill Design Laboratory business with past events and meetings in Los Angeles, Maui, Miami and Pittsburgh. Soon there will be new series in Atlanta, Bellevue and Charlotte.


  • We have embraced libraries as an efficient meeting place. This seems to work in all cities.


Then there is production:


  • There is continued print production of our simple booklets through Office Depot Services.


  • Studio – We have entered into a production agreement for a continuing monthly radio production with NPR West.


  • For backup in audio production and post-production we are now members at Jack straw Productions in Seattle.


  • Next month we can reveal our plans for video (television) production


Storage is still an expensive monster:


  • We are so ready to pack up get out and get on the      road!


If you are a property owner, architect, designer, or builder – stay in touch. We will always need elements to shelter: (1) CATALOGUE, (2) The Thornhill Design Lab Salon / Radio, (3) Thornhill Digital Storytelling (TDS), (4) TDS NEWS / TDS NEWS Digital, (5) The Fashion Media Project, (6) Thornhill Design Lab Workshop, (7) Bookstore, Production & Learning Studio and (8) Hospitality.


I hope to see you at 10:00 AM at Fremont Abbey, another great facility


Continuous Improvement:

The Thornhill Design Laboratory Progress Reports



A Carefully Curated Presentation of the Thornhill Design Laboratory Holdings.

Offered in print, digital and display forms; details on processes and products, the master

calendar and production schedules are provided. Key elements provide guidance in

development of and integration with the T&S Digital Landscape. Needs a Project Manager

Base Location: To Be Determined


(2) The Thornhill Design Lab Salon / Radio

An inventory meeting: A weekly synopsis of everything connected to The Thornhill Design Laboratory. Ongoing development includes Administration, The Digital Landscape, Database Management, Financial Planning, Editorial, Design Continuity, Integrated Marketing Planning, Partners & Sponsor Presentations. We compare, set direction, project & package. An audio version is next. Presented in Fremont, an iconic neighborhood in Seattle; known as “The Center Of The Universe” by residents and neighbors.

Fremont Abbey Arts Center, 4272 Fremont Avenue, North, Seattle, Washington 98103


(3) Thornhill Digital Storytelling (TDS)

TDS Digital Storytelling Documentary Proposal Seminars – Series & Special Events

Documentary Styles: What’s Your Story?, Corporate, Branded Content and Journalism

c/o NextSpace Los Angeles, 9415 Culver Boulevard, Culver City, California 90232


(4) TDS NEWS / TDS NEWS Digital

TDS NEWS – Event Printed Program, TDS NEWS Digital, Digital Media Devices

Base Location: To Be Determined


(5) The Fashion Media Project

Research, Events, Radio, Television, Tablets, Transmedia,

The Fashion Bloggers Connection / A Very Stylish Mixer

Over the past 5 years of meetings, presentations and trial efforts, The Laboratory

(Communications & Business Design) has nurtured a sample infrastructure to deliver a simple,

basic package. The model is being delivered in three sections. Objectives and Scheduling 2013

are the first two. The third is a booklet containing improved versions of the starter kit. We

will give you an introduction to the Fashion Media Project as a true transmedia example.

Base Location: To Be Determined

Hint: Andrew W. Thornhill was in New York from May 19 to May 22, 2013


(6) Thornhill Design Lab Workshop

Design Review / Kai Zen

What is design? Aesthetics for inspiration, product development, financial planning and real-world

case studies are included - create using function and form. Design efficient operations structures,

work processes, digital networks, multi-platform media programming and manufacturing to

proceed aggressively in the digital-led economy. You will better understand and

appreciate the talents of designers, storytellers, planners and artists.

Design to grow in the digital-led economy

Base Location: To Be Determined


(7) Coming Soon: Bookstore, Production & Learning Studio

Schedule, Research, Documentation, Internet Presence

Facilities / Environment / Library

Book Sales / Bookstore / Digital Media Devices

Client Services: Case Studies / Strategy / Extensions,

Product Development, Co-Productions

1014 Blount Street, Smithfield, North Carolina 27577


(8) Hospitality

At each location and for each event, the tradition has been to provide hospitality for our crew, partners and guests. With the support of a new initiative, an accomplished planner will take charge to make sure that consistent quality is maintained and that each occasion is memorable for the environment, food and beverage.




Andrew W. Thornhill


The Thornhill Design Laboratory

Business, Communications Design


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