Crowns: A Chess Inspired Gallery Show

Washington, DC

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Curated by Zoma Wallace

The works featured in “Crowns” highlight the strategic patterning (behaviors, actions, routes, relationships, etc.) that people learn and incorporate into daily life in order to overcome challenges and opposition faced during the arc of ones life experience. Using these learned patterns as a piece on life’s board, personal empowerment comes when we recognize and utilize the special “moves” or inherent talents within ourselves, no matter how minute. 

For example, many individuals find themselves in “pawn-like” stations, inching slowly with limited mobility and no shortage of obstacles directly ahead that can impede or discourage confident movement toward a goal. However, with patient, steady, calculated positioning that takes advantage of the pawns small but unique “talent” (diagonal take), the pawn finally arrives at the back line, and gains the power of self-transformation. At that point, a pawn can become any power piece on the board.

Featuring the Works of:
Shawn Yu
Tim DeVenney
Anna U Davis
Daria Grayer
Stan Squirewell
Thomas Canavan
Nicholas Zimbro
David Ibata
Kirk Waldroff
Sam Scharf
Tim Conlon
Kenny George
Dana Maier
Deemont Peekaso

The Game of Kings
(Chess Instruction for Youth and Adults)
Sunday October 13th from 12-3 ($15/Pay what you can)
Ever wanted to learn how to play chess? Join of for the family day event happening at Crowns, on the Sunday after the opening. Come out and learn how to play chess. Please rsvp to insure your seat: 

Inaugural Bum Rush the Boards, Tournament of Coaches
Saturday October 19th 12-4pm 
A Tournament for DMV Chess Coaches (Free, by Invitation)
For the last 8 years, WBL has hosted Bum Rush the Boards: a Hip-Hop Chess Tournament. We have invited out hundreds of youth, their families and coaches come out to cheer them on. This year, we want to invite coaches out to compete for their own trophy. (This is an invite only event for competitors but open to the public)
Please rsvp to insure admission:

Sunday 27th 5-7pm (Closing)
Crowns Mixtape Listening Party, Concert & Music Video Shoot (Free)
For the last 2 years, DJ RBI has been working on the newest mixtape of Words Beats & Life, “Crowns” featuring artists from around the country and some of the DMV’s own. Join us for a listening party, concert and video shoot at the closing of “Crowns: A Chess Themed Gallery Show” Please rsvp to reserve your space: