Cleaning code with SemanticMerge - a C#/Java aware diff and merge

San Francisco, CA

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Meet us to talk about how SemanticMerge helps you to deal with diffs and merges in C# and Java code (C/C++ and JS coming soon) that has been heavily refactored.

Enjoy drinks and appetizers while networking with the SemanticMerge team and your peers


Pablo Santos (founder and lead engineer) will be presenting the product , the roadmap for the next months and gathering feedback and suggestions about how a semantic toolset should help on a daily basis.


We will be giving free SemanticMerge licenses to all participants and also some exclusive SemanticMerge T-Shirts :-)


Detailed session background

Half a decade ago the version control status quo was broken: Git and the new dvcs changed the landscape of software development (and our own Plastic SCM took part of that too!).

We're now in the distributed version control age with teams embracing best of breed practices: fully distributed (several sites) and strongly parallel development.

But ask any developer facing a very common operation: diff and merge: "I wish it was able to understand the code structure".

That's what SemanticMerge is all about: the starting point for a new set of tools, deeply integrated with the dvcs practices, that calculate differences and merge based on code parsing instead of just comparing text blocks. It's not 1980 anymore!

But Semantic is not just a cool tool, it is here on a mission: refactoring code to improve readability and maintainability is a well understood practice, with a high impact in the "cost of change" (remember Barry Boehm vs Kent Beck). The only reason why teams do not refactor more often is because they've to merge the code back, so doing it in parallel can be a real pain. This is exactly Semantic's mission: turn impossible merges into trivial ones.

The session will cover:

* How to diff and merge refactored code with SemanticMerge.
* Under the hood: the inner workings of the tool.
* Next step: multi-file SemanticMerge.
* Towards the Semantic version control.


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