Auston Woods Health Seminar

Charlotte, NC

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Millions are diagnosed with disease each year, with the leading causes of death being Cancer & Heart Disease.  These are often known as the "Silent Killers" because you can't feel them and often don't know you have them until its too late.     

Cancer affects 1 out of ever 2 men and 1 out of ever 3 women today!   Heart disease is 1 out of ever 2. Combine these together and you have a 1 out of 1 chance of heartdisease or cancer in your lifetime.   

Its time for illness and suffering to come to an end! 

It's not your genes, thats been debunked.  
It's not what you eat or dont eat, thats also been disproven!
Standard treatments for these, any condition really, are more agonizing than the disease itself.

Join Dr. Aaron Ernst of Maximized Living Charlotte and he will show you that sickness, heart disease and cancer’s cause are not only preventable but reversable.   Once you build a blueprint for health your body will transform itself - no medication, dangerous toxins or surgery required.

You can have your energy back!  You can lose weight!  You can be a champion with your health!

Join us for this special event to learn
- What disease/sickness really is and how your body is naturally programmed to kill it

- The dangers of conventional (medical) treatment methods from common colds to serious diseases.

- How lifestyle choices you make today can dramatically boost your immune system and reduce diseae development

- The "Don't Get it Plan" and the "How To Reverse It Plan" 

Cost: FREE

Registration is requierd and there are only 35 spaces avaliable for this event.