4.0 Schools New Orleans 06.14.2012

4.0 Schools

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Hey there--
And we're creating big things in education.
How are we doing that? By bringing together smart people from diverse fields, and letting them dream up and execute large ideas, no matter the form they take.
What have we helped accomplish so far?
  • A for-profit business that uses the XBox Kinect to train people on body movement education (think Khan Academy meets YouTube)
  • A school in New Orleans that bridges the gap racially and economically
  • A restaurateur helping revamp an HR policy at a major CMO
  • A non-profit tackling health care communication and schools
  • A for-profit business that collaborates with teachers on their classroom space to improve effective instruction and wasted resources
We're sure you have all heard about how Silicon Valley is going to use tech to "revolutionize" education. They DO have the tech world centered there, and all. But do the people working on the beautiful Google campus really know about the problems teachers face on a daily basis? Do they really know what educators need to make their lives easier and change the system for the better?
Y'all know education. We're at ground zero for rethinking education in America. And we want to tap your knowledge. 
We want to introduce you to entrepreneurs and business leaders, designers and tech stars, and let you work with them in developing the next big thing in education. 
On June 14, we are bringing a diverse group together to meet one another and chat. We've got entrepreneurs. We've got artists. We've got business leaders. And we've got you.
We aren't going to over-plan the event. We set up the chairs. We make introductions. We crack the beers. We know that the best solutions for New Orleans are going to come from people who have the most awareness of the problems, and that's you. We aren't going to get in the way of that.
Come, have a beer, meet some smart people. And let's start re-imagining the way education works in this country.
Join us at 4.0 Schools on June 14 at 7:00 PM at 643 Magazine Street Suite 206.